November 2017 / Album Review Roundup

Here is my November Review Roundup – including (of course), Björk’s new record ‘Utopia’!

Look out for my Best Albums of 2017 video next week!

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Björk – Utopia (GOOD)
Converge – The Dusk In Us (EXCELLENT / AOTM)
Morrissey – Low in High School (AWFUL)
Baths – Romaplasm (GOOD)
Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard (MEH)
Yaeji – EP 2 (GREAT)
The Body & Full of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light (GREAT)
King Gizzard…. – Snore or something (BORING)


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Juan Aguirre says:

That Morrissey album is shit

It's ya boi says:

Hey Oliver, I love your content. It’s by far the most in-depth and thoughtful stuff I’ve seen on the site to date. Would you consider doing a deep cuts essentials video on Pet Sounds?

Quaghetti says:

To me King Gizz returned to form on this one.

But why is the title so hard to pronounce for everyone?

It‘s just „Gondwanaland“ like the supercontinent with the prefix „poly“.

Tractor Countdown says:

Pissed myself laughing at your trouncing of the Moz and his album, like it really got under your skin. 71 mins for Utopia – I thought artists had got over the gimmicky need to fill the whole CD years ago. Are you sure there isn’t a hidden track as well? There’d be about 4 minutes left I reckon. The Converge album sounds worth checking out. Thanks Oliver!

Major Holsety says:

Thank youuuuuuuu, I’m not the only one who thinks the microtones are a gimmick

IDanceMyselfClean says:

I´ve been listening to King Krule a lot while being depressed and while I´m working my way out of that right now I have to be in this very brooding foggy mood to listen to his music. So even though The Ooz is definitely my AOTY I can´t listen to it that much anymore, it always brings me back into that.

On another note: I´m so fucking stoked that Yaeji is getting the recognition she deserves. If you don´t bop hard to Raingurl, I don´t now what´s wrong with you to be honest. She would definitely make my list of most interesting newcomers right along with Superorganism.


Have you heard Mirror Rippor from Bell Witch or Mass VI from Amenra? Those are two of my favourite albums of the year. I definitely feel that both are new genre classics.

SlimVeggie says:

Once Saturation 3 comes out, do a DCE on the Saturation trilogy.

sam my says:

I still like King Gizz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), send in the hate!

Abbey V. says:

while i thoroughly enjoyed utopia, i think it took a bit long to really kick off (with “arisen my senses” going on for longer than probably necessary, and then “blissing me” and “the gate” already being released as singles made me feel like i was just ready to get through what i’d already heard). it doesn’t feel like it really kicked off until the title track. i believe the latter half of the album could’ve been shaved down to shorten its length and trim the filler within this album (tracks like “claimstaker” and “paradisia” felt very filler-y to me).
like i said tho. i did very much enjoy this album. PS: the track “body memory” is definitely among the highlights of this album.

The Kanker Man says:

personally i find it hard to belive you didn’t like polygonawana land or FMB – sketches was shit tho

Blue Concrete Fields says:

What do u think of botch

arthur says:

I look forward to these videos every month! Keep up the great work!

palm boy69 says:

For some reason, i can only listen to tim heckers “ravedeath 1972” when i am fresh of qn afternoon sleep. It just gives me a distorted, otherwordly vibe that goes well with my mind in these times.

RaveyGraveyBby says:

Don’t you dare disrespect my aussie boyos like that! Also love your videos <3

Mc Fax Machine says:

Damn Moz likes Nigel Farage? I thought he’d be more of a Corbyn guy. Well that sucks.

The Great Magnet says:

Aw, i loved the new wizard and the new gizzard, but i totally understand your points about both albums. Good reviews.

Guiso Estrelado says:

that’s a disgusting potato

Filip Bachorz says:

I haven’t been liking a lot of King Gizzards stuff this year either but I thought Polygonwanaland was actually pretty good!

justin says:

That potato is gonna sound fucking awesome tbh

Jake Wyeth says:


Ted Magyar says:

I don’t understand my emotions well enough to understand why certain music works for me at certain times and not at others. There doesn’t seem to be any music that I’m always in the mood for.

Luigi Murri says:

Where’s the link to buy the potato?

Papa Claudio says:

You’re being too mean to king gizz

Stephen Butchard says:

Romaplasm is the sleeper hit of this year, for me. Baths moved into pop without sacrificing any of the colour or detail, and the brightness of the album really fits well with its themes of escape, and finding identity in fantasy.

Human bog fucking kills me, lyrically, and I thought it was cool how he went from such a raw, honest song to the most hyperactive, positive one straight afterwards on ‘Adam Copies’ – as if we’re witnessing his escape from his anxiety straight away.

I know some fans were wishing for something more glitchy and experimental, but I think his songwriting is as strong as ever, and makes it hold up over multiple listens. It also helps that I love the eccentricities of his voice.

Completely understand that his style can rub some up the wrong way
(Yeoman, Extrasolar, Human Bog and Broadback are my highlights)

arinetic says:

actually didn’t mind the new king gizz, it was pleasant to listen to and i have at least a few tracks saved on my playlist. but good lord I laughed so hard during that whole “polygonadwonad” spiel.

Worth Carlin says:

Somebody probably pointed this out on your guide to Bjork but


sophie fonfec says:

5 albums to get you into NEO PSYCHEDELIA and PLUNDERPHONICS

Pennyroyal Tea says:

Do A Guide to Can!

Bandstand says:

Could you message me your email address Oliver? For some reason, Youtube isn’t revealing your email even though I’ve verified that I’m not a robot.

Sad Eyes Music says:

what do you think of the music of Beach house?

yahudki says:

oh yeah arisen my senses is my favourite too! it feels almost euphoric and makes me feel like i’m walking in a forest on the first really sunny day of spring

TheRatKiller says:

If you had to pick, What is the most enjoyable King Gizzard album to you? I’m not a huge Fan of them either, but they do have a few good tunes.

Radio-Friendly Unit Shifter says:

I really appreciate that you don’t summate every album to a 1-to-10 scale. The way you speak on albums is much more interesting than scoring it a certain way

Joshua Delaney says:

Ah dang, I was hoping you’d have the chance to review Big K.R.I.T.’s new album, it’s one of my favorite albums this year!

Niels uit het natuur says:

i have the same feeling King gizzard as you do

Evan Stroup says:

Mam, King Krule’s The OOZ better be on that list of the best albums to 2017 from Mr.Deep_Cuts!

Chisi Maznah says:

You should talk about Deathconsciousness or Have A Nice Life in general

peed stuc says:

Oliver, baby. Please listen to reason. Steven Wilson guide. That is all.

Sam Broughton says:

I’m giving a pound for every forehead wrinkle!

Cami Castle says:

Guide to Converge?
Morissey pisses me off.
I love David Bowie’s song “Everyone Says hi”, because you can listen to it in any mood. Sometimes Bowie performed it in a happy style and sometimes the subject matter hits me in the heart, depending on my mood. Of course, Bowie was such a genius.

Vasari O says:

Have you tried the Utopia soundtrack by Cristobal tapia de veer? I think you might find it interesting.

Group Hug says:

Great great great. Love this channel,; even if i dont necessarily agree w what u say i can almost always relate to yr approach to listening and what music does to your brain…Anyway, Bjork: hmm. Is is definitely full of great ideas and sounds and sound-ideas it just doesnt add up to me liking to listen much. However it would make a FANTASTIC e.p.! ….Converge: i dont know how they do it. Like, how do they have so universally accessible while being so uncompromisingly metal?? Weird. I mean, BRUTAL…Sabbath, er, Electic Wizz: slept hard on King Gizzard The Electric Wizard . Woke up to them early this year ( ive never followed metal closely but im getting there ha), so ive basically listened to all their stuff in one big pile w/o context or any kind of primer. So after i was introduced to DOPETHRONE which knocked me on my ass, i havent really found anything of theirs that i ever went back to. Most of it really does sound like its already been done. And im prob not gonna bother w this one. Esp since that cover gives me the jibblies. In a bad way….Moz: speaking of a total pile of shit, ol Moz is turning into the British Billy Corgan: once great talent turns into totally worthless asswipe. Fuck both of those guys….Yaeji: sounds dope!…Baths: never got to them. Gonna check his earlier stuff see if i cant find his essence…Body/FOH: that thing is terrifying. But not as terrifying as other power-violence. It might grow on me. Seems to have something abt it i like, but cant quite place….

I Care Because You Don't! says:

Coverage and Neurosis remain 2 of the most consistent metal albums of all time.

Kyle McCluskey says:

your king gizz opinion, man… how dare you! Poly is their best this year!!

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