Shawn Mendes – Shawn Mendes | Album Review

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►My review of the self titled album by pop/folk pop singer songwriter Shawn Mendes. The Canadian artist teams up with Khalid, Teddy Geiger, Ed Sheeran, Joel Little, and more for his best album to date.

“Shawn Mendes”
Island Records
Release: 5/25/18
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: In My Blood, Queen, Mutual, Youth ft. Khalid, Nervous, Lost in Japan

►Least faves: Particular Taste, Like to Be You ft. Julia Michaels, Where Were You In the Morning, Because I Had You, Perfectly Wrong

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Cassiopeadreamin says:

I honestly had only been a fan of the singles he released from past albums (I couldn’t sit through either of his other albums besides these songs). I gave this album a chance because I really loved In My Blood and Lost in Japan….I was pleasantly surprised. I thought this was a really good album, Shawn sounds much more mature and secure in his sound. Maybe a 4/5 for me. My favs were Why, IMB, LIJ, Perfectly Wrong, and Where Were You In the Morning

GoldNinja Vlogspot says:

In My Blood is fucking amazing but it does look like he’s been flipping through the lyric booklet of an early Linkin Park album

shabara liberal says:

Why, I’m ready, lost in Japan are my faves

Olivia Rena says:

Mutual is my favorite track off the whole album & I’m so happy to see it’s one of yours! I agree with most of your favorites! Only sad to see Particular Taste in your least favorites but I understand your reasoning!
Great review as always! (kind of shocked you gave Charlie a “higher rating”, as you debated a 3.5 in the video. Very interesting!)

Stephanie Phillips says:

Im a huge fan of shawn but i didnt really like the album that much. It was fine and i like most of the songs but i wont be able to go all the way through on it.He stated he figured out how to do a falsetto in “where were you in the morning” and after that almost every other song has a falsetto and it just sounded way to much like other artists and not him. I have an account on instagram where people send in opinions on him and seeing everyones opinions on the album and how they feel about it is cool.

Sofia Clements says:

I loved Shawn since 2013, and yes, I’ve noticed that he overwrites a lot of other people’s songs/sounds. You even hear him say it in interviews, “I want to create a Kings Of Leon song”. I’ve also noticed some of his cookie-cutter tendencies with lyrics and music, even on this album. Perhaps I’m too critical. I became obsessed with him at the age of 11 and since then I have developed a taste for art rock and progressive rock, which is much more complicated and contemplative than what he writes. At almost 16, and being a songwriter who explores and takes pride in distinctiveness and idiosyncrasy, he seems too on-the-surface. He’s transitioned from a deep-songwriter, (in my 11-year-old opinion) to just this guy that can write some fun songs. I still appreciate him and his style. Maybe it’s not for me, or for you, but many seem to enjoy it. If he’s making people happy and has intentions, then what harm is he really doing overall? Music is music. I enjoyed this review. We seem to like/dislike many of the same songs and have the same opinion about it in general.

perry says:

where were u in the morning, nervous, queen and particular taste is sooo good

Brooklyn Rae says:

I think Fallin All in You is a great quality song but it couldn’t be any more like an Ed Sheeran single if it tried. It sounds just like Perfect and Thinking Out Loud. I love Ed as a writer but is he even capable of writing songs that don’t sound exactly like his other hits at this point?

caylim caylovesmusic says:

this album I do love cuz I hear more of the maturity from handwritten so I will say he has a good point on their

ReachingEli says:

please review the new trophy eyes single!!!

deadviny says:

mendes is straight? I’m shook

the essence within says:

Illuminate was way better.

Stephanie Smith says:

I think that Shawn has really matured over the course of his music career and I love that I can clearly hear that in his albums and live performances. Lost in Japan reminds me more of Charlie Puth, though I have not heard that JT album haha.

The gaming Pig says:

This is a flawed but still great album that I feel like is his best yet

Julius Maravich says:

Please review the new Jonathan Davis solo album, Black Labyrinth

Miguel Ruvalcaba says:

Another person that came of off vine (Not cringy at all) is Ruth B. You should totally check out her debut album ‘Safe Haven’ because I would love to see your review on her album especially to see if you agree on the critical acclaim she got on it (Joel Little produced the whole album while Ruth wrote every song.)

WushuKnight19 says:

Sigh! Julia Micheals has once again proved that she can’t do music. Still, good to hear that this album is quite decent. I’ll check it out later.

The Negan Guy says:

I’m sorry but this album is really boring as for the artwork it sucks
Low 1/5 my opinion

Hakberdi Amashow says:

4/5 from me. Huge improvement from illuminate, which is in my opinion was stripping poll collection album.

frida says:

lmao charlie puth is such a bad artist. all his songs are basically the same (they sound the same) and his voice is so mediocre. nothing about him stands out. he’s just meh.

Adnan Haddad says:

hey John, I discovered your channel several days ago and i bing watched a lot from here and beyond artv, wish you check out the maccabees, an English rock band, i think you’ll like them. hope you keep these videos coming, proud of you son.

Layaly DiGiovanni says:

Since you mentioned Martin Johnson, (I’ve been a big fan of him and boys like girls since I was 11) Have you heard his new band The Night Game?

Sentisuba Aier says:

Please review The Kooks new single

ARTV says:

Just wanted to say sorry for referring to Teddy Geiger as a man, had no idea Teddy was transitioning. I only look at the credits on Genius for songwriting/producing credits, and obviously they didn’t have that info there as she’s still going by the same name “Teddy Geiger”. I think most of you understand that I was in the dark about this, so anyways, sorry about not being informed. Enjoy the review!

Its Mags says:

Honestly, this album fell flat for me. With the writers on it, many of the songs sounded like songs for other people not for Shawn, himself. I think (for me) that he falls in the same crutch as John Mayer. John is an amazing guitarist, which I think goes underrepresented (at times) in his music while his lyrics sound personal. Shawn is an amazing vocalist which is often left to the imagination in his songs. I honestly thought that the album would take more of an “In my Blood” type vibe. However it left me with mixing of imitations of John Mayer, Nick Jonas, Julia Michaels and Meghan Trainor. I think to some degree bc he’s so private about his life, his songs sound “authentically unauthentic” even when he’s trying to be vulnerable. There was one clearly R&B track on there which could’ve used a black writer, bc there was ad-libs and runs that would’ve lifted that song to the next level but again fell flat. I think he has potential, I think he needs to let loose a little bit, I think he’s striving SO HARD to be a “real artist/musician” in a pop landscape that it’s doing him a disservice

ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ says:

Tbh artist like Shawn and ed make me more depressed than my “emo/indie/rock” music

Victoria Rooks says:

As far as I’ve been listening to the album Lost in Japan is the best track and yes it did remind me of JT.

Film Frenzy says:

I surprisingly loved this album, never expected such amazing content out of Mendes, especially in my blood, my favorite song of the year

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