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Lil Wayne. Carter IV. Highly anticipated. Highly anticipated and wanted review. Just because it’s Carter IV. Lil Wayne set the bar high with the Carter III. How and can he live up to the expectations set with what many argue is his best album yet. After Rebirth and I Am Not A Human Being, people really wondered what what the Carter IV sound like once it dropped to the masses. It did. And the response has been, interesting to say the least. Here it is. The Dead End Hip Hop Lil Wayne Carter IV Album Review. No Politics. No BS. See you in the comment section!

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leekiz2flyy says:

idk how yall saying carter 3 aint better than carter 4 lmao yall gotta explain that to me

BAYAR says:

this review is a fucking mess

Legalize Ranch says:

Casino in the background

marcellas ramos says:

when mike said wayne coudnt match up with nas on that song i think thats false. wayne was on a song with nas on the song “ghetto” ft rich boy and he had a better verse. did a song with jadakiss and had a better verse. had a song with q tip and reakwon called Renaissance rap and held his own. even had a song with outkast called “hollywood divorce” and had an amazing verse. wayne isnt as good now but he was on a  legendary streak for a while you cant deny that.

God of the Matrix says:

1:44 Beezy over there lookin like tupac

Montae Lewis says:

I remember being delusional like overbite red hat guy, I was such a die hard Wayne fan that I thought this album was wayyy better then it actually was. To me this was actually where I really started to notice Wayne’s decline. Can’t see how they thought this was on par w/ C3, the album sounded very unfocused and he was nowhere near as sharp as previous projects.

TTmusikk _ says:

Did he say wayne is not a lyricist……myke just dont like mainstream hip hop

Adam Cox says:

Red hat guy can’t accept the album was absolute ass. Defending bars like “I’m in the building, you niggas in apartments”. Tf outta here man.

Leonardo Moura says:


Stranger DE says:

Wayne can make good punchlines…but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack XD

Tripper Getem says:

3:30 Myke

kewell65 says:

I think the album was alright

metalsabatico says:

“its that wack to me, the lyrics are that wack”
“again, it comes back to the point that thats wayne”
“I agree, wayne is wack”

Kevin Ruta says:

Ah the good ol days

Matthew Guillory says:

Who’s watching in 2017?

Revelate D says:

no ones in my way like nobody is my security
Nothing is in my way like nothings my security

ninetythree says:

the two of them need to leave; the dude in the red hat AND THE VEIN!

crank dux says:

fuck wayne fabolous is the number 1 punchline lyricist

Jemuel Flecha says:

Where are these guys now ? The Wolf Pack


classic DEHH review

fidel domingos says:

casino movie in the back

Ruth Less says:

Yo Tha Carter IV is the best
I didn’t like the first one

James Rice says:

It was over when Ken said he liked the album lol

Luc Turgeon says:

8:41 who the fuck is saying what now?

Scott Bartram says:

The album is trash Wayne is not what he claims to be

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