Kesha – Rainbow ALBUM REVIEW


On Rainbow, Kesha artfully reinvents herself without losing the fun, wild energy that made her such an appealing pop figure in the first place.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Ella Exterkamp says:

Kesha’s better then Kendrick.

Saavage 7 says:

5 to young thug but Kesha gets a 7 legit terminate you’re channel

Luis Soto says:

Review albums more like this, talk more about each tracks not just the album as a whole

precious obaji says:

He’s actually so hot fr fr

Mauricio Red says:

She’s from Tennessee

Dimitrije B says:


Matthew Moo Moore says:


123rockfan says:

How the hell does he dislike boogie feet? Definitely my favorite track from the album. A little strange that he likes the obnoxiousness of Beck’s midnight vultures but not that song

Mateo Diaz says:

Well Kesha was actually raised in Nashville, she moved from LA when she was 3. And her mom wrote old flames for Dolly back in the day, so Kesha asked Dolly to sing it with her. So that’s why country works so well for her!

musicalman1995 says:

Hey Anthony.

Why are your fans misogynists who can’t accept the fact that kesha can deliver a 7/10?

smallandbald says:

idk, i love artists like crj and lorde, etc, but i didn’t really like this album very much:(

Moving says:

Spaceship is fantastic until the spoken word outro, which is pretty cringy. I wouldn’t say it’s the weakest song on the album.

branaa09 says:

Here’s a cool fact: Kesha stated that she wrote the song Rainbow influenced by Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. Even as going as far as recording at Capitol Studios and using Bass Harmonica.

Muja Kina says:

In Hymn she said “If you know what I mean, you’re on the team”
She’s not supposed to make the lyrics literally
Only few people will understand what the song really mean in the first listen
So yeah ✌

Pan says:

I’m hard pressed to say Kesha’s messages are pandering right now. She just got out of what would allegedly be a hellish situation, and then moved on to write an album for herself. Sure her songs are pandering, but not to anyone else, for herself. People can feel like they relate, and they can feel a lot of emotions from her songs, but this album just in itself, feels like her therapy, for herself.

Mrfoggy101 says:

All the memes aside, you gave KE$HA the same score as Kendrick Lamar

Julia chang says:

Lol did you just shade lorde?

Pablo Castanon says:

Nice Recap Melon…..

Cipher says:

Man, to think that she once made a song about a damn grandpa clock that’s for some reason was in a party and stuff

Nick Wanhella says:

stop reviewing music

Me12342010 says:

Great review, I really do appreciate how she has grown. So many pop stars keep the same gimmick and it gets so old and they just fade away and only stay famous because of their fan base. But Kesha really seems to have stepped out of her box and I’m impressed with her diversity and songwriting ability. She’s like Taylor Swift with a better voice.

cinnomantoastcrunch says:

Isn’t Kesha from like Nashville?

Javier Segura says:

WTF Anthony Fandango?! The speaking part is the best bit of the album!

Tomas Tur says:

Ke$ha is a great singer, people got the “bad singer” title because of the use of autotune in her old songs, that was used as a style not to fix vocals.

Sean Linderman says:

The rating he gives these albums are his personal enjoyment listening to it, so yeah, he enjoyed rainbow as much as he enjoyed damn.

SMUT. says:

Damn kraftwerk in the background!

bhr says:

Imma mothafucka melon baby awright

Jerod Wolf says:

I heard Kesha is a very smart person, as she had a near perfect score on her SAT

Alias Wrong says:

Plz review a type o negative album. Ur great btw.

T-rennix says:

put an ass on the cover and the melon will give a 7

Dillonvanr says:

Anthony gave Kesha a the same score as Kendrick. This is the melon that broke the camel’s back

Vermon CaTaffy says:

real niggas copy the top “real niggas do x and then dip” comment and repost it on instagram with “real niggas” replaced with “real ones” and then bust a nut and dip.

kenterminatedbygoogle says:

I know I am too lazy to watch needledrop’s whole review. Did he talked about the bizarre album cover???
Why the hell is Kesha naked in an animated water from an eyeball and a line of flying saucers above her???
At least, Kesha looks pretty normal in her last two album covers. I don’t understand the message of the Rainbow album cover, do u???!!!!

Phillip St John says:

Bro that spoken word is the truth

white roses says:

How do you not like Spaceship what

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