Kimbra – Primal Heart ALBUM REVIEW


Despite being a stylistically mixed bag, Kimbra’s latest album features some of the best art pop you’ll hear this year.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


michael clark says:

All kimbra albums are Sonic classics

theInsaneDoctor says:

I like this album and I hope more people start to recognize her. Her previous two albums are one of best

David Portilla says:

can i suggest a review “When life gives you lemons paint that shit gold” because I think its great and I think your review would be awesome since i watch all of your reviews on my favorite albums

spoojje says:

I came for an interesting review that set me on to listen to the album, I stayed to watch his shirt dry.

Jack Mayo says:

Shout out New Zealand bitch

Isaac Colon says:

This dude really, really likes Sleep’s Holy Mountain. That album is always there lmao

mikesamillion27 says:

I’m gonna give it a 9.5. It would have been a 10 if it had a banger like miracle, but still a great album! Definitely my fav so far.

chelle benjamin says:

Totally agree with everything. You always hit some good points, i couldn’t put my finger on how just what i thought about altogether. Good stuff

Cellar Door says:

Review Gin Wigmore she’s another Kiwi pop icon.

O J says:

Review RAP. by Hill Climbers on Spotify

h8rman says:

Vows was a dope album. it told a coherent story through different styles of music. i always felt that was her trademark as opposed to having a defining sound

ffiftysixx says:

I’m surprised you didn’t catch the Kendrick Lamar impression on “top of the world”

dessieangel1021 says:


Mariana Rodrigues says:

I like Kimbra, but I was expecting a lot more. She has a potential to be really edgy and I thought this album was going to make that cut. Hell, even The Golden Echo sounded bolder to me!

Problems I have with PH:
– the singles were heavily promoted before the album release and they make the juiciest part, leaving little to discover;
– songs like “Recovery” and “Past Love” are way too sugary for me (they deal with deep feelings yet the production barely leaves space for any true vulnerability, just listen to the acoustic version of Past Love that Kimbra performed BEFORE the album came out);
– Kimbra said she would expose more of herself on this project, but the themes she gravitates towards on this don’t bring nothing new to the table. As far as I can tell, most songs could either fit into Vows or The Golden Echo;
– songs like “Lightyears” and “Like they Do on the TV” sound soooo mainstream! A bit too generic and cutesy for my taste

I think your score was fair, but personally I felt like I was promised a more raw and challenging album and I didn’t get it. Sonically and lyrically I don’t sense much evolution.
Also, I swear I don’t understand how you hear Fever Ray in “Top of the World” haha! But I’ll say that “Recovery” reminds a lot of “These Words” by Natasha Bedingfield…

KaoruKat says:

3:54 “spoken word type thing” sorry I still haven’t recovered from “spoken word passages” of King Gizz’s MOTU lol

Jake Watson says:

What do you think God means? What do you serve?

Karupé says:

fuck yas, thanks for putting in words my confusing feeling about this girllll, I LOVE this woman, but obviously still has path to walk

michael clark says:

The golden echo!!!!

Miffaroo says:

When is JP gonna man up and release his new EP?

Rhani Lila-mae says:

loveeee this. would really like to see her live soon

yaya yaya says:

pordan jeterson

Internet User says:

Jordan should sit up straight like his book says.

Puerto RicanTetley says:

Always funny when melon gets political… Right?

lkennegl says:

While I think you’re a competent music critic, I really think you should stay away from social commentary revolving Jordan Peterson.
You have nothing to gain by ridiculing snippets of his arguments, the same way you would not review an album in 15 seconds, because you don’t seem generous to other ideas if you consider them worthless or deserving of ridicule from just a fraction of it. What I enjoy about your content is your methodical, thorough breakdown and analysis of music, which you do to an excellent degree, with digestible videos and interesting contextual knowledge. If you decide to go into social commentary, you need to apply the same quality of analysis, or you risk looking narrow minded, ignorant, juvenile, etc.
I’ve been a subscriber to your channel for years before I heard of Jordan Peterson, but from watching some of his lectures and interviews, you generally will come away looking like a fool for not taking him seriously, obviously depending on your political views. But what he seems to me to be attempting, is to rebuild the political center (amongst other things), which we desperately need, in order to halt the political polarization happening both in America and Europe, because nothing good can come from it. Most of his critics tend to be on the radical left end of the political spectrum, as a consequence of his stance on the political shift in universities, which immediately puts you in that camp. You might object and say that I’m making a leap to lump you in with that lot, but to be honest, your political views aren’t explicitly known. If you decided to put that kind of content on your second channel I would probably watch it, because you are an interesting guy and it’s interesting content. But you need to apply the same quality to what you put out, or you will come out worse for it.

bengolious says:

What was the video at the start?

Onyi Nwabia says:

Hey. Came across your review of Janelle Monae’s latest album, I really enjoyed it and I think you are an objective and balanced critic. I then went and found your reviews on The Archandroid and The Electric Lady and found myself agreeing with you.. you articulated my feelings about the albums with such accuracy. Thanks for all your work. I have now managed to binge and enjoy many other reviews you have on your channel.

Here comes the ask ;p – could you review Chloe x Halle album ‘The Kids Are Alright’. It has a few twists and turns along the ride that are enjoyable. Their voices are the main instruments and I can see and appreciate their attempt to enhance their command of their vocals with instrumentals and sultry beats. I like it, but would love to hear your take on it.

Much love. Anthony. Needledrop…forever

Skiprope Cleopatra says:

I really liked kimbras old stuff but gah this album was not my jush

ParawhoreLoL says:

Why are people so level headed, so logical and so intelligent until they start talking about religion. Then it’s all thrown out the window and it’s just MUH GOD

Max Boucher says:

a complete disrespect for another person’s point of view. Really, Anthony, that’s how you’re gonna open up the video. Completely alienating an entire demographic of your audience. You understadnd that obviously, someone who beleives in god is going to think that all art has been affected by god. So I respect your opinion as an aetheist and thus because you are an atheist you beleive that all art is godless. But give me a break at least respect the people that beleive in god.

Josh Spam account says:

What was that intro about? Can someone explain it? The guy sounded like J Peterson

joe a says:

Kimbra is criminally underrated. this and Dirty Computer are my fav albums of 2018 so far. The Good War has gotta be one of the best pop opening tracks I’ve heard in the past 5 years

riopato2009 says:

There are no godless artists, but there are artists that reject god. There is a specific difference. Additionally, everything in art was either inspired or influenced by a belief in god. When Atheists can acknowledge this, maybe they can start creating existential meaning apart from the concept of god and maybe there can be a work of art worth appreciating that isn’t derivative or myopic. Kimbra happens to be a person of faith who embraces the influences of many singers, song writers and performers that were religious. Her mastery of multiple styles is evident in her mixed bag of music and I hope she never sticks to one style of sound because her appreciation for all of the different genres is what makes her an more of an artist than just another musician. If anything she has the potential of creating a new genre that isn’t recognized yet by her critics.

haldarkbad says:

i really love Black Sky.

Bethany Green says:

this review is cancelled you are a fool

kahopukehau says:

Kimbra is fucking AMAZING. Lorde can’t even compare she’s awful


I’m wet whenever I watch you melon

Meneving says:

Halfthony Waiftano, please review Lavender!!

surprisinglyroomy says:

Anthony getting that 2 mil this year

dj b says:

Golden Echo, NOT Golden Heart

Alexander Von Engelberg says:

I prefer her first two albums manifolds 🙁

TheMorawOne says:

imagine being so poor you can’t even afford a cup and you drink from a jar because you spent all your money on gluten free vinyls and vegan flannel shirts which are animal cruelty-free but the bengali children in sweatshops get caned if they make them too slow

Adam Kadmon says:

kimbra rules

Bora Fanuscu says:


Hannah Grace says:

Hey! If you were interested, you should consider checking out Arc Iris, the band that supported Kimbra on her tour. They have released a couple new songs from an upcoming album that they haven’t announced yet. I actually booked them for our college radio station’s spring concert and they were really sweet and down-to-earth, despite their success and our somewhat limited resources. I know that YouTube comments probably don’t work for this sort of thing haha but I thought it would be worth a shot! I think you would make a really interesting review of one of their albums (or their upcoming album) and that fans would be interested!

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