Logic after many years of calling himself The Young Sinatra has finally decided to release the finale in the series with Young Sinatra 4. After somewhat positive reviews on Bobby Tarantino 2 can he continue the streak?

Logic – Young Sinatra 4/YSIV Full Album
1. Thank You Featuring Lucy Rose & The RattPack
2. Everybody Dies
3. The Return
4. The Glorious Five
5. One Day Featuring Ryan Tedder
6. Wu Tang Forever Featuring Ghostface KiIIah, Raekwon, RZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna, Jackpot Scotty Wotty, U-God, Masta KiIIa & GZA
7. 100 Miles And Running Featuring Wale & John Lindahl
8. Ordinary Day Featuring Hailee Steinfeld
10. Street Dreams II
11. The Adventures Of Stoney Bob Featuring Kajo, Slaydro & Big Lenbo
12. Legacy
13. ICONIC Featuring Jaden Smith
14. Last Call

Best Tracks – Wu-Tang Forever/ICONIC/The Return

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Maurice Joyner says:

I liked it 🙁

Waru Halliday says:

“I like the beat, this is a great track” And then he’s Disappointed lmao

killerwailord12 says:

Killer Bee was inspired by wutang

Oldman Isaaac says:

I like jcole and logic. But they both need to switch. J cole needs to change it up with production, and logic needs to evolve his lyrism and saying the same shit.

Ty Johnson says:

I used to be a huge logic fan was by far one of my favorite rappers but honestly I can’t even listen to his new music anymore and that hurts me to say that. His lyrics are just recycle and repeat so he tries to make up for it by rapping fast which is okay until you realize he’s not rapping about anything. He’s really content with being a tier 2 rapper. I miss the hunger and passion doesn’t feel like he’s had that in years.

Vick Dog says:

Luca brasi 3?

Freeman says:


Reed Viveros says:

I think six is what’s saving logics ass so much. His beats are so amazing

Brandon Salas says:

Yeah really didn’t wanna like this album lol

Bryce Burdick says:

How do you hang your vinyls like that ?

Waru Halliday says:

Contradiction King

forty seven says:

Review kaan

Anthony Salazar says:

3 seconds in and after reading boring reaction oof shawn what he do to you

Tristen Read says:

Hey look at me guys I make reaction videos and have zero talent while criticizing someone else

MrPitsteelers4life says:

This dude sucks lol gotta be the corniest reaction channel ever lol

Mr. Penguin says:

i was such an advocate for logic’s music when he was dropping mix tapes all the way through when he dropped under pressure. i had high hopes for what he would do when he blew up and i still have hope, but since under pressure i’ve been pretty let down. the incredible true story was dope but i still think under pressure was his best album. it just seems like he isn’t putting in the same amount of thought into his verses like he did in songs like Gang Related, Nasty, Under pressure, Walk on by, dead presidents III, growing pains III, YS III. i just think logic’s older stuff had more depth and while maybe the ideas weren’t as broad they gave a focused perspective and a personal story to follow. I don’t want to act like he’s whack now bc i think he’s trying to be a positive influence on others, but it’s unfortunate when i have to point people to his older stuff to show em why logic is ill as fuck

Donny Wheeler says:

Jesus dude every reaction I’ve seen from you you just dog the artists… You must be fun at parties. It’s highly annoying because production wise, you’re one of the best on YouTube and that’s why your videos always seem to pop up on my feed. (Not subscribed) but that’s it. Disrespectful is the word that comes to mind.


React to Getters Visceral

Queef InaBottle says:

Im sorry I think Shawn Cee just got used to listening to mumble rap TBH

Bartorbrian says:

Bruh this his best album and Shawn dead about it. I’ve been a fan before under pressure so it’s been awhile

Andrew Sikes says:

I agree with u on everything since like u wanna love it but u just don’t. Except stoney Bob since its just kind of a Fuck it song I don’t try to take it seriously

Tade A. says:

I feel you reviewed this album with negativity.


Wu Tang at 7:45

Quo says:

Legacy is code word for click

Chraoz says:

C5 came out and was listening to it nonstop. THEN YSIV DROPPED……and im still listening to C5 nonstop. Not a Logic hater by any means. But just because you give good messages and have good intentions doesn’t mean you get a free pass. And I actually enjoy it for what it is but unfortunately its something that’ll pop up in my shuffle more than something I go out of my way to listen to. C5 is not the best or most consistent album but Wayne has way more charisma and creativity.

Makemehappy says:

Is it just me or have you seriously not reacted to slow dancing in the dark? Somebody fill me in

Conti Music says:

Love it, would you be interested in using my music for free? Keep up the good work!

unology1 says:

Sonically this album is great. There isn’t much to break down. The lyrics aren’t revolutionary, but nothing about this album is wack. This just sounds fun and gave me that vibe I had listening to hip hop back in the day.

Waru Halliday says:

You sound so Downbuzz, Logic could drop an Album with everything you have asked fpr and you would be dissatisfied

InsidiousSwede says:

Either you’ve become a hater, or love Logic way too much which forces you to nitpick each little piece of a song.. I can’t tell anymore.

Clutchmitt YT says:

I like it, but I feel like he just wasn’t trying as hard like he did or TITS and Under Pressure (his two best projects imo)

Amara McNeil says:

I think a big part of it is that you don’t really understand the history of rap. A great example of this is I. street dream ll. Storytelling used to be a big part of rap and was considered a big part of being a rapper. Our generation can’t really appreciate that anymore

きれい Kirei says:

This Album is confusing to me as a Logic fan. To me, there are more highs than lows on this album but a lot of it is just decent. The highs on the album are REALLY HIGH (Like ICONIC, YSIV, Legacy, and Street Dreams II) but the lows are also REALLY LOW (One Day, Everybody Dies). Something about it, like you said, just isn’t sticking. The production value is there, the flows are superb, the energy is there, but when you really analyze the lyrics on songs like The Return, The Glorious Five, Wu Tang Forever (Logic’s verse), 100 Miles and Running, Ordinary Day, The Adventures of Stoney Bob, and even Last Call (which I think is sad because the idea of this song fits perfectly with the tone of this album on paper) they seem to be full of rehashed ideas/lyrics that either Logic has stated before or countless others have stated before. I’m satisfied with this album because he shows that he still can flow like fucking crazy and he can be a top tier lyricist to his old fans but he is still trying to appeal to new audiences, so it’s not as good as I’d hoped.

I think the guys on Rock Reacts (fucking great dudes btw you all should check them out) said it best: Logic has basically become the “gateway” rapper. The RattPack has been huge on Youtube, since the early days of trickshotting lmao. Most reaction channels get bombarded with logic recommendations when they are first starting off and Logic is a good enough rapper to draw people who haven’t been exposed to rap, into rap, but he hasn’t reached the level of the true GREATS of the game. Logic has lost the “hunger” that you could clearly hear on his early mixtapes and on Under Pressure (Somewhat in TITS but not nearly as much). He is still a student of the game but with his successes I believe that he has somewhat become complacent. He lost the edge that made him stick out and he has almost become a meme in the culture.

Still, I’m happy for him because he seems happy and he made it, but it’s just sad to see his lyricism become a little lazy as a long time fan. YSIV is a solid 6 for me. It has really great moments but for the most part it’s barely above average.

Nick Gmar says:

I think you’re going to hard on Logic bro, he’s just making the music he likes and expressing himself

Metro Bradsey says:

Yall already know Fantano is ripping this shit to pieces

PrimeShavarez says:

He should’ve never called this album “Young Sinatra” period.

Jeremy Bradley says:

Logic predicted this on Top Ten the track with K.R.I.T

Kozmo Tincan says:

Logic needs at least a 2 year break to charge his ki and get that substance back. Great artist but everyone burns out.

Willy G says:

Like logic as a person but his music is starting to get corny a repetitive.

jaymarr says:

shawn you’re so full of yourself, you’re no type of musical critic phenom. If you were in the same room as Logic you’d be acting like a little bitch

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