Remo Drive – Greatest Hits ALBUM REVIEW


Remo Drive keeps the torch lit for emo with their promising debut.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


strawberrylove _ says:

Haven’t Remo drive said they were far from being an employee band?

knack94 says:

Idk they sound way more pop punk to me than anything else… w indie rock

Yung Kinoichi says:

i dont know how the fuck you gave floral green 7/10 what the fuck. if this is 7/10 floral green is a fucking 9

windtunnel says:

ur anti-emo persona triggers me

Aiden Johnson says:

Review Best Buds by Mom Jeans, best album in this genre this year

Dominick Findley says:

it would be kool if you reviewed best buds by mom jeans

Michael Coholich says:

Review Hippo Campus!!! They’re another band from MN!!

Hidden Machine 02 says:

You fucking asshole. I thought you were a true supporter of the bruiser brigade. Review ZGTO before we send in the goons.

Jake Smith says:

It’s so funny to me that anyone actually cares what this guys thinks

Stevie Cornett says:

Idk melon, I can appreciate that you have high standards for emo revival but I would argue that, as artists, musicians should feel free to express themselves in the ways that they see fit. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t push themselves and continue to grow as musicians, but I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with sounding like generic emo if it comes from a place of catharsis and/or authenticity. You may have already addressed this perspective before, but that’s just me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Astral says:

Emothony Fantothony

Jane Shapiro says:

The Pinkerton comment though

Sam Cox says:

When will this man get glasses that fit i am exhausted

CA_TRV says:

Good shit. Although I feel the albums production quality sucks ass and it could’ve been better. Their Audiotree session puts them to justice and in my opinion is better then their album.

The Pink Pistol says:

AHAHA the Affordable Care Act here

Brobecks Trash says:

Fantano you fucking gave me a heart attack when you mentioned In Utero

Joshua Winters says:

The “recorded in the garage” sound recording you’re probably referring to is that drum solo on hunting for sports
And I’m 100% it’s supposed to sound like that

Jackson Deveaux says:

Anthony, I liked this review but was it really necessary to orchestrate the mass genocide of Jews across Europe?

Welfare says:

He’s not even rhyming shit with his name anymore

Jack Gladney says:

i love this album but i can tell Melon never listened to the Mom Jeans. album from 2016

Neal Garbenis says:

plox review tiny moving parts yes plox

Garrett Isn't Funny says:

i think art school’s music video is better than the yer killin me

Adriel Ortiz says:

This record was really good though tbh

nym5qu17 says:

fucking love this band holy shit <3

Duke Worcester says:

You should review “best buds” by Mom Jeans, I think you’ll enjoy it very much.

John John Casyone says:

I’d like to see Hipo Campus’ “Landmark” here. Pretty experimental stuff.

Adriel Ortiz says:

Anthony you should review ep’s from local bands

nat cope says:

I’m a damn emo kid

Gunnar Stephan says:

he called it, it’s been my album of the year since it’s release.

Em 13 says:

Arctic Monkeys + Vampire Weekend = Remo Drive


Luke Haralo says:

Anyone here listen to Denimadic?

Matthew Sunday says:

wow this guy is awful man

gsboss says:

more than that

Paul Proteau says:

They were a band I found on bandcamp, these guys are pretty good.

Michael Figueroa says:

review the record, Villains by Queens Of The Stone Age

Leeanna Litwack says:

They may have only heard a little of pinkerton, but oh have the weezer fans heard this album. They never shut up about Remo Drive and Alvvays.

Mr. Benis20 says:

Where do I know this guy from?

Hugo Strange says:

Where the Tiny Moving Parts reviews at Affordable Care Act?

le school guy says:

can you please get the FUCK out of recommended

strawberrylove _ says:

Can’t believe hunting for sport was your least favorite track

Nuclear Juice says:

Great stuff from these guys. Especially for a debut.

katie, undercover says:

this album is near perfect, honestly!

Margaret Diepenbrock says:

One of those damn emo kids hahahaha

Mr.Bones says:

I think they just need a solid engineer to tighten up their sound and they’ll be MUCH better. Still one of my favorite bands rn.

cystorsore says:

congrats on reaching 1 mil

The Little Penguin says:

Dude you literally said exactly what I was thinking at one point. It sounds like they just got done listening to weezer, nirvana, the get up kids, and maybe even bush. (Or at least he looks like the guy from bush anyway lol)

It’s a great album though honestly and only $9 on iTunes!

Rob Lechner says:

Check out half mannequin please it’s also them it’s a side project

Anus Repair Man says:

Emo before emo was a bad thing.

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