Mitski Has One of the Year’s BEST | “Be the Cowboy” Album Review

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►My review of the critically acclaimed fifth album by Japanese / American singer-songwriter Mitski. It’s titled “Be the Cowboy”, and we’re walking through it as fast as possible in this edition of Wreck It Reviews.

“Be the Cowboy”
Dead Oceans Records
Release: 8/17/18
Rating: 4/5

►Favorite tracks: A Pearl, Remember My Name, Nobody, Washing Machine Heart, Geyser, Two Slow Dancers

►Least faves: Come Into the Water, A Horse Named Cold Air

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Mitski – Be the Cowboy Track List

1. “Geyser”
2. “Why Didn’t You Stop Me?”
3. “Old Friend”
4. “A Pearl”
5. “Lonesome Love”
6. “Remember My Name”
7. “Me and My Husband”
8. “Come into the Water”
9. “Nobody”
10. “Pink in the Night”
11. “A Horse Named Cold Air”
12. “Washing Machine Heart”
13. “Blue Light”
14. “Two Slow Dancers”


Andreas Von Maier says:

John,that hat really brings out you hairline,so luscious that it doesn’t even come out of the hat

Tom Pilkington04 says:

Jon please review Get Better by Bad Sounds. I am really enjoying it and it’s definitely worth a listen

Mayor of Slowtown says:

U should post the genre in the description or title more often

Justmynamebecauseimbasic Jerry says:

Hello I think I’m First Love your vids Jon

K -Game says:

Have you considered reviewing the 1999 Rah remix of Under Pressure by Queen ft. David Bowie? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Red Panda says:

Wtf, I love Pitchfork now!

RiptideA says:


Clacking Computer says:

Never thought I’d see Mitski on your channel, checkout Bury Me at Makeout Creek its def more up your ally

Capitan Destro says:

Hey Jon, I personally didn’t like this record that much, but I wanted to send you some love; I was reading the answers to your comment under Fantano’s video and I found them very cruel and disrespectful. You are good at your job, I like your contents. And, once again, you did a great thing judging Brand New’s last album for the piece of art that it represented and not for Lacey’s behaviour.
Thank you for all the good music you made me discover. I’m sending you a big digital hug from Italy 🙂

Rockin' D says:

One of the only positive Wreck-It Reviews I’ve ever seen you do.

Sam Johnson says:

One of the best albums of the year!

broken says:

This is a new artist that you probably haven’t heard. He’s a medium level artist on Spotify with 1 million monthly listens. His name is Cautious Clay. He has an album called Blood Type. I think he is extremely good. He is an R&B singer. The mains I like on blood type is Stolen Moments, Blood Type, and Cold War. He also has another album called Resonance. It is also a banger. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on him.

Naomi Cotton says:


TheDuffyGMER64 says:

Oh, neat! You got around to reviewing the album! For me, upon the first few listens, I couldn’t really get into the album; I think it’s the fact that most of the songs are short, and I don’t have a lot of time to get into each of them. But maybe I’ll give it a few more tries to see what I think.

Mr. Drown_73 says:

I swear, you and Anthony are contrarians towards each other’s reviews lol. I haven’t heard anything by this artist before but I’ll give the album a try.

Katie George says:

I didn’t know you were familiar with her!

Alejandro Guerra Villegas says:

I’m giving this album a second try tomorrow; yesterday I try it & found it really blue and sad.

memegirl says:

ah, i see your a man of culture as well

Heart of a Warrior says:

Review A Tribe Called Quest final album please

seth mishne says:

I love the album and i wish it was longer. my favorite songs from the album are geyser, nobody and two slow dancers.

Double H says:

Dear jon do you feel like bmth are technically not actually a good band as they have a bad live reputation and seem to be a studio only band if you do or don’t believe this are they’re any other bands that could be considered on this category “studio bands”

N says:

ugh i love her

Randomtheboy 12 says:

Wow, complete opposite of Fantano’s xD. Another great video, Jon!

Vulnicura Vespertine says:

Mitski is a real gem in today’s music scene.

Aaron West says:

OMG I was hoping for this review. This was my most anticipated albums. I saw that you and another reviewer don’t like “A horse named coldair” but it’s honestly one of my favorite tracks on here along with Geyser, Nobody, Two Slow Dancers, Washing machine heart, and Why didn’t you stop me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course btw.

Killjoy says:

Please PLEASE PLEASE check out Shrine by The Republic of Wolves!!!

purple headed hedgehog says:

Jesus i love it when you do reck it reviews but I have to put on captions or slow down the video to really understand what your saying but anyway great review man

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