Tom Waits – Rain Dogs ALBUM REVIEW


Tom Waits’ seminal 1985 album Rain Dogs still stands as one of the most significant moments in his discography.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Constance Quinsson says:

I know these are classic reviews, but I’d still prefer there to be a Fav/Least Fav section in the D-box. Perhaps Anthony could add that part back for the next batch of classic reviews?

OnitsukaTiger82 says:

Listened to this awful crap. 1/10.

thenoosehangsfromheaven S U P P O S E D L Y says:

Got into Tom Waits in sixth grade after watching “the Outsiders”. Playing this greaser that has seen the world one too many times. Only a thirty second cameo. My teacher told me the guy had a music career which I’m still surprised he has the appetite for. The fucking record collection is in the classroom. I remember a lot of 80s dad rock (Police, Dire Straits, Huey Lewis, Foreigner)
Thanks Mr. Hale.

Astaroth says:

Keith Richards plays guitar on “Big Black Marriah.”

DeeJay Bundst says:

Corey Feldman should take the Tom Waits route

Lifeduringwartime says:

A great album! and I know I’ll get crucified for this. But I like Rod Stewart’s version of downtime train better….

Uncle Acid and the Electric Wizard says:

nice death records

billy says:

RAIN dogs was the first tom waits album a ever had…rain dogs(the song) ….i used to cry myself to sleep to

Ginevra Boni says:

best thing you said “he’s all over the place vocally”, that is like always so true.

townley says:

please review nighthawks.

Ryan Muskopf says:

the rhythm guitar on downtown train is played though on overdriven vintage amp with tom’s thumb, literally the least 80s thing thinkable

HAN aan says:

tom waits is my favorite!!!i mean…just listen to he’s voice…

Dépaix says:

dark side of the moon

iamsheep says:

Tom Waits’ best albums: Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs, Bone Machine, Mule Variations….if he’d just made those four albums he’d be one of the greatest ever!

Eric Ball says:

Well…you almost ruined Rain Dogs for me…

vanessa Gonzales says:

Great review of Rain Dogs. Tom Waits = Genius!!!

FungoLingo says:

How can you talk about this album for 16 minutes and NOT mention it is the first time Marc Ribot ever played on a Tom Waits album?

Hugo Ceuz says:

Yeezus, i didn’t know that i have to love all the classics. Seems like i’m going to jail because i really hate the wall, it’s obnoxious

Rain Crow says:

i’ve been listening to this a lot this past week and today i’ve barely stopped myself from dancing to singapore in the grocery store while buying cereal.

Oliy says:

Just bought myself this on vinyl so fucking happy this album is so insanely good.

GT3 Shredz says:

This album sounds like willy wonka 0/10

Benjamin Smith says:

Solid review. Tom is something like an actor doing a play in each song. And this is the first of the “junkyard orchestra” albums. My favorite album of his is “Alice.”

RobertDoosh says:

reviewing both raindogs AND chocolate and cheese in one week? very nice.

Andres Moreno says:

Best to worst is what Tom Waits at least deserves.

Ryan Muskopf says:

there aren’t any synths on cemetery polka you idiot

Richard McPhillips says:

I don’t really think singapore is literally about singapore, i think he’s using it as a metaphor for the abandon of travel, specifically here in the context of naughty boys, merchant sailors.. he mentions paris, a moorish woman, italy, etc…

to me the song is kind of like a revisit of the title track from ‘foreign affair’, or ‘share leave’ from swordfish trombones, from from a different perspective..

King Doomfist says:

If you say anything bad, I’ll sick a cursed, one-armed circus performer on your family’s coal mine.

multum profecto impietatis says:

There is no way that Anywhere I Lay My Head is meant as an honestly warm goodbye. It comes across much more as something sung from the perspective of a delusional tramp who’s lost everything and is desperately trying to convince himself that his place in life hasn’t hit rock bottom

If the world is upside down and your pockets are filled up with gold then that gold probably isn’t going to stay with you very long after your inebriation wears off

Angelo Macirella says:

That’s a damn good review.

RainCityBlues says:

We are all entitled to our opinion when it comes to art, but I don’t know how you couldn’t appreciate “downtown train” on this album. Yes, it is a bit more “produced” and traditional for Waits, but it is a really well written song! It adds to the sheer versatility of the album as a whole, IMO.

kfmccaffrey says:

This is one of my top 5 albums of all time.

Ryan Busse says:

Tom knows how to hit ya in the feels when he wants to my man

1337Kupo says:


Lars Hansen says:

As a comment on your very accurate review, I would like to add, that the clunky, more raw and stumbelin sound and feel, that´s on the album, is already apparent on “Heartattck and wine”. He is still in his old barflypersona, but at the same time the titletrack is showing, where he will be going on the next two albums…..

Motorsagmannen says:

also worth noting that parts of this album was the soundtrack to the Jim Jarmusch film “Down by Law” from 1986, where Tom acted a major role.
in any case “Rain Dogs” is my favourite Tom Waits album by far and has a lot of my favourite songs by him.

Neel 2000 says:

Cal: For what?
Anthony : What?
Cal: What he waits for?

Remember from the Hopsin and Joanna Newsom review?

Leo OD says:

I could listen to Anthony saying clap hands all day

dcboysen says:

Down town train sounds like a Bruce Springstein number, that’s where the oddity is. It’s so odd in the whole of raindogs

roldixon says:

Where is my “The Black Rider” shout out?

vpitool says:

Why do you put those stupid max headroom edits in your videos? Its distracting and ridiculous.

Arnie Slab says:

I thought you were gonna shit on Tom but you came around and followed him up the road, great review!

Pootz Pootz says:

I’ve known every word to every song off of this album since I was 15, for better or worse.

DeadbrainLives says:

One of my favorite albums.

Luca Dressler says:

Whats the rating???

Joe Lewis says:

Best. Album. Ever.

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