Post Malone – beerbongs & bentleys – Album Review

For my 947th review, Post Malone delivers an improved but still overlong and frequently grating sophomore record.

Best Songs: ‘Candy Paint’, ‘Stay’
Worst Song: ‘rockstar’ ft. 21 Savage


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Post Malone – beerbongs & bentleys – Hip-Hop/Mumble Rap/Trap – Album Review


Davm97 says:

Well… ITS A LIGHT 7!!!

Alejandro Barrera says:

THANK YOU! Now that’s a proper score for this album. This album was too long, had boring instrumentals, cringy lyrics, and Post cannot sing.

David Bradford says:

Legitimate question: What’s wrong with you?

chronicle a says:

A lot of this album was filler. Best songs for me would have to be Candy Paint, Rockstar, and Same Bitches. Worst would be Stay. In total though, it gets a strong 4 from me.

jc1424 says:

The guy proved he can sing, but still overuses autotune. Like gimme a break, get real.

Eden Shorrocks says:

I deleted 7 songs and it’s a lot more enjoyable now lol also I’m calling it that posty will be around for a loooooong time

Whym says:

Post Malone is the dictionary definition of a poseur.

Adrian Romero says:

Cornel Marshall says:

This was a very mediocre album. At least the back half was half way decent. I rather for a artist to give me 9 great songs then 18 mediocre ones.

Decent 4/10

Best: Same Bitches, Otherside, Candy Paint

Worst: Rich & Sad, Psycho, Spoil My Night, Blame It On Me

Cade Eliason says:

Great video as always Mark!

Apyr is God says:

I don’t get all the hate towards Post Malone saying if you want to cry or feel emotional, don’t listen to hip hop because almost all mainstream hip hop is turnup music. You think people are going to listen to Lil Pump cry? Also, pretty much the only reason he is getting hated on is because he is white. If Kendrick Lamar said the exact same phrase, he wouldn’t get nearly as much hate as Post Malone did.

JJ Therone says:

So many people in these comments can’t stand that you have a different opinion to them.
But yeah Post Malone sucks.

Wigney Flewston says:

I fully agree that Candy Paint and Stay are quite excellent. I fully agree with this review.

Lust Snipe says:

Spectrum pussy and his fake reviews

Cristo Setentero says:

Hands down this was the most boring project I heard this year. Corny lyrics and the same sound for over an hour, plus I was cringing every time he said “bitch”.

Alejandro Salazar says:

Paranoid, Rich & Sad, Otherside, Stay, Over Now, Better Now, the singles (rockstar, Candy Paint and Psycho) are all great. Takin Shots and Blame it on me are decent. It’s a very good album IMO 7/10

Nightwalk says:

It’s fine to dislike his music – heck, I dislike 90% of it – but your vitriol seems largely emotional and personal. Particularly when your reasoning is that because he doesn’t agree with you on politics it’s because he’s shallow.

Katryn Rosemir says:

*shrug* I listened to the album this morning and found it pretty interesting. Is it instantly my fave album ever? No. But it is catchy and I can see how / why people get into it.

Also, most people don’t get a cultural studies degree before deciding to make music. The idea that you are supporting musical genre segregation is kinda gross, really. People should be making and listening to music they enjoy. Being of a specific racial background should have nothing to do with it.

If Post doesn’t *like* the genres he is working in, that could be a problem and it’s on HIM to do something about that. He is the person he would be hurting the most if that is true, and only HE genuinely knows whether that is true or not.

Arne Hildrum says:

Finally a critic that exposes the flaws on b&b that every other critic has ignored. Thank you!

Harley Mitchelly says:

+Spectrum Pulse I may not be a Patreon supporter, but it sounds like you need something good to review.

PRhyme 2 dropped this year. Might be a strange request, but when Royce da 5’9 and DJ Premier team up and come together with instrumentation as pitch perfect as it is, that should be a headlining event it doesn’t seem to be.

Something to think about I guess.

weegee army says:

Reception in the comment section has been a lot more negative then usual… Am I the only one who stands by Spectrum
Pulse and cannot stand Post Malone?

Hydraflare 47 says:

Best: Over Now, Rockstar, Blame It On Me
Worst: Ball For Me
Light 7/10

ShutYoMouth says:

Finally a honest review of this record. Fantano gave it a 7 because he was name-dropped.

AnyThingWorx says:

Wait a minute, where are the flames in the thumnail?

pls end me says:

The fans had invaded
everyone, get in the shelter

The Rockingbird . says:

I still don’t really understand why you hate Post Malone. He’s not even that bad.

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