The best new album of the year so far…

Shannon in Nashville is a killer album, and that’s not just my opinion, check out the Pitchfork review,


Eli Barbie says:

The only thing this ryno have in common with Adele is her weight… The album sucks…

keeferdog says:

I AM an audiophiliac subscriber. Is it bad when you recognize and then realize, you’ve seen the hosts wardrobe before? In this case, the umm green? and white long sleeve shirt. Please comment in the section below. I AM an
audiophiliac subscriber….

salmonline says:

Nah… this is the kind of crap produced in the 70s that made me hate “country music” in the first place.

Darth Durkel says:

Pretty solid recommendation! It definitely has a “live” quality to it.
Another album I listened to last night that many here may be familiar with is ‘Yes’ by MORPHINE.
That one also has the vibe of musicians playing in a room at the same time. It’s also very unprocessed and an impressive credit to minimalism.

TheMaestro335 says:

Listened to a couple of cuts on Tidal. Way to much digital reverb on the singer as well as the overall sound. Sounds a little hot in the highs as well. I agree the music was good but the sound prevented me from enjoying the album.

Malachi Lui says:

Best album of the year so far? You forgot Jack White, Death Grips, Father John Misty, Kanye West, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, and the record that holds the sound of people eagerly anticipating the 50th Anniversary White Album box set.

SAINT 65 says:

Disagree; just listened to “Golden Frames” & IMO the music does overwhelm her vocal near the end.
Great to focus on the music tho; all to much audiophiles get hung up on the equipment.

ThinkingBetter says:

Just decided to get this record based on this video. It’s ok but when I heard the first song “Golden Frames” I immediately concluded that Shannon must have some health issue in the way she is breathing loud. Not all of her songs are equally having that issue. Her voice is great for the genre however. Audio fidelity is so so.

frank bernardi says:

Totally twee with a taste of country ‘n’ western. One thinks to the english movement known as C86… Does anybody remember that not so lucky season? Many years have passed and in the middle we had a lot of phenomema. Like Winehouse, of course. Shannon reminds us of her and with no doubt she remembers well the too fragile Amy’s lessons…

VonSeux says:

This sounds a lot like Jack White’s work with Wanda Jackson, exept even more manufactured and unnoriginal. I really don’t get the thril with those faux-retro / revival albums. Sure, I’m posting this based on the video single only, but it gives me zero curiosity to dig deeper

Ron Bernard says:

Just did a quick listen on tidal , I’m going to pick up the album , thanks !

Richard Riley says:

I’m an audiophile but above all I’m a music lover. I buy a lot of records and my favorite category is female vocals. I have ordered this record. Really important to anyone who cares about the quality is who cut the lacquer and where was it pressed. If it was pressed at United I generally will not purchase the record. I have a channel. You might want to check it out.

HouseofRecordsTacoma says:

perfect 10, then bet’cha no op-amps in the food chain.

George Elsasser says:

Thanks I will check it out (cool+++ break from electronics for music) excellent.

Another great woman singer is Shelby Lynne (one of my absolute favorites bar none) if you have not heard her ck her out.
Take a peek at: “identity crisis” “suit yourself” or “just a little lovin” a tribute LP to Dusty Springfield.

William Now says:

Just checked out snippets on iTunes and I really like this….in the same vein as Amy (which is what I like). Thanks much for the heads up on this lp!

hawaiidispenser says:

I love the amount of detail and specificity in your review. I’m streaming the album now on Amazon Music and right on the first track “Golden Frames” I hear that growl in her voice and can feel the emotional power when she hits certain notes. What a great throwback feel. It’s familiar yet new. Besides the artists you mentioned, her voice also reminds me of the band Heart.

Neil Gelowitz says:

Okay, I haven’t heard the vinyl, but listened to the MQA version on Tidal and I struggle with albums like this that are too overproduced and compressed. The music isn’t bad, but the production makes it a difficult listen. The LP may sound better.

itoosh says:

Fantastic album,, Dan Auerbach is my hero

Mike Masztal says:

Not a lot of “Authentic” albums out there. Cowboy Junkies” The Trinity Sessions is another one.

Christopher Doolan says:

Could be a classic.

Astra Oovier says:

I listened to the album on Amazon Unlimited, the epitome of a mainstreaming brand. In opposite to the former productions by Shannon and the clams the new album is overproduced and highly compressed in my opinion. Not so pleasant to listen to. May be, due to my mediocre JBL E 50 BT headphones. For those, who like Nicole Atkins and Imelda May it’s worth trying too. All others stick to the original : Dusty in Springfield, sorry, Memphis.
I’ m still grieving for Amy Winehouse.

Simon Guilmain says:

I would like your opinion on Jean-Michel Blais LP’s II and Dans ma main . He’s a classical pianist and I really like the recording quality from he’s studio. It’s like being in the room with him.

salmonline says:

What about her band?
Shannon and the Clams. Were they any good or did they just get thrown under the bus?

Andreas Landgren says: Shannon is so talented!

tony bentivegna says:

Steve I bought this album today. It does sound like an old record from 60″s wall of sound type style. She has a great voice!

Ser Loin of Lamm says:

Just ordered from Amazon…

Mark Goldsher says:

Way too much voice echo for my taste. I suggest you listen Lucinda Williams to experience musical genius.

blake makison says:

I like this type of review. I will definitely look her up. Maybe start recommending a record more often. Thanks.

Dragan Antonijević says:

Thanks for information and review!

Michael B. says:

Available on Tidal in gorgeous 24/48!

Rob Worgan says:

Hi Steve,

I highly reccomend you check out a local Australian band I love.
Have a look at “The Teskey Brothers” on Youtube. They recorded their whole album on analogue pretty recently, hits right on the money on what you are talking about!

Dinamo says:

Cant remember when I disagreed more with another persons taste about music. 😀
Absolutely no critisism in this rather meaningless statement.
Just a celebration of how cool it is that were all differently wired, and all the good things following that.
Cheers Mr, G, and I wish you an exellent weekend.

Pepper Schnauzer says:

Well Steve, contact Shanon and ask her if you can gives us sample..

Cake Batter says:

No thanks. Still listening to Jazmine Sullivan.

Russ Redfern#16 says:

I like Dan’s music. Black Keys great band. I ldon’t buy CD’s anymore , just records. I prefer their sound over digital.

Greg Snell says:

I listened to a bit of this on Tidal. Then I started up Back To Black MQA version, no comparison. Maybe it’s unfair to compare anything to that album.

StringerNews1 says:

Grüße, wo ist Konrad Benz?

Gabs Michel says:

way too much reverb

Jerry Jazzbo says:

I see a few comments focusing on the sound (“overproduced”, “compressed”, etc.) and saying nothing about the music on the record. This is where i separate myself from the deeper audiophiles. The music comes first, and a good recording is icing on the cake. Nothing wrong with that, either.

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