Nicki Minaj shades Meek Mill, Cardi B, Drake, etc. | Queen album review

Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated album “Queen.” This is the first album Nicki released in four years, and it already has the streets talking. In her song “Barbie Dreams” Nicki Minaj took playful jabs at multiple rappers in the industry including 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Drake, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Quavo, Game, Desiigner, DJ Khaled, Young Ma, and Tekashi69. Nicki also allegedly threw subliminal jabs at Cardi B.

Queen Tracklist:
Ganj* Burns
Majesty ft. Eminem & Labrinth
Barbie Dreams
Rich S** ft. Lil Wayne
Hard White
Bed ft. Ariana Grande
Thought I Knew You ft. The Weeknd
Run & Hide
Chun Swae ft. Swae Lee
Chun Li
Good Form
Nip Tuck
2 Lit 2 Late (interlude)
Come See About Me
Dir ft. Future
Coco Chanel ft. Foxy Brown
Inspirations (outro)
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Lucifer Laveaux says:

Lol all of these nicki haters
She really got y’all angry because her album is amazing. Keep on adding those streams

Sugar Queen says:

The lyric was, I don’t know if the p wet or if he’s crying and stuff. A lot of the reaction videos have been getting that mixed up, and the lyric creators too. And then when she dissed Meek Mill, the word was duck not dump. Also in the line talking about the “trailer park” she was talking about Eminem.

POLM's blog says:

Idk, that I care anymore, about who dissed who. This one don’t like this one or that one. I don’t care who has more money. Whose team this or that. I just want to hear the music. Lately it’s more about beef then good music. People don’t know how to separate the image from the person or the music from the person. Like Remy, I like what I see on TV. It’s nice to see two chocolate , two brown skin people in love and it be promoted in a positive way.
Female rappers are always pitted against one another. I remember when foxxy brown came out and she dissed Queen latifah. The Queen put her in her place. Sure, lil Kim wasn’t the first to sell sex and rap. But she was the first to become make stream and build a following. Including dressing the way she did. Like, you don’t see Grace Jones saying hey Madonna you took my style. Like people got mad at Kanye for jumping on stage. But look how many times Beyonce had a fire album with huge sales and some white girl got the award. Look at elvis, he stole so many styles. Look at Nas he’s a better than Jay z. So much better Jay tried to crush Nas behind the scenes. I just want to hear the music and judge folks based on that. Instead of team light vs dark. How about team melanin.

Adela Angiano says:

Nicki Minaj can diss who ever just not cardi B no . She did have a radio thing but there where no female rappers there ? Wtf u ant the only female rapper Nicki just putting that out there boo get on a track like ladies night that’s a true era of track

I'mAFanOf PrincessPreach says:

@3:57 That [?] is ‘Em’. That line was an Eminem “diss”
@4:13 Before the Remy Ma beef, Nicki actually tried to get Remy & Foxy on a track for the PinkPrint but Remy declined, so she has tried in the past
@5:24 That song was supposedly written before Cardi became a hit. It’s supposedly a shot at Eve

Michael Milazzo says:

Nicki is doing her thing this girls made peace stop starting something where there ain’t let everyone reach there Gloria with peace……….

Mi W says:

I like Barbie Dream and I think it was made in good fun not to really trash. I love the old school sound and I find many of the lyrics funny.

seyar says:

nobody will want to be friend neither collaborate with her if she shades everyone to stay relevant. i don’t stand for it but of course she’s talented.

Zakyria Batemon says:

Bitch fuck you talking about it’s alright

Lerato Mokoena says:

Some people are dumb when Cardi B was throwing shades at Nicki it was ok but when she returns a favour you’ll have som to say? Yanks

Dreviousclark Clark says:

But also it could have been a diss towards Eve , it’s a verse from half back

Ofentse Modiselle says:

This album reeks of desperation.

pretty Barbie says:

I guess a lot of you dont know that Biggie, foxy brown and little kim did dreams. A lot of you rather say she copied kim. A woman who will sell you black woman to be white. She hate everything about being black but go awf.

Empressive says:

A lot can be said about Nicki. I criticize her a lot, but the truth can’t be denied…the chick can rap. Period. Her album is going to do great numbers

Yaya says:

Am I the only barb who stans Nicki but found the album disappointing. It was good but I expected better

Aisha Delva says:

The trailer park thing is about eminem

Lucifer Laveaux says:

This album was amazing

Big Dog Bone says:

whats the shade for cus Cardi B popping harder lol really Niki thought you was on top lol

Stacks A Million says:


pretty Barbie says:

Black women so problematic and yes I’m black. Black women hate on each other so bad. Its crazy

POLM's blog says:

Brown comes in all shades from chocolate to Carmel, to mocha to cinnamon to peanut to gingerbread, to coffee. We should appreciate melanin we all have. Than maybe your remays and foxxy brown to Kelly Rowland to India to Jill Scott. Would have it be about the music. Because with so much in fighting you have white record exces making black music. Most of the music played to comes from the African diaspora from South America to North America. Instead of dissing each other we need to be the driving force behind our own music.

Fozya Ahmed says:

she stil trying to hard who cares about her at this point she always saying im this im that and trying to put others down thats why no one likes her.

Dont Atmeheauxs says:

Her insecurities had her take shots and mention everyone because she needs attention and might not have gotten it if she didn’t mention and sub the people with the spot light

Aniyah Cymon says:

Teriyaki lmaoooo

Thors Domenech says:

So no actual concept album? Just plain old cussing and rapping bout sex and pussy and niggas? Sigh…. and had the nerve to degrade women to let Karl Lagerfeld finger fuck her…

Ofentse Modiselle says:

Theres no way meek in nicky DMs

De'Garyion Rucker says:

She didn’t come for cardi you dumb fuck !!!

Chelsea Crenshaw says:

It’s a few of the new female rappers that used to be strippers, it’s probably not specific to her

Aliyah Knife says:

Your whole channel is trash

DelaneWilson says:

Nick is getting at cardi in the song LLC… OMG

Kaylah P says:

But where did she shade cardi cause she called names but i didn’t hear it see hers so…

itumeleng mamatela says:

Bitch you know you just a hater, your mom is underwhelming this album is Nicki’s best work! It’s a RAP album, it’s not a pop album like the Re UP was, man your opinion wack af

calvinsims100 says:

Y’all would believe anything said about Meek smh that man ain’t thinking about her

Fair Ani says:

Wasn’t lil Kim a hood stripper? Didn’t Biggie and the gang pass her around like a blunt?

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