Trench Album Review! Trench Is Their Best Album? Comparison With Older Music! (Twenty One Pilots)

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Ac Gardener says:

The reason you presented as facts is cuz its straight facts..i don’t disagree with one iota of your opinionation..& ya, i’m making words, REAL words..
Thank you for presenting my first thoughts on this album so eloquently..i will check back with you for any further impressions i may have after the obsessive listening session i am embarking upon well, lov, suki

misssammy b says:

amazin !!!

Nicolas Bourbaki says:

I love pet cheetah. Because it’s about me 😉

Даник Иванов says:

my personal favorite is Morph. Can’t get enough of this song, chorus is making me crazy

Twenty One Trench Memes says:

I loved the new album, i like that Tyler didn’t scream in the rest because its just usually so predictable and he’s been doing it for years and over time it just gets old.

Jarebear Johnson says:

Hey, I just wanted to say that I agree with a lot of what you said, Trench is by far one of their best albums in my opinion, my personal favorites are morph and chlorine, but all of the other songs are just amazing and I can’t wait to see the videos that go along with them, especially for songs like cut my lip and Bandito, anyway that’s just my opinion. Keep making videos Shaye, they’re great!! Stay alive my friend ||-//

Joni says:

Am I the only one who didn’t liked Chlorine?

Swøsels says:

I love it. The only thing I miss is Tylers Screaming and rapping.

Snorfleglitz says:

I know that I am probably the only one who thinks this, but LEGEND is my favourite song at first listen.

Twenty One Trench Memes says:

P.S. My 3 favorite songs are
1. Cut My Lip
2. Smithereens
3. Leave The City

123It'sMeBri says:

THANK YOU FOR NOTICING THAT NEON GRAVESTONES SOUNDS LIKE AN OLD TØP SONG/ TYLER JOSEPH SONG!!! Seriously!! Nobody has said anything about that! But, everytime I hear it I want to start rapping “Blasphemy”!!!

Baker Playz says:

When you get 0 dislikes

anonymus says:

The only opinion of yours I disagree with is that the screaming part in Goner isn’t worth the wait… 😀 For me, that build-up is just perfect. Goner is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard I think

Jack Carey says:

Clique’s most worrying date right now: June 29, 2019

Anonymous Being says:

I love Trench so much! I’ve literally just been listening to it on repeat all day. My favorites are definitely Morph, Legend, and Neon Gravestones. The whole album is just amazing. I’m really excited to see Leave the City live, it kind of felt like the last part of the song was almost written for him to sing at the end of the shows.

the corbin show says:

Did the strikes get lifted?

Viki VooDoo says:

I really wish there was more ukelele in trench ://
But damn it’s a great album like holy crAp

Flute Løøps says:

My current album ranking:
1) Trench
2) Blurryface
3) Self Titled
4) Vessel
5) Regional at Best

Snorfleglitz says:

Album rank
1. Vessel
3. Regional At Best

I’m sorry blurryface fans

GoodbyeFate776 says:

Its an amazing album

Anthøny Hørne says:

Really enjoying Trench,but I do find there is a little to much Paul in final mixes chlorine/ cut my lip etc , I know he helped produce the album,but I think a little to much mutemath perhaps ????

Darth Sheep says:

Josh harmonises with Tyler in bandito

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