Radiohead: Worst To Best

The wait is over (well, for some of you) – here I am ranking Radiohead’s studio albums from worst to best! Like last time, I’m trying to take into account my own preferences and how pivotal each album has been to the band’s artistic evolution. Enjoy!

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Sky Valley says:

anthony fell off when he said the bends wasn’t #1

Paul Hoppe says:

Amnesiac ranked so low ?

Smarty Jonez says:

Other than codex and seperator KOTL sucked ass

House Lamp says:

Do this but the suckyest band ever. Primus

André Vital Pardue says:

Next: Lil B

Joe Craib says:

Don’t speak about “you and whose army?” like that to me or my son ever again

My Bloody Thanksgiving says:

Ok computer is overrated and not the best Radiohead album

Leland Sledge says:

King of Limbs and In Rainbows are by far there best you are tripping

Ryder C says:

This video is what finally got me to listen to Radiohead and they’ve been my favorite band since. I’ll go back and watch this video every now and then to see how my personal opinions have changed, which is really cool as I’ve gone through phases with each album.

Nicolas H says:

1.In Rainbows
2.Ok Computer
4.Kid A
7.The Bends
9.Pablo Honey

Jesse Meadors says:

Amnesiac overrated? Uh more like underrated

Phil B says:

Pablo Honey
The King of Limbs
The Bends
A Moon Shaped Pool
Hail to the Thief
In Rainbows
Kid A
OK Computer

Anton Hohlfeld says:

9. The King of limbs
8. Pablo honey
7. Amnesiac
6. The bends
5. Hail to the tief
4. A moon shaped pool
3. In Rainbows
2. Kid A
1. OK computer

morris. says:

1.Ok Computer
2. Kid A
3. In Rainbows
4. A Moon Shaped Pool
5. Hail To The Thief
6. The Bends
7. Amnesiac
8. The King of Limbs
9. Pablo Honey

Best Songs
1.Everything in it’s right place
2. Karma Police
3. Nude
4. Daydreaming
5. No Surprises
6. Paranoid Android
7. Ideoteque
8. Optimistic
9. High and Dry
10. 2+2=5

Sam Ouweneel says:

Jethro tull would be fun!

Pierce St.Claire says:

The bends is my favorite album. Such a great alternative rock album. Dark star is amazing. Hail to thief is I think the closest they get to mixing alternative rock and electronic music.

zenith says:

Fuck this…..AMNESIAC was jazz

Tuxedo Gremlin says:

9. The King Of Limbs
8. Pablo Honey
7. Hail To The Thief
6. Amnesiac
5. A Moon Shaped Pool
4. Kid A
3. The Bends
2. OK Computer
1. In Rainbows

Durruti says:

Real heads wait til the end of the video to post hate comments….

fuckin jerk

Strange Moss says:

Amnesiac is the best Album.

Ajarmean0933 says:

1. Kid A – 10/10
2. In Rainbows – 10/10
3. OK Computer – 10/10
4. A Moon Shaped Poo l- 10/10
5. Amnesiac – 9.5/10
6. Hail to the Thief – 9/10
7. The King of Limbs – 8.5/10
8. The Bends – 8/10
9. Pablo Honey – 5/10

Michelle Cerioni says:

kid a, the legendary kid a radioheads official, bold… blacks out from laughter

KingZues says:

You didn’t even mention Myxomatosis when talking about Hail to the Thief

Derek Nielsen says:

I’m happy to see someone loves In Rainbows as much as I did.

Aaron says:

Why does he say Morning Bell is on Amnesiac? It’s Kid A right?

3 Dr says:

Let’s be honest: has ever existed something REALLY bad about Radiohead?

Nevermind, I forgot Creep

KingZues says:

9) Pablo Honey 7.8/10
8) A Moon Shaped Pool 9.5/10
7) Amnesiac 9.8/10
6) The King of Limbs 9.8/10
5) The Bends 9.8/10
4) Hail to the Thief 9.9/10
3) OK COMPUTER 10/10
2) In Rainbows 10/10
1) Kid A 10/10

Aidan Gillard says:

I actually love amnesiac

Smarty Jonez says:


Best albums
1. In rainbows
2. Moon shaped pool
3. Ok computer
4. Amnesiac

Best songs
1. Decks dark
2. Nude
3. Paranoid android
4. Codex
5. Motion picture theme song
6. Pyramid song
7. Dollars and cents
8. 4 minute warning
9. Karma police
10 jigsaw puzzle falling into place

Aaron says:

1. In Rainbows
2. OK Computer
3. Hail To the Thief
4. Kid A
5. A Moon Shaped Pool
6. Amnesiac
7. The King of Limbs
8. The Bends
9. Pablo Honey

The difference between In Rainbows and A Moon Shaped pool is finite.

minicar therapy says:

agree, i dont like the king of limbs

CorkCityOasis says:

Oasis. Do Oasis.

New Guy says:

1 Ok computer 10/10
2 Kid A 9/10
3 The Bends 9/10
4 Hail To The Thief 9/10
5 A Moon Shaped Pool 9/10
6 In Rainbows 9/10
7 Amnesiac 8/10
8 The King Of Limbs 7/10
9 Pablo Honey 7/10

Giuliano Camiolo says:

True Love Waits isn’t really about his separation with Rachel. This song was included in the I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings during 2001.

Julia Is A Doormat says:


wommohawk says:


James Durden says:

9. Pablo Honey
8. Amnesiac
7. Hail to the Thief
6. A moon shaped pool
5. King of Limbs
4. The Bends
3. Kid-A
2. Ok Computer
1. In Rainbows

Feel free to roast me

ajid tantoko says:

1. Ok computer
2. In rainbow
3. Moon shaped pool
4.the bend
5. Hail to the thief
6.kid A
7. Amnesiac
8. King of limb
9.pablo honey

Thomas Barrett says:

Do Limp Bizkit

K. Nakanishi says:

Preordering King of Limbs is why I wait at least 1 year before purchasing any new album now.

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