Top 5 Songs From Eminem’s Kamikaze

Top 5 Songs From Eminem’s Kamikaze
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Slim Shady’s back! On August 31st, 2018, Eminem dropped a new surprise album, and it is fire. WatchMojo ranks the top songs from Eminem’s Kamikaze.

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Nick Leaming says:

Bandwagoner!! Anything for views I guess right?? ?

Jared Quirk says:

5. Not alike
4. Stepping stones
3. Lucky you
2. Fall
1. The ringer

the dude says:

Lol he is so good he gets a list of top 5 list of not his career but a album

JhanzCadz says:

for me Fall is the best track in this album

prashant sandhu says:

stepping stone reminds me of 2002 Eminem

Ratan Tungi says:

this is a copy video….same video i saw jst 2 days back

mockingbird 11 says:


Office Chair says:

Revival wasn’t a bad album it was just below expectations .. And people were disappointed .. But with Kamikaze he exceeded everything . This album came out of nowhere and fucking delivered . Eminem is all over social media now . I love it . Only things I didn’t like were the songs 11 and 12 Nice guy and Good guy … They were both out of place. But the rest of the album was fire .
I can’t make a top 5 because other than the two I mentioned (Definitely not in the top 5) and Stepping Stone / The ringer (1 and 2 just I don’t know the order) Everything else takes positions 3,4,5 . It’s just impossible .

Danik Ibragimov says:

really good albom

inteNsifyCharts says:

Where is lucky you lmao

Michael Holly says:

They were all pretty good except Nice Guy. That was a shit song, up there with Fack in terms of cringiness. Loved the album though, a major step up from Revival.

Aaron Palou says:

789 dislikes are from 789 Mumble Rapper Fans.

Ankit roy says:

Lucky you already hitting the top in spotify

niksack says:

I listen to the album without skipping. Definitely best album of the year. Other critic just jealous.

AshuPirateKing says:

Top 5 anime deaths

Ankit Punia says:

Lucky you is best track in album. You made a mistake mojo.

shalev guttman says:

Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas???

Myth gaming says:

where is kamakazi song it self

Rahul Nema says:

I thought ringer was the 1st and lucky you was the 2nd…and it should have been…lucky you should have been on this list

Danik Ibragimov says:

2:50 it is not fall lol) its a kamikaze

Kirahwi YT says:

2.Eminem songs
1.Lucky you

Info n Tech says:

2nd lucky you
1st. ringer

Berk Nigdeli says:

Fall is the best track on the album. Come on now?

_bbguns says:

lucky you is a hit. Joyner the future

Zane Yanas says:

Fuck MGK

あかし says:

Where is lucky you?

Advaith Nair says:

The best is ‘lucky you’

J-Fang Freddy-speaks says:


Jacob Allen says:

I love venom can’t wait to see the film

Yo Bro says:

Banger album

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