Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked | Album Review

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►My review of alternative “band” Panic! At The Disco’s sixth album, “Pray For The Wicked”.

“Pray For The Wicked”
Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records
Release: 6/22/18
Rating: watch/5

►Favorite tracks: The Overpass, Say Amen (Saturday Night), High Hopes

►Least faves: One of the Drunks, Dancing’s Not a Crime, Old Fashioned, Roaring 20s, Silver Lining

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Singer In A Sweatshirt says:

Well you’re stuck in the past with their old music and clearly Panic! Isn’t doing that anymore so you shouldn’t expect anything different from future albums. I like the new albums but I respect that you don’t

Nick Day says:

I honestly liked this record more than DoaB. That might just be me, but the instrumentals are more mature now.

Loop boi says:

I didn’t really like this album. The only song really like is roaring 20s. My perspective might change. But I just don’t like it. None of the songs make any sense and the ones that do are so narcissistic.
I absolutely love panic! so much. It’s like my top 5 favorite bands.

Alisha Santiago says:

I came to your channel specifically because I knew we’d agree on this

Anyways, could you review Twenty One Pilots’ new songs??

Jordan_K says:

Worst Panic! album, just an opinion lol

Brookesio says:

Personally I do really like the new album. I think it is for the most part pretty fun and upbeat, and I really appreciate how sonically cohesive it is. However, I can see some of the points you have made and respect your opinion. I think looking at their music overall, if you’re looking for deeper music A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and Vices and Virtues would definitely be better, but some of the just kind of fun to listen to, upbeat modern music would be their newer albums. So I do agree with you in that regard, but as far as the album I really like most of the songs just as something sort of fun and catchy to listen to.

Tristan Smith says:

Comes out July 27th, but can you review Cage to Rattle by Daughtry when it comes out?

Jason V. says:

This album got boring after a while.

Big Lad Hermit says:

tbh i dont know any of the other guys dont kill me

i sold my soul to dallon weekes says:

My personal opinion:

I actually really like the album! No, not because I’m a crazy stan that will kill you if you dislike anything by Panic!, but I think that it has a lot of energy and the lyrics are very meaningful!

G says:


SkullHQ says:

I really love this album, and I recognize some of its faults. But I feel like you have a bit of misinformation when talking about “Roaring 20s”.
It’s not about the Roaring 1920s. Brendon has talked about the song being about his 20s and everything that he’s had happened and learned ending with his stint on Kinky Boots. Just thought that may change what you get out of that song.

Allegra says:

lol roll me like a blunt cause i wanna go home is unironically a lyric i love haha

Mark Calloway says:

Roaring 20’s is about his 20’s not the 1920’s ..

James Deplazes says:

this record will not age well. it really has nothing drawing me to re-listen to it.

Aids en Condom Lets Plays says:

I feel like the band isn’t what it used to be. I liked the feel of the first album, and the calmness and beaut of pretty odd. Vices and Virtues was a very great sounding album as well. While in their future albums, its starting to get more fake and “pop”y. He described my thoughts perfectly about this album.

blueglass1013 says:

I literally was like is it just me that thinks this album kinda shot down lyrically :/ and I also feel like he formula for the songs as you said was more anthemy and I can see for certain songs the thing he might have been going for but it didn’t come out that way; I love PATD but this album is basically everything that they are not on past albums and maybe he was trying for something new but I can’t help to feel like I’m making an excuse for how poor it was

Island Rebel Makeup says:

I do enjoy this album but it’s definitely not their best effort. But since panic’s best effort is really high to meet, this is still a decent album. I’d say the best songs are high hopes, the overpass, roaring 20s, and dying in LA.

yikesyoongii says:

i really love panic! at the disco, but this album felt more like a pop track instead of the emo roots. i like the songs, but only a few really were stuck in my head. say amen, dying in la, king of the clouds and the overpass are my favourites, all for different reasons:

*say amen (saturday night)*
– i love the instrumental
– the high note
– just a bop and i really like it

*dying in la*
– i am a sucker for these kind of songs
– the lyrics made me tear up

*king of the clouds*
– the instrumental!!
– i really like the begin of the song
– lyrics were a bit vague but the instrumental kinda fixed it

*the overpass*
– again, the instrumental

these are my opinions, and most times my favourite songs are mostly because of the instrumentals (except dying in la)

EDIT: i loved DOAB, it was the album how i discovered panic! and i really wanted to love this album, and it’s okay but not my favourite

Cesar Chavez says:

Review DGD-Artificial Selection already

Lilly Spencer says:

You’ve got to check out the band Wet and their first album

Siefer Tombchew says:

I could, for the most part, agree that this album was kind of a let down, but I think it is far from “bad” but I find your statement about doab funny because I’d honestly say it was one of my favorite albums, but I guess my opinion is different cause I also think pretty odd is overrated. I feel this album will grow on me and many others over time, similar to many tracks on doab. I mostly think this album just lacks depth. The tracks are generally good sounding, the just seem plain. I still have to give mad props to brendon for practically a solo artist and keeping the P!atd name alive

MsPatdfanatic says:

Man, I agree with a lot of what you said. Personally I was not mad about the sonic approach of the album. It’s Brendon, I expected high mighty horns and all this other really boisterous stuff. Lyrically though, it was just so disappointing. Like at least MANIA has me thinking a little more because even MANIA was hard to get through on the first few listens, but I can’t get through this whole album and it hurts because my hopes were pinned on this record being good after MANIA was so-so. There’s a certain level of lyricism that I expect in the bands that I love particularly in Panic! and FOB because of their history and I knew the quality of lyrics were not going to be the same, but I didn’t expect to be confused by them like the roll me a blunt roll me like a blunt thing and. I just can’t with high hopes too much. It sounds very nice, but like you said a lot of these songs can get grating with repeated listens. Maybe people in the comments are right and there are lyrical gems that I’m not picking up or there’s just thinngs I’m not appreciating, but I also can’t get myself to fully listen to this album. I should’ve lowered my expectations. The so-so state of emo or whatever we want to call it has me worried. I’m so glad Trench didn’t let me down though.

Mr Harry Marshall-Savidge says:

This album was terrible

ARTV says:

Thank you in advance to everyone who keeps it civil and understands that this is MY opinion on the album. Enjoy the review ❤️ Sorry not sorry for not sugar-coating it for the stans & giving an honest take!

squeakyshoes says:

The only one I liked besides the singles was Dancing’s Not A Crime. The others were boring imo.

Griffen Watts says:

Instead of shitting on the album. Appreciate Brendon changing it up

Alex Yordan says:

I love the 1st two albums vices and virtues was OK too wierd to live too rare to die i didn’t care for i did not like DOAB although there were a few good songs
Prey for the wicked was just meh

HolyGrayle says:

I bought concert tickets to go with friends before the release of the album and I regret it… I just listened to the whole album and I was bored the whole time, for the most part.

Robert Turner says:

this album is good 8/10-
of course its not his best idiots-
king of the clouds, high hopes, say amen, dancings not a crime…BANGERS-
yal highkey panic fans, just feel compelled to agree with him so he can like yal comments-
ass kissers-
that is all-

My Chemical Republican says:

Mania was better than PFTW

Andi Burbank says:

I really hope there is a 7th album later on where he is given more time, and goes back to a bit of the older style. Not necessarily the same, but less mainstream. It’s just not what panic! was meant to be in my opinion. I noticed just how dull it was when I first listened to the album. I really enjoy the singles released and a few of the other songs, but just listening to the full album isn’t sparking anything for me and that’s a bit of a let down. I really hope he can bring it back up with the next album (if there is one).

Brenden Dunn says:

In my humble opinion this album is the weakest album from P!ATD and definitely the worst album so far for me it’s like a 2/5, however I still find it enjoyable and can still listen to it. The best example I heard to explain this is comparing music to hamburgers. Like you can go to smashburger or red robin and get a 10-14 dollar burger and it will be a great a hamburger that’s fresh and tastes good and it will be the burger I’d rather have every time i go out for a burger, but at the same time I can still run down to mcdonalds and get a mcdouble and still enjoy it. Sure it’s not going to be as good, it’s going to rushed, loosely thrown together, and not the most desirable burger, but hey it’s still enjoyable.

Ginger With a Side of Salt says:

After listening to this album myself with my best pair of headphones, I couldn’t help but feel that the audio balancing in King of the Clouds was off, parts that should’ve been punchy were surprisingly quiet.
I personally think it’s the best song on the album, but the weird mixing was a little off putting to me, but who knows, maybe I’ve just set up my equaliser settings up really janky

Scipio Lyons says:

Nah, I thought the album was amazing. And I’m a deathcore fan.

Analee Sahagun says:

I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed by this new album, all the songs sound the same to me :/

Matt Katsigianis says:


Alex Yasinsky says:

I agree with you completely. This album was disappointing. Some of the lyrics were amazing but the lyrics in the choruses were just boring and sounded half assed. His voice makes this album tolerable because he can sing amazingly. But the album just devolved into an shitty, modern pop mess. Greatly disappointing when you compare it to previous albums.

Osher Shimon says:

It’s Ryan Ross’s fault. He setted the bar too high. Like JUST look at PRETTY ODD and TWTLTRTD

Jeff The Shrimp says:

I love the album in my opinion. It’s a great pop or alternative album but it’s not really that good for Panic! standards.

Nightwalk says:

For some reason I forgot to comment on this – I found this album to be about equally as good as DOAB, particularly because of:
King of the clouds, roaring 20s, say amen, hey look ma I made it, dying in la
Some songs are quite a bit weaker, like one of the drunks, but the production is much better than DOAB imo.
Great review!

hi, so my name is [Nia] says:

I’m just looking at the comments and everyone is saying that this is their worst album… In my opinion, it’s their best album, just because i actually like each song in it unlike others were there’s some I don’t like. Also I respect your opinion, but roaring 20s is personally my favourite 🙂

Nathan McHallam says:

I loved it. A lot. Just me?

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