Michael Jackson – Thriller ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi_XLOBDo_Y&ab_channel=michaeljacksonVEVO

Classics Week continues with a review of the best-selling album of all time.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Angel L. Valiente says:

Roaring guitar leads confident thrusting chords impeccable grooves sparks of rhythm guitar stylistic disco hypnotic baseline springy hook guitars crunchy chorus


Best album of all time

Dziri Saifeddine says:

please review Aaliyah’s album “Aaliyah”

Adam Bradford says:

Good View, Kind Sir 🙂

GrandDaddy Master says:

for the next classic, can you review “ready to die”

Dylan Tenty says:

The Smiths now fantano

Chris Morgan says:

I thought Off The Wall was a better “album” where like you said Thriller was more a collection of awesome songs.

Aidean Abounasseri says:

Human Nature is as much a hit as any hits off the record… good enough for Miles to cover

Apoorv Patne says:

do chloraseptic remix, bro.

Roy King. says:

Thriller is better than Off the wall.

vollsticks says:

Thriller is great but Off The Wall is the one The Fucking One! (Rod Temperton comes from my hometown btw)

Adam Riordan says:


Jeff Prentiss says:

I’d love to hear a review of Rage Against the Machine’s first album or possibly a Tool album.

pwozek01 says:

please review Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album.

Prince Rogers Nelson says:

You ever done a review for a George Micheal solo album? if you do, please don’t do Faith! I would love to see you review LWP or Older

untouchable Tee says:

love Thriller but Off The Wall might be better

SanJuanCreole says:

2018 and still listening to “Thriller”

elevenism says:

Wow man, I’ve been avoiding this because I thought “what can fantano possibly say about this record? How can this not be pretentious?” And then I finally watched it and it was great. You really are the best, forever.

Harry Jones says:

Great album!

Michael McGinley says:


In the year 1230 A.D. says:

Can you do Operation mind crime by queensrÿche?

DerpKing says:

Can anyone tell me why is he nicknamed Melon?
Is this because his head looks like a melon?

Kevin T. Brinkley Jr says:

Are you qualified to review this album.

Teran Ross says:

you mad fucking late

Nickolas Ecker says:

While I believe Thriller is a good album, I don’t neccisarily think it’s a GREAT album or even a classic album, I believe people put it on a pedestal because it’s the greatest selling album of all time, but other than having some great singles like “Billie Jean”, “Beat it” and my all time favorite MJ track “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” (highly underrated track that I would actually say is a better single than the albums title track.), is overrated, this becomes especially apparent on the cringe-worthy “The Girl is Mine”, “The Lady in my Life” and even the song “Thriller” itself is relatively corny save for the fucking amazing choreography in the music video. I personally believe “Off the Wall” was a better album that flowed better whereas these tracks feel more like a collection of singles. While I understand that saying MJ is overrated is a common statement, especially in light of his disturbing obsession with children, It’s an opinion I’ve held for some time. I just feel that MJ was always better at producing singles, and am in no way shape or form denying his incredible talent, he was a brilliant dancer, a gifted song writer and an incredible vocalist.

RyanX1231 says:

I really loved hearing your take on the quintessential pop album. I would love to see you do a retrospective on all of Michael Jackson’s later albums.

Personally, I always thought that his most interesting and ambitious album was HIStory.

J.A.B. Productions says:

do Bad

Son Goku says:

Mikethony jacktano

Kevin Rachman says:

Review Siamese Dream

scottieray says:

Off the Wall>Thriller

juan escobedo says:

Lol 2018 review on thriller? Okay

Jordan A. says:

if he disrespect the thriller album ,,,ima be heated a search for this man

widM says:

Review Smash Mouth worst to best.


THOTthany THOTtano

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