Nicki Minaj released her 4th studio album “Queen” and it is really getting everyones attention. Her song “Barbie Dreams” which she says is a “joke” about multiple celebs…is the most talked about record on the album. I break down every song for you guys. Hope you enjoy.
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Jowanjah mermaid23 Purnell says:

Nicki was making them sounds first go back and look at her old vids

Meshiauna Sharp says:

How she go from saying she not having sex to rapping about “good form” and rich sex

Jaz shegtdasnap says:

did u catch on ganga burns she said “come thru bury the bardi”

Nijeria Mcgruder says:

Nicki Already said she has nothing against cardi why don’t you understand that they need to make a song to shut y’all up if they are not back and forth on instagr a. or Twitter there is no beef period.

nikki boss says:

All she do is shade cardi

DelaneWilson says:

✋…..pause Fox is is king….she collaborated with FOX cause fox is one of the best female raptress there is and she is her idol….. Fox always been dope…. Kim and rem ain’t dimming no shine/sheene… Never have……

Mali Goddess says:

Hard white was for Remy the original song is half back

omolani Ayanshola says:

Stop hating on her!!! her singing voice is dope so as her rap’ and “I think women should be supporting each other’ insted of bashing each other up! you ain’t perfect either.

Jvk Nation says:

She said bardi in ganja burns if you listen in at 1:20

Nikki Pgs says:

lol I think Nicki was saying she’s gonna ghost whomever she’s talking about on the Nip Tuck song Lol. Im no barb, and i’ve never heard that song before this video but it sounds like cutting someone off after they are done messing with them lol

lungile buthelezi says:

Brrrrrr is nicki’s signature.. Been from since the beginning of the music career…. It was there before Okrrrruuu was a thing.

Mimi Rauch says:

the pic u showed of safaree lmao 😀 and the tongue video haha guuuurl

Rejoyce Baloyi says:

Maybe she miss meek mills cause she being saying his a rapper and doesn’t consider Safare as one ☝️. Just saying

JJ Random says:

Album is full of insecurities. Not queen status at all. Can we have a few songs for us without the drama and expectations. Just show us that you still enjoy making music.

Bria’s LifeStyleTV says:

i thought her boobs were bigger

itz _pielar says:

Girl how you not a nicki fan FOH

MonIIs Yosef says:

loved this video

De'Nyjha Andrews says:

cardi says “Okkuurt” and she nicki always make that sound .

jasmine boo says:

We all know you’re the queen but if you keep repeating it,it get boring.

Mbikazi Dube says:

I think you just kept shading Nikki instead of just spilling our tea, some of your opinions haven’t made this juicy story quiet juicy as expected.

nisan lackey says:

And yes she misses safaree all that back in forth is hurt love between the two

Sierra Mcbride says:

Lol she spilled all the tea on this album ☺️,shade for real but so what it’s true cardi don’t write her own music

a beautiful potato says:

Nicki loves foxy shes says it in almost like every interview she does. I dont think Nicki Minaj is scared someone is going to outshine her on her track. She just has beef with like every other female rapper.

natalie storm says:

This aint no tea she just rhyming

The viewer34virgo says:

That’s o.k. cause Cardi B. Is gonna make a mixed drink outta this shade. #longislandtea

Straight2dapoint says:

Nip tuck =change

Due Diligence says:

I appreciate ur take on her collab with female rappers she’s not threatened by…it makes a lot of sense coupled with lovely ti’s take of CARDI throwing Foxy a bone. As usual, great job.

Kay B says:

Girl get off Cardi dick.. Hard white is NOT about Cardi. It’s a shot at EVE. the song was mad a week after Shether. Yes, she took shot and she said “Don’t duck if it don’t apply”

Kimberly Small says:

I could have swollen in the beginning of “ganja burn” she said “Bury the bardi “ am I Trippin?

Mimi Rauch says:

You are so sweet !

natalie storm says:

So nicki can throw gay shade at yung thug and nothing happen but when kim k do it to tyson yall have a fit?

Jeanette Raisibe Montjane says:

Ride and die with nicky ,,,, love you girl

natalie storm says:

Nicki is so wrong yea beyince and riri make more money than her but bitch u forgot taylor swift, katy perry, adele, oh…. she meant black women

Serena Edwards says:

Eminems line means he is the king of rap that’s why he says husband

nikki boss says:

The bitch is whack!!!!!!

Cassandra Amore says:

I think Cardi b has come along way and I can see she worked hard but I don’t see much talent she just good on social media I guess but you can thank Lyor Cohen for bringing trash rappers and gay shit. Onto the fans

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