Teens React To Top 10 Albums of 2018

Top 10 Albums of 2018 ranked by Teens. Original links below.
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Teens rank the top 10 albums of 2018. Watch to see their reactions.

Content Featured:
Taylor Swift


Post Malone

The Greatest Showman

Ed Sheeran

Cardi B

Travis Scott



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Reactors Featured:
Dylan, age 17
Jaxon, age 15
John, age 16
Jordan, age 17
Krischelle, age 14
Lydon, age 16
Mikaela, age 19
Moises, age 18

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Teens React To Top 10 Albums of 2018


Nation's Pride, BTS. says:

lmao how did bts not make it on here

Emily Buchner says:

6:48 nope hugh jackman take one for the auzzies

RaNdOm JELLY says:

Didn’t think about Europe with greatest showman

ana dos santos says:

this list-exists

TK_ Marcel says:

My fav album is ?

AshleyEquestrian says:

my favourite album was trench

Ryan Florida says:

Astroworld is the real #1

Rebecca 05 says:

Where’s a BTS album

BomDiMik says:

ASTROWORLD is the greatest album in the history of music in my opininon

Terri Barrett says:

8 points

Chou Yang says:

Yall underestimate the power of musical songs gtfo

strange girl says:


MC Jacob Gunga says:

anyone else notice that Dummy Boy is missing..? or am I the only one.

TheJacob Redmond says:

Eminem Kamikaze?

AmyASMR :3 says:

What happens to Ari? 🙁

Menzeta says:

im sorry.. did she really just say “brazy” with a serious face?

Jaime Villalpando says:

1:15 of course you think it was a good album

ETG _ says:

No Carter 5 or Dummy boy

Aime Bita says:

Barbie dreams, kod, and kamikaze. No debate.

Nation's Pride, BTS. says:

this must be based on streams cause bts’ live yourself series was one of the highest selling albums of 2018 lol

Saul Gonzalez says:

“?” was the best

Cdub21 says:

How did the greatest showman beat KOD

Elmo G35 says:

Dummy boy, carter 5, rolling papers 2 aren’t on here? Wow

Roxy Xi Luo says:

internet is not only for teens duh

Christina Perry says:

Technically the greatest showman soundtrack came out last December but got a lot bigger this year but best soundtrack in my opinion

Daddy 76 says:

Drake number nothing

Everyday Emery says:

My dance studio is doing The Greatest Showmen as our extended line witch is a 50+ jazz group

Moisa J Wroy says:

The Greatest Showman was AMAZING!

Ummy Lauryn says:

My favorite was love yourself series-bts and bloom-Troye sivan

Andrew Nguyen says:

Where skins

Kasia says:

astroworld was crap

Julio Vazquez says:

This is bs

Menzeta says:

we need some rock n roll man

reckless shark says:

Weres eminem kamikaze

Kyle Leask says:

Rap Music Is better than Pop Music I still like to listen to pop music but Rap music is still better

Jonathan Appleseed says:

9:19 Lmao

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