Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V Album Review (Overview + Finally + Rating)

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V Album Review (Overview + Finally + Rating)

At it’s best, Tha Carter V has Wayne working great flows & rhymes schemes while speaking on his life & career. At it’s worst, the outdated moments and filler tracks take away from what could’ve been one of his best releases. 3/5 Click the following link to subscribe to my channel for more podcast episodes, hip-hop news & reviews! – – And don’t forget to like, comment AND follow me on Twitter & IG @lukejamesbgn (or at least do one of those things)!

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FAVORITE TRACKS: Can’t Be Broken, Mona Lisa, Dope Niggaz

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Dark Side Of The Moon, What About Me, Famous, Open Safe, Mess, Perfect Strangers

STRENGTHS: Wayne opening up about his life & career; some great flows & rhyme schemes to be found

WEAKNESSES: Some outdated moments with the production; empty bars at times; filler tracks

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Richard Newborn says:

I didn’t like it.

Isaiah Townsend says:

thank goodness drama finally over but album fell flat but Wayne was spitting some dope bars I’ll give it a 3.5 not an honorable mention for me.
best: can’t be broken, Mona Lisa, let it all work out.

franz morhart says:

On Tha Carter V, Wayne sounds great for him-better than he has in years, in fact-but he’s never been a top tier rapper in terms of technical ability, and there isn’t enough in the scant glimpses of genuine emotion, nor enough story telling ability here to justify this overly long album, which is lacking any potential pop mega smashes like “lolipop” or even a truly great urban single in the vein of “A Milli.” Maybe if he’d followed in Pusha T’s footsteps and edited the record down to seven of it’s best songs he’d have a good body of work… but there still no way it could compete with Eminem’s Kamikaze, nevermind Daytona, for album of the year.

Thanos says:

Album is about as long as an old No Limit album

Jeeses99 says:

At least it isn’t garbage. That’s all I ask from Wayne nowadays.

Gurjot Singh says:

Agree with this 100%. I rated it a 3/5 as well. The flows, rhyme schemes and introspection I liked, but certain parts of this album had too much filler.

lorenzo perez says:

I have never listened to a whole wayne album before so i didnt knew what to expect from this one but it’s a great album if you ask me. 4/5

Vega says:


wallcity318 says:


muti bacon says:

Not saying this album is trash but it’s absolutely overhyped

markelis johnson says:

Did u check Kevin gates Luca brasi 3 it dropped the same day as carter v and logic but a lot people are really sleeping on it I feel

Harmeet Dhillon says:

Diehard Weezy Fan here, been waiting for 5-6 years for this album and I can gladly say I was not disappointed. This album was different, Wayne is truly trying to open up and touch on new topics. Where I feel like I lacked was it doesn’t feel like a “Carter” album. This is an amazing Lil Wayne album, but just a very good Carter album. After 5 years Wayne realized there were no number of bangers he could make for us to have felt like the wait was worth it so I feel like he stopped himself from doing that and truly gave us more than himself. As a Wayne fan, I know there are about 25 tracks Wayne scrapped from the original 2014 tracklist so finally getting this album barely feels like closure. I want to hear what C5 was supposed to be. But in all, this album reminded me how different “Album Wayne” is from Mixtape Weezy GOAT

Tony Grant says:

I loved Perfect Strangers tbh

YouYouYou!!! says:

Just a playlist album where I’ll pluck a few songs off of it that’s about it

Jarrett Stork says:

How would you rate the 5 Carter projects?
Sorry if you already covered that in the video, I’m posting this while watching.

Freddy Bernard says:

3/5. 3 FAVORITE TRACKS. makes sense..

Christopher Joseph says:

I disagree with you bro, but still hit that like button

J.T. R says:

Carter 5 is finally here cool,…now…where’s detox

Derrick Webster says:

After sorry for the wait 2 I haven’t been impressed and this album is no different imo

dvon1097 says:

I think a 3/5 is a good rating. Its good but it has some bad filler tracks that bring it down. Its also a bit too long. Waynes one of my favorite rappers ever and glad hes back

Fleezy81 says:


Ioriyagami00 says:

Heard the 3 big albums that dropped on Friday just today. Honestly, this was maybe my least favourite out of the 3

Ace Boogie says:

Luca Brasi 3 review ?

Real Bstackz says:

Gotta give this album a few more spins, & did u know that Friday the 13th The game is free for PS plus members tomorrow?

Adam Pollack says:

I love your reviews and how you explain why you don’t like certain tracks. For example, I personally love Perfect Strangers because of the topic/content (being an antilove song of sorts) however I totally get why you strongly dislike it. I was curious how you felt about What About Me/Dark Side Of The Moon? For me they went straight to the recycling bin and without those 2 in particular I feel the album is a lot stronger in general (obviously preference). Anyways, as always great review!

MAC CHZ says:

What did you think of the final track?

Tanner 1005 says:

Up until that song with the Sosaman feature (aside from the Nicki track) I really enjoyed it. But after that until Used 2 it just got really stale for me. Definitely could’ve done without the last half

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Good review as always. Are you familiar with Reks Music he is a dope lyricist from boston, has some underground classics under his belt. He got a new album out…

André BM says:

I’m out

Nate Alyn says:

Luke James! Love your channel bro. Glad you reviewed this album!

Nasir Jones says:


Big John Boatwright says:

Now this is the way you articulate yourself when you give people an album review! #LukeJamesNotTheSinger

Levi Rippy says:

I like the singing tracks, & open safe was fire af

NotRealMusic says:

Yeah I agree with all the tracks you didn’t like, if you cut all the filler this would’ve been an AOTY contender

Kid Kim says:

Enjoyed this album a lot, but i feel you when you say it has a lot of filler. if he kept it down to like 15 tracks or so i think this album could have been a classic

Aarif Majeed says:

Got a solid 7 or 8 tracks which I mess with but as a full project I’m just not feeling it. Still nice to hear Wayne in good form after all these years on this as well as D6 and D6 reloaded

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