Outkast – ATLiens ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktc9hsSfUck

Outkast’s seminal ATliens is a high-water mark for Southern hip hop.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?



Please review the unseen ( quasimoto )

Thank you melon

Drew Funderburk says:

Shut up. Shut the $&@( up. You don’t know shit. Cliche? I’m pretty sure that your half cocked beanie is the very definition of cliche. How’s that hipster thing workin for you? You have virgin written all over you!! Your review is the most misdirected piece of of trash I have ever interpreted in my life. Get bent dude.

Saint Sibiya says:

Can we get Aquemini

SmokedFalafels says:

Two dope boys in a caaaddaaaallaaaccc

artistic devotions says:

got that wu shirt on hahaha hell yea.

Andre Novacaine says:


Arth Maindarkar says:

Are you going to do a best to worst?

Dylan Stewart says:

this is my favorite hip hop album of all time. the lyricism on this record is next level and still ahead of its time to this day.


where tf are your subs

Paul Schwendel says:

Go to shower
smoke a joint
go to bed
set your headphones on
set the lights of
close your eyes
and listen to the full Atliens and aquimini albums

You will fly to another univers

Peace from Germany!!!

Manic Beats says:

Bought this album today literally the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Feo 9acino says:

My Favorite Rap Album Of All Time

VarynDar says:

Would it be too out there to say that OutKast is pretty much the Radiohead of Hip-hop?

Winnie Pooh says:

The album is old, why is the review and comments so new ? Like did y’all not know this album until now lol

ForcedAllegiance says:

“To the end of the week, I live by the beat, Like you live check-to-check…
If it don’t move your feet then I don’t eat, So we like neck-to-neck”

troylee76 says:

They got there style from A Tribe Called Quest

martin lucero says:

this album was kinda boring

John Mojo says:

Beautifully said

Diamond P says:

Thanx for this review for ATLiens, have you ever do Aquemini album review?

Mark Horne says:

fuckin’ Edomite

Andre Novacaine says:

Does anyone get tired of hearing of the Damn BEATLES? That shit is so overrated

Lauren Gorlewski says:

this was a painful experience. Really?the beats wherent good enough/ fuuuuuuuuck you

Scubadog says:

That MC part is actually something I’ve been thinking about for a while. You see blokes on stage essentially throwing a hissy fit like 2nd graders who just learned the word fuck and the whole crowd goes wild. How do people not get tired of it? I always respected OutKast, because they don’t seem to feel the need for excessive, unnecessary swearing and aggression.

tito lebowitz says:

Definitely in my top 5 albums of all time. Deep shit right here.

Tropical99 says:

10/10. simple, still dope in 2017.

NoSoup ForYou says:

“(they) playin’ sleep, I’m St. Nick with the package
Blessed with the gift and only 3 Stacks can match me
Light years ahead of you n*****, another galaxy” Big Boi is still sooooooooo underrated!

Andre Novacaine says:

Also Wailin’ is epic

Eric Stodolnik says:

I don’t know why, but it bugged the hell out of me every time he said “Andre 3K”

Maxwell Unnasch says:

Stop with the punsthony Your scaring ustano.

Jamie Hall says:


Andre Novacaine says:

This is the precursor to cloud rap

jmaal2345 says:

Their debut was better.

TheIVth says:

It’d be cool to see him review On Top of The World and Mystic Stylez since he referenced them. Maybe even Ridin Dirty too.

leopoq says:

do a worst to best of outkast melon

A. Rashad says:

@8:17 – Robot Fantano skipped

Luuk Woudstra says:


Horus says:

It’s the M I crooked letter, and no one better, and when I’m on the microphone you best to wear yo sweater

Daniel Connaghan says:

I want to take you apart

Anna Peach says:

Omg a classic review… simply wonderful

Joey Medina says:

They’ve come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes from Virginia.

Sean Vaughn says:

The production was always distinctive and amazing.. Don’t let Fantano ever ever ever review an album like this… Go away plze

hitwonder101 says:

I have listened to alot of this guys commentary about hiphop albums, and this out of the many that i wanted to comment on i didn’t, but this one i had to. he has no idea what he is talking about. this southern sound was not influenced by anything on the west coast!!! this is all southern, this is the sound we grew up on and is a signature sound in the south. outkast was the very first group to break out and really put the south on the map, and THIS IS OUR SOUND, NOT THE WEST COAST!!! this dude needs to stick to his own type of music because its alot of people who feel the same way that i do…you cant talk about what you dont live day in and day out, and its like me criticizing a death leopard album…some people need to stay in there own lane of music…

settripsbunch says:

Ok That is what you guys thought!Ain’t nothing g funk there: research 70s eraN where they came too again listen to the instrumentals

settripsbunch says:

Can listen to the whole album instrumental and it’s great

Ray Stroman says:

just forgot about my favorite song wailin shit too short

Brennan Brantley says:


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