Logic – Everybody ALBUM REVIEW

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Logic’s new album puts the “mess” in “message.”

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


mackeymkay says:

I disagree with you on some points regarding the depth of the album, but that’s okay. And someone else has probably pointed this out to you by now… But the whole Black Spiderman thing is a very clear comment on the Childish Gambino black spiderman web outrage. “I vote for Glover instead” makes it completely unambiguous that this is what he’s talking about, and in said context it really doesn’t feel like an afterthought.
Anyway, love ya, Melon. Forever.

lherman12 says:

been my favorite artist for almost 5 years now and under pressure was amazing, T.I.T.S. was pretty good but this was kind of terrible in my opinion. Im glad he has blown up this year, but it sucks to see it be after this project was released rather than literally any of his other projects. Only like 2 songs from this going on the playlist, first one from him where i didnt take every song and put it on the playlist 🙁

jengamaster345 says:

Halfthony Blacktano

spiritual lyrical individual says:

The instrumentals on this album was beautiful…

CptCmbtBts says:

He didn’t come up with that ‘gods child lives every human life to mature’ thing. I remember seeing that shit online in like 2013.

Ash says:

Hey guys did you know that Logic is Bi-racial?

BeetBoyz Musik says:

this is my 1st attenpt at a logic album and i personally loved it. i actually liked the skits and the idea of what happens to us when we die. it just seems like a cool movie concept to me. flows were dope. concepts were dope. he did kill me with the cheesey dreke singing tho. i woul give it a good 7 out of 10

ranch says:

He doesn’t rap about pussy money and weed That’s why he’s the best he has a message how can you not see that? He raps about his life and is real. Logic is god himself

This hurt my insides to write

necro kun says:

He looks like the bald logic with glasses

JAY-E says:

Did you know Logic is biracial?

D Y says:

5 is a bit generous imo

Sundar Pichai says:

There is a black spider man and his name is Miles Morales. Tell this to Logic

Connor Howlett says:

Fun fact logic is B I R A C I A L

Ethan Hamlin says:

there is a black spiderman tho… Miles Morales lmfao

lherman12 says:

Under Pressure > Welcome to forever > Young Sinatra > T.I.T.S. > Bobby Tarantino

M J says:

Wow he actually went on a rant about black spiderman. I am so tired of white people talking about diversity and representations when they have zero issues with those issues. This ladies and gentlemen is what white privilege looks like. Done with this guy.

InFamousSs says:

Logical inconsistencies in a Logic album *WOW*

Sgt.Eastwood says:

Where has thatistheplan gone?

Aaron Bell says:

His worst fucking album man, shit was corny and disappointing. So sad.

random noose says:

Miles morales is black & he is spider-man, for a nerd, you would think Logic would know that.

Art 3 says:

This guy is so ignorant.

Robber Anthony says:

I don’t understand how I can see so many comments not liking this album at all when for me I did like it. Like all Logic did was have more spoken word, rap politically, have an ambitious concept and just say what he always wanted to say! That is the stuff i see people don’t like! I want to have a conversation so please respond to this comment.

I think we can all agree that the worst tracks are MOS DEFINITLY & AMERICA. I don’t like the ones were he tries to preach about Trump, cuz everyone has done that shit already, and talk about black people fighting for their lives when KENDRICK has already done that in a more turnt/lit way on BUTTERFLY. I think other than those tracks, the album is pretty good, I will listen to those songs on a full listen to the album but not at all by themselves.

I also saw an interview with Logic and he said that for him to write a track like 1-800 and NEVER BEEN ( on TITS ) or NIKKI ( on UP) he has to like put himself in that person shoes, and especially for 1-800 he sadi it was hard for him. I notice on EVERYBODY that tracks like MOS DEFINITLY & BLACK SPIDERMAN and HALELUJAH & CONFESS are more upbeat, like more happy and positive. Compared to 1-800 and ANZIETY. So I think he is not wanting to do that stuff as much and be more positive and make ubeat music. Like Logics favourite track is Black Spiderman, I’m pretty sure, and you saw on his insta story where the dude on the piano was doing the keys for black spiderman and logic like fucking falls on the ground like he’s having an orgasm. Like he loves that happy upbeat music because his life was shit growing up. When I listen to artists album i do allot of research an try to understand why they made this the way they made it. SO From logics point of view I feel he actually really does like this album and does like to emcompass allot of topics the way he likes to do it. it was really ambitious and maybe it did seem incohesive but this is what he wanted on the album, like he wanted to have that spoken word. he wanted to have everything that was on this album. MOS DEF i think is a horrible song, but everytime i listen to it its like wow i love this beat but what he’s saying is too much for me. BUT that is the way he wants to come across. IN KENRICKs track ALRIGHT, its so turnt and meaningful and has this insane sound but on LOGICS MOS DEF track it comes across as corny “BLACK PEEPOAAA FIGHT FO YO LIIIIIFEEEE” but that is how logic is. he is upbeat and loving and wants everyone to love each other. I think now he is at a point in his life where he has so much and wants to be so thankful for that and wants to be happy, he doesnt want to struggle with anxiety and be depressed like he was growing up! he wants to be happy and spread love!! this is my take let me know if you agree, and your thoughts!!! Much appreicated!!

Subash Pariyar says:

Is he biracial?

Je mapelle Jeff says:

1-800 is just the worst

Andrew Hedstrom says:

the suicide hotline song is my worst song of the year

Martntra says:

Literally took the words right out of my mouth!

Connor Howlett says:

He doesn’t even go into how logic said there would be tracks that go into perspectives of a black woman and so on and he doesn’t, like he does once in one line. He also didn’t mention the inconsistency of the concepts. Like it’s about living in someone else’s shoes and but he also tried to tie in the other concept and he said it would be about other people but that concept is non existent. He basically tried to fit 2 or 3 different albums into one and it does not work

Interkomkomind says:

I felt like 5/10 was a generous score. As bad as eminems new record imo

Rick DLC says:

oH No, I hAvE AnXieTy ATtaCks wHilE cHilDrEn iN AfRIcA aRE StARviNg, chILDrEn BeINg bOrn wITh caNceR, oH nO, I hAD aN AtTaCK wHiLE iN a LiNe tO oRdEr fOod. AnXiETy iS a REaL iSsUe. FOH you fucking loser.

ZVG says:

But black spider man already exists

Mark Stephens says:

But was the music good?

canadmexi says:

1-800 is one of the most relatable songs I’ve ever heard, it’s almost as good as “U”

Red Ninja says:

Can’t wait for the last album that concludes the saga. Ultra 85

bald nibba says:

Hey guys, I’m half black

Lord Potato Bayne says:

Isnt there black spider man already

DaNieL says:

when hes talking about how some lyrics contradict the message, when hes bragging, hes usually in forms of other people

Great Mallard says:

Jeez Anthony you didn’t have to call logic “A dirty half breed muggle” I️ mean we all know you hate black people but you don’t have to voice it in your reviews

ExplosiveTurkeys says:

i don’t think you can be unbiased if you suck kendricks dick and mention him in every review you do

Gael says:

Yeah it was the weakest out of all of his projects…. I agree :/

Azez Nassar says:

under pressure is his best project

Jarrad Evans says:

He’s right that Logic is influenced by other artists more than other rappers in the game perhaps are and he can seem to step into these artist’s lane a bit too much sometimes.

I assume that Logic is heavily influenced by everything he comes across because he’s constantly trying to see things from other’s perspectives. I would also assume that growing up in the environment that he did made him search for influence from unconventional places just to get by.

His ideas may be half baked, but he’s definitely on the right track with his baking. He may be heavily influenced by other artists, but he’s getting some decent influences. Honestly I think he has insane potential, I just hope he gives more thought to his execution on future work.

LittleBirdy says:

The virgin Logic vs Joey Chada$$

Dominic Veverka says:

Bro you talk about shit in this album that you think don’t make any sense. But you need to do more research, it would make a lot more sense if you did your research

Slim Shady145 says:

How did Lil Pump’s self titled mix tape get a higher rating?

Maddie Woods says:

I enjoyed killing spree just because it has a good flow and I liked Ansel Elgort’s feature, but other than that I found this album to be very lack luster. I think if he had spent more time on this project, it would have had a clearer image.

Hyybridd says:


UmarsCookingKari says:

This was his worst Album 1/10

Sergio Hernandez says:

This comment section is fucking cancer lol

Horse Peen says:

Logic watched 5 minutes of CNN and then tried to make an entire album of why America is the way it is. “Donald Trump is a monster, and if you don’t like it you can suck my dick” Well that’s a little hypocritical don’t ya think Bobby?

Lil Sponge says:

I’ve never met a logic fan that wasn’t an annoying faggot

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