Migos – Culture II – Album Review

For my 896th review, I experience a mild existential crisis in reviewing this bloated new record from Migos.

Best Songs: ‘Stir Fry’, ‘Narcos’, ‘Made Men’
Worst Songs: ‘White Sand’ ft. Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign & Big Sean, ‘Flooded’, ‘Crown The Kings’


Buy the album! https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/culture-ii/1340307563?mt=1&app=music&itscg=30200&itsct=afftoolset_1&at=1000lsNQ

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Jay Romeo says:

Disappointing, but at least the singles are hot

The Hip Hop Times says:

You LITERALLY have the same exact fav tracks as me. I think those 3 are the only good ones

Mike Craig says:

There were some good songs here. This would have been just as good as Culture l if they cut this in half, but this is just way too long. There will definitely be some songs I come back to but I doubt I’ll be coming back to listening to this in full. 5/10 imo

FlipTrackz says:

Migos peaked on Culture, this is just piss poor. 3/10.

Ash Unifallstevity says:


Vanessa66Hey99 says:

40/100 is actually quite high given that you only liked 1 song out of 24.

AWESOME GUY 3023 says:

No Label 2 way better

Yman Thomas says:

This album isn’t that bad, i am not a fan…but as i was listening the album gets addictive, you worried how many track on the album, man i am digging this album, stop hating and enjoy…

Travis Beck says:

Disappointing… I just want them to focus on what they each excel at take their time and craft like 7-10 good songs instead of disposable interchangeable tracks.

Disx 131 says:

Yeah, Culture I is better. At least this has a few good tracks

Hakeem Samra says:

Amazing review. Seriously wow.

Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

Few songs like Gang Gang, Stir Fry and Open It Up are lit. The rest of this shit is generic repetitive and so BORING.

Philip Moore says:

Um nice album cover.

Redox _x says:

Why would such an unoriginal and uninteresting artist make such a long album? Way to expose your own flaws.

Hubblebub Lumbubwub says:

I just discovered that Migos is multiple people

37willdog says:

Migos are the prototypical singles group… I don’t think anyone was excited for a 24 song album.

Ocean Sage says:

I love Migos’ Culture, but Culture II is 24 tracks with only almost 12 I like. It’s too much. Like the Control the Streets had 30 tracks with almost 15 I fuck with, so that tells me Migos NEEDS some actual quality control. Less songs and more well written tracks with memorable hooks. Quavo & Offset dropped with ball with lackluster verses. Quavo’s hooks were not super catchy. Takeoff’s great verses are the highlight. 6/10

Cooper says:

Yeah it’s really bad. I still absolutely love Stir Fry tho, it’s such a great song

The Negan Guy says:

At least i didn’t hear this shit

Justin Hughes says:

Good points. I will listen to this exclusively as hype music at the gym.

PotatomanJackWilson says:

I actually thought the first bunch of tracks were solid but it falls apart after halfway through and never recovers

Jahn Williams says:

When did offset say anytbing gay on stir fry l. Or mention bugers?

BIG DOGG [1328] Palmer says:

I liked superstars and stirfry on this album

André BM says:

This is *Culture 2, 3, 4 and 5* lol

Andres Salgado says:

This álbum is trash

Wigney Flewston says:

Would you consider doing a commentary on The GRAMMYs

Franz Farmer says:


judah says:

We talk about music, movies, art, and CULTURE II.

WhyNot Wynaut says:

I’m in love with your negative reviews now oml

ARTV says:

I can’t believe you were able to give this quick of a turn around on a nearly 2 hour record, kudos. I’m not touching it, I could not care less about Culture II.

Wigney Flewston says:

They’re….not good. This is their last year.

Jay says:

All they make is background music, there is nothing interesting about it

paul banks says:

Can you review Evidence – Weather Or Not.

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