Motörhead Every Studio Album Review

I reviewed every Motörhead studio album in 31 minutes. For new or casual fans wanting to explore more than Ace of Spades or a Best Of compilation, this might be helpful. R.I.P. Lemmy. Born To Lose, Live To Win.


PrismEdits says:

I LOVE SBL. I’d put it in the top 5 easily. Just my taste

Rob Arcarola says:

This deserves way more views

Jimi Swartz says:

Well done Edwin!

Johan Wuyckens says:

Dude, I agree with you on just about everything you said. My favourite is Overkill too because it’s diverse, yet consistent at the same time and every song is just so well written. I also agree with you on the two worst albums. Still 3 of the more recent albums in the list I haven’t heard yet though. After hearing what you said about them, I think I will set that straight.

RPNization says:

You don’t know the drummer on Orgasmatron, that’s imho a little bit disappointing for a true (?) Motörhead fan; it was Pete Gill (former Saxon)

marshall islands says:

man i’m glad i finally got around to watching this! great job edwin

Sevens Clash77 says:

In my Opinion The Classic motorhead Line Up is definitely Lemmy, Phil Campbell and mikkey dee That’s the line up I’ll always remember and there the line up that were together the longest and together till the End That line up is perfect in my opinion and also Phil is one of the nicest Guys you’re ever met and he’s a quality guitarist.

Thumbsdown Bandit says:

“Going to Brazil” is about Nazis? I always thought it’s about Motorhead travelling with entourage in a shity plane.

Robert Barry says:

I bought “On Parole” from the Import section of the Record store in the early 80’s. That version of “Iron Horse, Born to lose” is the best. Before they sped up the tempo. Of course I’m a Biker and that is a classic Biker song. I have been into Motorhead since 1980

Lobster Punk Music & Art says:

Hey, would you check out Punk Rock Opera, Its a record from a small independent label.

Newfie4christ22 says:

i’d like to see all 22 albums ranked worst to best. i’ll give ya mine
22.March Or Die
20.Snake Bite Love
16.Rock N Roll
14.Another Perfect Day
13.Kiss Of Death
12.The World Is Yours
11.Bad Magic
10.Overnight Sensation
5.Ace Of Spades
3.We Are Motorhead

Indie Elite says:

You should do one of these on Judas priest or iron maiden, and you should just upload more videos. I really think you can be a good you tuber.

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