Nicki Minaj – Queen – Album Review

For my 1004th review, Nicki Minaj delivers an overlong and frustrating fourth album.

Best Songs: ‘Ganja Burn’, ‘LLC’, ‘Come See About Me’, ‘Chun-Li’
Worst Song: ‘Rich Sex’


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Nicki Minaj – Queen – Hip-Hop/R&B – Album Review

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King of the Void says:

I absolutely couldn’t stand this record. Nicki’s flows are pretty damn solid, but her “bitches is my sons” mindset, practically stating that there can only be one popular woman in the rap game that she carries across 3/4 of this album is toxic and honestly disgusting (see LLC). Nicki saw Cardi B as a threat, and decided to resort to cheap shock value–take Barbie Dreams, where the only real line that ties into the original Biggie song’s theme of fantasizing about sex is the line about 6ix9ine. The production was inconsistent – I didn’t mind the pianos on Rich Sex or Come See About Me, but songs like Chun Swae were painful at best.

*Light 3/10*
BEST: “Come See About Me”, “Nip Tuck”, “Rich Sex” ft. Lil Wayne
WORST: “Chun Swae” ft. Swae Lee, “Barbie Dreams”, “LLC”, “Coco Chanel” ft. Foxy Brown

carlos non-ya says:

This is really a downgrade from Pinkprint but still better than her first 2 albums

Disx 131 says:

Oh did we mention that Fefe is now on the tracklist? Bet that would take the worst track for Mark

Ariana Grande says:

My opinion:
Best Songs: ‘Ganja Burns’, ‘Barbie Dreams’, ‘Coco Chanel’ feat. Foxy Brown, ‘Bed’ feat. Ariana Grande, ‘LLC’
Worst Tracks: ‘Run & Hide’

I think the pinkprint was way better

chronicle a says:

Best Songs: LLC, Good Form
Worst Songs: Sir, Chun Li, Rich Sex


cheryblosen says:

Anyone else extremely disappointed with sweetner by ariana grande. I loved the dangerous woman album so much but this one is boring. Only song I really like is no tears left to cry. God is a woman is decent and get well soon but that’s all

kbg12ila says:

This is actually by far her best album.

But just imagine if this was the tracklist.

Ganja Burn
Barbie Dreams
Hard White
Chun Li
Good Form
2 Lit 2 Late
Barbie Tingz
Come See About Me
Coco Chanel

It’d be pretty great.

I think she has the potential, now more than ever, to release an amazing album but she just needs to focus up on a direction.

Johnny Ten says:

Okay, this is like the 10th time I’ve heard a rap song with the name “Rich Sex”. Seriously, what makes that name so popular amongst some rappers?

Lucas Dias says:

Ganja Burn, Majesty, Barbie Dreams, Chun Li, Bed, Come See About Me, LLC, Good Form and Hard White were good/great
Coco Chanel, Chun Swae, Nip Tuck, Run & Hide were passable
Rich Sex, Miami, Sir and Thought I Knew You were bad
I would give it a solid 7/10, although some album structure is missing, especially in the inspirations outro and chun swae’s length

Brandon Antoine says:

This album is so forgettable to be me. It also won’t come out with many hits. There’s clever bars but the beats don’t sound unique in anyway. Her content doesn’t sound unique, its clever but it’s not different. She needed to do something grand like throw in a choir or have an interesting melodic hook. An album full of interesting songs like Barbie Dreams would’ve done it. Cardi handled the trap bangers better, Nicki isnt the best singer so the emotional songs sound off and the pop songs sound tired especially with pop dying in mainstream. I’d give it a 4/10.

Drachna JKR says:

Who will take up the Renegade Cause?

Pure Bafoonery says:

She just added Fefe by 6ix9ine as a bonus track to the album

Lil Fruity Vert says:

Swang was amazing

Callum Knight says:

Bit random but would you consider reviewing something by Sinead O’Connor?

Allan Jurgens says:

6 out of 10

paul banks says:

you should review Westside Gunn – Supreme Blientele.

Covenn says:

Really light 7/10

Best songs; LLC, Barbie Dreams, Good From, Coco Chanel, Ganja Burn, Bed & Majesty
Worst songs; Rich Sex, Miami & Chun Swae (god that song is fucking terrible)

I wish Barbie Tingz made the cut and Chun Swae/Rich Sex was dropped.

Still a better album then Invasion Of Privacy.

Jeremy Dvorak says:

I agree. Nicki always flips the script and still hasn’t found her own sound.

nic cage says:

Nicki should work with timbaland

Gen says:

I would like to see do a track by track review

mariokarter13 says:

The best part is when halfway through she’s hyping it up like “This shit’s fire, yo” on the outro of the dullest track on the album.
She was The Queen of Rap by default. If she had some legitimate competition earlier in her career she’d be Iggy Azalea by now.

Cornel Marshall says:

Nicki is inconsistent but for me her highs have always outweigh her lows. This is more consistent than The Pinkprint in terms of quality but I will agree that her guest stars do weigh this down. I still like this and perfer this over Invasion Of Privacy and Cardi B. (Both whom with have shrunk on me in the last few months)

Solid 7/10

Best: Bed, Good Form, Hard White, Majesty, LLC, Come See About Me, Chun-LI

Worst: Chun Swae, Thought I Knew You

Loic Kandikandi says:

Thats actually a higher score than I expected

Jay Romeo says:

Prolly the only critic who didnt put Barbie Dreams on their favorites

Drachna JKR says:


Andres Medina says:

This album is okay at best. Like if she had more upbeat production and guest stars that didn’t phone in their verses, it would be much better. She just desperately needs something to say besides her “I’m the shit” persona. It isn’t a bad album, but it doesn’t live up to other albums like “Invasion of Privacy” or even “Pink Friday” 🙁

Okay to Mediocre

dayzgone says:

I don’t think Iggy Azalea mismanaged her career at all.

peter joe says:

let’s face it nicki has always been trash

Whatever says:

Cardi does not have more consistent bars than Nicki at all

Scizor For Hire says:


Bud Dean Langley says:

I still think Pink Friday is her best album

Valerie Perez says:

Love your review. Your on the money… I wish she would step up her game.. smh

Cheese the Chao says:

Nicki is a bad guy when you play against her…

Myles Spears ASMR says:

Been ready for this!!!

mjtubeme says:

As a casual Nicki Minaj listener
This Album made me a fan of her,

birdiebee says:

It’s interesting that you bring up Drake because honestly they remind me so much of each other. This year more than anything.

msawmusic says:

This was Nicki’s chance to elevate her career. Ironically Beyonce had to make that same decision on her 4th album “4”. Instead of chasing pop hits and competing with the young girls she focused on her artistry and message, which was the turning point to who she is as an artist today. Nicki looks foolish trying to compete with Cardi who’s 10 years younger than her. This album was decent at best but she really missed an opportunity. I hope after this era she learns from her mistakes and grow up

EYTPS says:

I thought you were reviewing an album called Nicki Minaj by the British rock band Queen.

But nope. I can’t ever be right

Whatever says:

Great review. Nail on the head.

Ariana Grande says:


Disx 131 says:

I really like Rich Sex lol

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