Travis Scott & Quavo – Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho ALBUM REVIEW


Huncho Jack is a collaboration between two of the hottest rappers out right now, but the end result is a bit too predictable and uniform.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Angelo Gerpel says:

Garbage, even compared to DBR. Makes me think that we’ll never get smt like Rodeo again.

Jonathan Buckley says:

review dedication 6 lil wayne

Mike Walters says:

This album sounds like it was thrown together in a weekend.

Aaron Chris says:

Great video.

ok_brandon98 says:

The album art looks like something from “scary stories to tell in the dark”

Donnie Willis says:

This tape was way too fucking repetitive and was pretty disappointing because of it

T Blac says:

MELON WE HAVE THE SAME OPINION! Same review as a Travis Scott fan THANK YOU SIR!

BlueT123 says:

What is the lore? Who tf is huncho jack?

sirpsychosexy says:

THAT WASNT A MAC DEMARCO SAMPLE it was from the Shigeo Sekito song “The Word II” which Mac Demarco copied the riff from

Josh Gordon's Plug says:

Best man high key my favorite song on the tape

Caleb Dickinson-Cove says:

I feel like this album would be way better if it released after rodeo, but now Travis has totally eclipsed quavo on skill level and quavo holds this album back a bit. It’s still good tho

Spen says:

Lowkey really fuck with this album, it all sounds really the same, which is great for me cuz I love this sound. Maybe a little too much quavo tho.

Also that track with the Offset feature was really dope

jayzdrew7 says:

Idk how this album is trash to some people

Code says:

Seethroughthny Shirtano

Cade Glenn says:

This was a cool video, but beating your black slaves on camera was just too much

Dakotah Cox says:

When it was announced the first thing i said was “this is gonna be some fuckin stoner music” and it was. You ever listen to Moon Rock high as shit? It’s fucking amazing. It’s almost necessary to listen to this high to get the full effect

Its JoeMama says:

I have that same shirt, Melon. gg

The Last Ugandan Warrior says:

You can’t put 2 singing rappers on one album on every song, doesn’t work.

Kone dib says:

I just view ur videos bc they appear on my timeline and i downvote them

Nick Anocibar says:

id give a 3

xXxIronicName420xXx says:

Gave it a listen, loved it (I’m a big fan of Travis’s sound, and love pretty much anything that’s coming out of Atlanta these days so I’m exactly the demographic for the album). As you mentioned, that “Dubai shit, Dubai whips” hook is really fucking good, gets you going with the vibe hard.
I didn’t like the beginning of the first song though, Quavo’s autotune felt way too harsh on the sample, which was then pretty brutally turned into a trap beat. Other than that, a great album for me

P.A. Kramer says:

“How u feel” doesn’t sample Mac Demarco. They both sample “ザワード II” by Shigeo Sekito.

Calico Jack says:

Add to reasons i unsubscribed. sound like you were gonna give it 3 youre inconsistent in one video

Aaron White says:

Question is will migos fans blame travi$ if the record doesn’t do well. Haha jk this is just good branding period!

Trevor Moyer says:

Nice shirt

Matt Nash says:

I actually agree with you here dawg, not much substance to this album, but good to vibe to if you’re distracted by something else. IMO Quavo was a little too overbearing. That being said, Black & Chinese slaps.

NietzscheResurrected says:

Please don’t wear that shirt again, love pac-man, don’t hate tie-dye, but the green is messing with me.

Phillip Fries says:

flacko jack, jack flacko

Z. Omari says:

When you realize that this album got the same rating as MBDTF

Shinji Ikari says:

Lovin’ that Homework LP there, bud.

Jared Eprem says:

Tony, I understand that this album did not live up to your expectations, but commanding both of these men to “return to the field” follow by a racial slur does not help you prove your point

Rebecca Row says:

Da$H! Review Da$H!!!! He’s incredible.

ilikespacedinosaurs says:

It wasn’t a Mac Demarco sample, it was a Shigeo Sekito sample that Mac Demarco interpolated

APID_ xReaper says:

Saint Laurent mask yeah !!!!!!!

Storm Sears says:

Quavo really ruined the project. Like, badly.

theneedledrop says:

forgot travis is based in the west coast rn. my bad.

martin lucero says:

I thought that the album cover was just a meme or something when I saw this on instagram

5002 SEVEN says:

Dalek Huncho. Huncho Dalek.

martin lucero says:

New shelf. Who did??

Matthew Thompson says:

Huncho jack jack huncho > damn.

Brian M says:

I thought Travis was based in Houston

HUGO G says:

I like the samples on how u feel and where u from but that’s it.

Peter Ortiz says:

Waiting for that eminem Lil pump mixtape

James P says:

what happened to classics week?

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