Top 10 BEST & WORST Album Covers of 2018

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What year end list have I not done before? ALBUM COVERS. Not only will I count down the Top 10 Best Album Covers of 2018, I’ll also be sharing my picks for the Top 10 WORST of the year (I had a lot to choose from there)

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Veronica Borowik says:

Okay but blessthefall’s album is also a rip-off of The Griswolds’ album ‘Be Impressive’ … they really need to hire an original album designer hah

kaiokendo says:

thank you for kill minimalistic thrash

Matija Kovačević says:

Rodeo artwork >>>> Astroworld artwork

Mitako ぐヌ says:

I swear if KIDS SEE GHOSTS isn’t no 1… I’ll heck you up, John

MyNameIsJeff 2621 says:

What about the lifes a trip album cover?

LisV :3 says:

The 30stm one is such a shame because they used to be a good band

Beebo! At the Disco says:

Hell yes, Muse

Soundtracks for the Animals over The Devil And God says:

Best album covers: You Won’t Get What You Want – Daughters (AOTY by the way), Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts, 7 – Beach House, Wide Awake – Parquet Courts
Worst album covers: Total Xanarchy, Dummy Boy

Animated Me says:

this video is really good for the cheaters in the room who skip a lot in your videos xD

The Nerd Talk says:

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships has a horrible cover

Mr. U says:


LisV :3 says:

I actually like the cover for Attention Attention. I like the simplicity.

Matan Kesselman says:

Muse’s simulation theory has a very good album cover.

Edit: OMG thank you so much for the heart, it’s my first one ever.

By the way, I wrote the comment as a prediction, not actually knowing that it would come in at number 1!

BorealNerd says:

*coughs* Glory Sound Prep..? *coughs*

J.M. says:

Did not expect BrockHampton to be in the worst covers, don’t do em like that John lol

LeanneGC101 says:

The 1975’s worst album has the world album art ever. Wow it’s a match

EL12 says:

I really like the cover for “glory sound prep” for me it’s album cover of the year

Dror Weininger says:

17:10 That was the first thing I thought about when I saw this album cover

Ana Rivera says:

As a graphic designer, I totally get what the 1975 was getting at. The themes of the album work perfectly with the whole campaign making it look cold, robotic, almost disconnected, which I can relate to the songs and modernity, the posters were my absolute favorite with the choice of only using typography to create such dynamic compositions.

Noxicer says:

Since you put the daylight version of Travis Scott’s Astroworld on the best list, What do you think about the midnight version?

MsPrettyLate says:

Please review Meg Myers’ album ‘Take Me To The Disco’.

Eli Hintz says:

Nice Mouse Rat shirt!

Sariah Little Dreamer says:

The muse one looks like ready player one

NDR3 says:

Kids see ghosts should’ve been in the 10 best album covers list.

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