LET’S ARGUE: Music Reviewers RUIN Music!!!

Other topics include “we need more artists like Danny Brown” and “Taylor Swift’s time in the limelight is up!”

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73838 6474 says:

are you working at a meatshop.

Obeso Gracioso says:

My Ozzfest picks would be:
Limp Bizkit, only the first few records.
Korn, same as above.
Static X.
And why not Papa Roach.

Diogo Domingos says:

I seriously couldn’t understand if he was being extremely sarcastic about My Chemical Romance

Ty , First of his name says:

NO TOOL?!!!!!!!

Oceanic83 says:

Adema, Hed PE, Trapt, Taproot, Dope, and Flaw would play the morning slots.

way too late says:

o god why did u use that pic of watsky hes different now i swear

Brandon Salas says:

FINALLY no talk about any “lil” rappers lol you waste minutes by doing that my dude

Nate Ebeling says:

6:21 no Helmet?

The McRib says:

0:01 Joeythony’s Worldtano

Action Scott says:

Lmfao YEAH WHEN YOUR A SHEEP DUH got damn so many clowns on earth shits crazy.

Dominick Etienne says:

Would you be interested in putting together playlists on various streaming platforms of your favorite/highest rated music in different categories? I’m not really pressed as to what the categories look like, so long as it would be pleasant to playthrough as a whole. I think that’d be dope.

Aimee Mena says:

You kinda look like a kiwi

El Diablo says:

What a stonk review



Keegan Lee says:

Slipknot, deftones, early korn, god smack, and system of a down

Phlebiac Clown says:

Murrrr murrrr oohhhhhh murrrrr oohhhhh yea yea murrrrrr

Monk Killedababy says:




Zach Gerrity says:


William Foster says:

More and more, I’ve started disliking listening to reviews. I think they have value if they turn viewers on to something new they would not have found otherwise. Needledrop has turned me onto some good music in the past. Some fans who listen definitely get an inflated sense of their ability to tell what is quality and what isn’t. I think that’s the negative side, he does tell people it’s just his opinion.

To me, a big part of the fun of listening to music is in the discovery. I would rather people spend their time listening to new music and forming their own opinions than watching critics. I appreciate the opinion/discussion videos though.

tingkagol says:

Not at all. But you can say the lack of money in the industry is turning off a lot of potential musicians who could be putting out good music. And the ones that do release their music anyway aren’t compensated enough to release another record- unless you reach superstar level.

A Guy Named Chad says:

You actually made me enjoy music more. Before I discovered you and purchased Apple Music, I only listened to classic rock and gorillaz. Now I’m actively looking for new and fresh material, mainly through your reviews

Kevin Ouellet says:

Basically, a families values tour minus 90s rap plus alt-metal.

Tim Kirsten says:

Yay, someone finally speaks sense about The Black Parade

MahakaSwaggg14 says:

Sometimes you’re positive reviews are riddled with cringe, especially when you sing along to good tracks, when I listen to them all I hear is your terrible singing voice in the back of my head

Monk Killedababy says:

Your moustache looks like a chart for a fucking pyramid scheme.

Mr. IDGAF says:

Speaking of Rammstein. Let’s get some Rammstein classic reviews

Abhyuday Gaur says:

I tried Korn. Didn’t like it at all.

David Koranteng says:

Putting Stockholm Syndrome as the background for that one question is one of the funniest and most clever jokes fandango has ever made lmfao

leroi says:

the seven was the only good track off the seven

Nicolás Lanfranco says:

6:27 what about linkin park

Rich Seaver says:


Volvagia´s Blaze says:

Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet dreams is atrocious. Fight me

Henry Curtis says:

What, no Tool on the Ozzfest stage?

Jay The Barber says:


Roger Mejia says:

Nice pedophile mustard Stach

No chin76 78 says:

White isopod here

Vulnerable Growth says:

Listening to somebody’s opinion of a song definitely has a psychological effect on whether you will like the song or not. Humans are not logical. I assume the effect is even stronger when you hear the opinion coming from someone with a lot of authority (like you).

Kenshin11212 says:

Three Cheers is easily way better than Black Parade.

Abel Israel Cruz Ayuso says:

I’m a bitch then…

joebowles06 says:

Mindless Self Indulgence is super bummed.

John Frasch says:

Three Cheers>Black Parade

Stephen Paul Paclibar says:

Can’t believe you just said Eurovision is the peak of musical excellence…smh

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