Talking Heads: Worst to Best

Ranking the eight studio albums of pioneering new wave outfit Talking Heads.



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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


UpperGoon says:

Rush worst to best

Spider4795 says:

I recently listened to all the Talking Heads albums.  I love the energy on ’77.  They feel raw, and hardly contained.  They’re young and ready to take over the world.  It may not be their best album, but it is my favorite of their studio work.Stop Making Sense is in my top 10 favorite albums of all time.  Their live performances are amazing.

Left Hand Does says:

I’ve never been able to have a hipster’s opinion on Talking Heads.  I’ve been listening to them since young childhood, and I’ve always remembered thinking of them as fun, humorous, and making it OK to not be like everyone else, in a cool, confident, rebellious way.  Getting into one’s 20s and qualifying them as artful or relevant seems like a mistake to me.  I know putting an album early on in this list doesn’t mean you hate it, but to me Little Creatures marks Byrne’s gradual, healthy transition from someone who is constantly trying to convey emotion in the acceptable way and fit himself into a normie box, to someone who has accepted himself and gained a love for humanity.  It’s a family album; it’s almost a kids’ album.  I remember when the video for Stay Up Late came out with the band members hanging from those ridiculous bungee things, I was like 6 and I loved it.  But to reiterate – although I was so young, it already seemed rebellious to me.  It already seemed like some kind of alternative to the mainstream.  But it also seemed like it was for me.  I feel like as I’ve gotten further from that age, my music taste has just gotten worse, as I continue to care more and more about things like whether the music is challenging enough, or whether the artist has earned the right to be emotional through hardship, or whether it is listened to / not listened to by certain groups of people, or whether it is easy to explain why I like it.  Speaking in Tongues is my clear favorite of theirs, and it’s all about the music. It’s just plain good.

jdwelborn says:

100% agree with this list, would always suggest ‘The Name of the Band is Talking Heads’ as someones first listen…

Connor stipe says:

Worst to best: Prince (1978-1991 material) what are you waiting for???

Nicholas Hillyer says:

Could you do Iggy pop/the stooges worst to best? That would be interesting. Include more power.

Brenden Mongrain says:

1: 77 – Their most fun album to listen to, witty interesting lyrics and that debut album pureness factor
2: Remain In Light – Haunting, insightful, thought provoking, moody, grim, futuristic etc. Incredible album but alot to swallow
3: Fear Of Music – A lighter version of what is yet to come, bad songs are bad, great vocal melodies and thick with ideas
4: Speaking In Tongues: Would be their most fun album if not for the dragging B side though TMBTP(NM) is #1 TH song
5: More songs: Some songs are forgettable, lost some magic from 77. Learning to expand ideas, has some fantastic songs tho
6: True Stories: B side better than Speaking in tongues B side, A side terribly boring, had potential, love B side
7: Little Creatures: First and last song are great, the rest is a slog
8: Naked: Should’ve written songs more like Sax and Violins. Nothing But is pretty good but that’s it.

Maggie Osterberg says:

I’d say the list is in the perfect order, but I’d have to add the live albums in there, with “Stop Making Sense” at #2 and “The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads” at #1. As you said, those live albums’ re-imagining of so many songs lifts them up above the studio albums. “The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads” gets the number one spot, thanks to shining a light on what the original quartet could really do with the material and for the incredible machine that is The Big Band, with everyone from Adrian Belew, Steve Scales, Busta Smith, Nona Hendrix, and Bernie Worell working at the top of their talents.

TheHalliday123456789 says:

Melon Heads

MrTomFung says:

I have watched my “Stop Making Sense” DVD at least once every month for the last 3 years.

Angelo M. R. says:

Not even one mention of This Must be the Place (Naive Melody), I’m sad… (Great video, tho)

Reidak12 says:

XTC worst to best!

rvm2112 says:

Love The Evens album over your left shoulder there.

tiktaktrack says:

The key of the TH’s sound is Byrn’s personality. The first time I saw him walking, moving, talking I knew it immidiately he is autistic! People with autism are very often extremily creative! Thats why TH sound weird, strange or just different. The first time I saw an interwiew with Mike Oldfield I new it: this guy is autistic, which explains to me why “Tubular bells” sounds the way it does. Another artist with extremely big creativity is certenly David Bowie who admits in an interwiew that he is “hyper active” that would put him in the ADHD spectrum.

autopia says:

stop saying “cut”, tres annoying

jim jim says:

Such a slut

Tyler C says:

hey dawg you should do The B-52’s next

JTRevs says:

Pearl Jam: Worst to Best

Roberto Munoz says:

Little creature is amazing grrrrrr

wilfred Eden says:

ween best to worst pleeeeeease

Katie Beaton says:

Pink Floyd: worst to best PLEASE

Ed Wagemann says:

This guy understands talking heads pretty well. I basically agree with his list. This video could have used some musical snippets from the albums and some graphics here and there.

MyAneurysm says:

Converge: Worst To Best

Ali Mansour says:

Can we get a worst to best of modest mouse?

Pawnsicle says:

I’m genuinely surprised Beatles worst to best hasn’t happened

Guy Wyrag says:

For me, I would choose Speaking In Tongues as my number 1 favorite and Remain In Light as number 2. I was three years old when my dad first played Speaking In Tongues for me and I immediately loved it and has been my all time favorite album ever since!

fraser mulliner says:

Need a Bowie worst to best !!

Hammer An Anvil says:

Naked is m my favourite talking heads album lol

McGrape says:

Primus: Worst to Best

Samus Aran says:


TheHalliday123456789 says:

Do a Bob Dylan Worst to Best

tucker !!! says:

gorillaz worst to best?

TheGreenGamer says:

Do a Sonic Youth Worst to Best

Guido Montini says:

Do Nick Cave, PJ Harvey or Blur

Ranma says:

Do David Bowie, King Crimson or The Doors next

Nomadic Jaws says:

Tom Waits Worst to Best

spicyboi2000 boi says:

the smiths
4 albums. short and sweet

Stephen Vesecky says:

Thanks for this video! I love talking heads and remember riding my bike to tower records and buying up all their albums when i was in 8th grade. “Fear of Music” is my favorite, since the mentality was so different from pleasant/bland california, where i grew up.

Bocan 2210 says:

Three 6 mafia worst to best

Jake Carris says:

The smiths worst to best???

mattyhodg1 says:

Worst to best: GENESIS. For the love of GOD.

Steven mcgregger says:

Do David Bowie worst to best

Doren Garcia says:

I agree 8 -1 exactly. Do Cardiacs or Major Parkinson… naw… impossible.

GMAP APP says:

wait until he finds out you not Chinese and your not smart….the tongue will give it away in the end.

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