Taylor Swift – Reputation ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tmd-ClpJxA&ab_channel=TaylorSwiftVEVO

Reputation focuses more on the pop star narrative than it does actual pop songs.

More pop reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP4CSgl7K7oqibt_5oDPppWxQ0iaxyyeq

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


fredrik blomqvist says:

862 dislikes are from the whiny first world little hoes

Flynn Papandrea says:

Hamthony Samtanowich

Ismael Figueroa says:

looking slim fantano. i hope you’re doing well

Kirsten Neville says:

the word “nagging” has a misogynistic connotation.

MexicanJoas says:

Review syre please!!

Madeline B says:

Worst album from Taylor. Every song sounds the same. “I’m a bad girl, I drink, I party, and I have sex. And I love it when people obsess over me.” That sums up the album in one sentence.

potlovingchef14 says:

Kim kardastion can make a song call uppty bitch

Ft kanya west

CrongGamer says:

Why is DEVO in the background?

Maxxin says:

How havent you done a review for Beach House 3 one of the better albums of the year and no review

jdgonzo1982 says:

so you do review these shit records for views?!?!!! why on earth would you even waste your time listening to this when you clearly have better tastes in music?? honestly…what is the fucking point in reviewing this shit !!!!!!!!??????!!!!! You are so confusing in your approach…who are you?!?!?

Maxime Tirol says:

1989 < E•MO•TION

Nolan LastName says:

This album was designed to make soccer moms think they’re listening to edgy, weird, and expiremental music despite how safe its sound really is.

Isaiah Audelo says:

So King Krule and Taylor Swift have matching scores somehow.

Grindcore Racer 67 says:

It’s amazing you thought “…Ready For It” was a bad track when, “Look What You Made Me Do” is suicide inducing.

Problematist says:

*Strong 4/5* Reputation. Accross the nation.

Jack Wathan says:

Still no trail by fire by Yelawolf

Aaron Echols says:

thatistheplan is leaking into theneedledrop. Soon the levees will break unleashing the great surge of Meme® content upon us. What a glorious day this shall be.

EPICAN says:


Elliot Wilmo says:

Taylor should hook up with Cal.

Taco Taco says:

that little character with the moustache is embarrassing. Big points for that. I love you. You cuck ass fuck. You’re a shining star and I agree with your reviews like almost mostly all the time. also, fuck your glasses… they look cute on you you bitch ass.

Walid Sulaiman says:

so is anyone gonna explain how a melon is reviewing tay tays album?

Adam Tibbetts says:

I agree somewhat but i did like several tracks as far as the sound goes, it is very pleasant to the ears…1989 was garbage. I felt this was a fair review. I am a fairly big Swifty yet don’t think that alone drives me to respond to this review but I disagree heavily with the lyricism and the production commentary…I mean the production seems very good to me…especially when we are discussing pop music of the now. Some of the points you make are spot on but some you beat down to the point that your point almost seems dead in the water.

Popcorn Sutton says:

I can’t listen to the “Look What You Made Me Do” chorus without immediately thinking of Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away

Ben Fairbrother says:

I genuinely like the chorus of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. Reminds me of Peaches’ ‘F*** the Pain Away’.

year0001 says:

a fucking 2 in my opinion shits trash

Frankie Blaus says:

you have fully put TayTay on par with Jaden Smith. I thoroughly disagree.

Em Anderson says:

I’ve watched a few of these videos regarding the reputation album and I am not a Swifty in any definition of the word and I can’t standKanye West or Kime Kardashian I will actively turn them off but what upsets me about these YouTube videos regarding his reputation now is writing off what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift especially as some lyric that should’ve been forgotten about becauseNo one really remembers the lyric I don’t remember lyric something about bitchiness but what upsets me is the naked video bit and the YouTube blog is completely write this off and this is sexual harassment do you even realise that no she wasn’t in the video but it was put train her like this and that’s disgusting how would you like to be forever put trade on the Internet as a naked bimbo. And as much as people Taylor Swift off for being over zealous in suing people I personally haven’t come across that I wonder if repeating her off after all isn’t open obviously good public city and also what the white guy was really upsetting and I would be suing over that as well I wouldn’t have been related to that so I do wonder if people just see the headline or actually investigate before spouting off on these videos because the lyric about being a bitch she is in brace that I don’t think anybody cares I don’t care about being traded naked in bed with Kanye West he’s dick head Kim Kardashian is awful but I would be upset I’m not putting very mildly

kvng mulatto says:

I thought I was the only one who thought “ready for it” sounded like a knock off “Yeezus” song

FathrGodSun says:

Taylor Skimp

Big Surge says:

The drama queen of all drama queens. Fuck off Taylor Swift. We’re bored of your narrative. You have nothing deeper to offer. You’re a spectacle and nothing else. An empty show. You need more actual life experience. Your break ups are boring because they’re so common.

create apassword says:

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Max Fernandes says:


narmaK says:

This song is 15/15 not one bad song

Landon Mace says:

taylor deserved about a 12 so yeah fake news i guess

Peter Pires says:

Do the Sonder Son record!

Charley Damon says:

taylor swift paints herself as a victim, surprise

Ryan Rothweiler says:

You’ll never be shit duck! You’re just like your father!

hawbster says:

Do Spyro the Dragon soundtrack by Sting

Alcaeus89 says:

you’re a public figure, Taytay. Criticism and haters come with the territory, as do admirers and obsessors.

Nebjameme Fiveham says:

Gosh darn haterz!!!?? Listen to some real review$ not this meanie bald head. Every1 knows taylor make best album of the last deckade.

Neutron Sound says:

If only he’d give this a NOT GOOD…

icedwhite mocha says:

This is one of her worse albums tbh.

Melvin Slog says:

Is Taylor going for a Jane Doe knock off cover?

Cryosardonic says:

A not-chorus? More like a dis-chorus amirite

The Liverpool Dreamer says:

Great review. Wow man. I wish I was famous so you would review me too 😉

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