Trivium – THE SIN AND THE SENTENCE Album Review

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Trivium stated that this release is like a “Best-of” album with all new material. Can they break their CKN curse? Will any sins be seen, and what sentence will be rendered?


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brad morris says:

I would love to see a Review of the new Asking Alexandria song/music video “Into The Fire” with Danny Worsnop back

Nick Odom says:

Top 3 tracks: betrayer, tsats, and the heart in your hate.
I have high hopes for their future records if they continue along their current path.

Ruckus Rawson says:

This album was flawless to me. People hated Silence in the Snow simply because it had no screams, which I just don’t get. The clean vocals were amazing through and through.

john holt says:

You remind me of Bill Hicks.

jboomsticks says:

Will you be doing Sons of Apollo??

Miguel Fernandez Millan says:

man, youve been doing this for soo long and still have that shitty sound quality, I just dont get it 🙁

kaboose111 says:

Album has moments where it seems like it’s going to be great, but then stumbles. 6/10. Pick up Ascendancy, Ember, In Waves, and of course…the Mac Daddy of them all…SHOGUN!

Jonathan Gordon says:

Invest in a decent audio setup for the love of god!

SH1TV says:

Being catchy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, love you Endless Night xx

Khairul Anam says:

3:05 vengeance fails?? lmao

Will93 says:

Trivium has always been one of those bands whose work has ranged from meh to decent for me. I’d give Shogun a 68/100 as their best. This album is overall just kind of boring to me. The title track is easily the best song on here, and that’s only because it reminds me of Soilwork. It could easily be a minute and a half shorter, I find it just repeats the exact same phrases over and over again. Lead work and drumming are fantastic though!

Alec Menard says:

I really like it considering it’s the best album they have put out in a long time. Like Eminem’s Marshall Matthers LP 2. It’s a return to form. Trivium I feel is returning to form a little bit.

Mark Fritsche says:

Your reviews are always intriguing, amusing and well articulated.  As a die hard Trivium fan from their early days, I must say you have been quite fair to the band in most of your reviews, allowing them to claw their way back to the level of some of their stronger albums.  In all fairness to the band, you have to credit them for their commitment to experimenting with formulas along the way from which to derive each Trivium album, its own unique album flavor.  Keep up the great work CKN!

Jrocka7x says:

I feel like Syn is was holding himself back on The Stage, but at the same time, I understand what he was going for; a spinny spacey vibe.

fireprince96 says:

I enjoyed this album a lot I still do to this moment. just wish it was longer than 58 minutes.

James Peterson says:

Honestly my issue with your Shogun review you did way back when was more so that you didn’t really dive substantively into reasons why you disliked it very much. At least from what I recall. I was particularly perturbed by that because the vast majority of the time you’re REALLY good at articulating reasons why you don’t like things. That time though left me scratching my head. My personal take is there are so many disgusting riffs and vocal moments and neoclassical touches on that album in addition to great catchy unforgettable melodic motifs and I personally felt, unlike you I think, that the song structures were super dynamic in the ratios of harsh/brutal and clean/melodic and blends of both and they found a formula that worked. I wouldn’t have made the jump to the extreme prog metal I primarily listen to now probably quite as quickly if it weren’t for that record.

But yeah I agree watching this bands evolution is truly fascinating. Also Alex plays in Brain Drill lol so his chops are unmistakable.

I think most of your analysis of this album on the other hand is fucking spot on. I wouldn’t call the opening of Betrayer dark just because it uses extreme metal playing technique though. The melody isn’t terribly dark imo. It gets moreso as the song progresses. But no forreal you definitely nailed this review. I pretty much agree with you on what the best and weakest songs are.

Josh Garatti says:

This album is strong you can say otherwise but this album reminds me of ascendancy I really love it this may be my favorite Trivium album

phil patterson says:

Good album, but consistency to the theme and structure are very important, a few songs feel misplaced. IE- endless night and other worlds, although i do like those songs i just think they don’t belong on this album, then again trivium has always had a mix of themes on their albums which is why i think people have such different views towards the band

Cyclopsius Burped says:

I give it a 24

Josh Garatti says:

I think this album is 25 out of 30 this album will be my favorite of the year I think the first time I listened to it i realized that I liked it because of the fast pace of these songs reminds me of old Trivium

Nathan Bills says:

solid album

Dao Yang says:

Trivium always had great musicians.

From melodic death metal infused metalcore in Ember to Inferno to pure emo metalcore in Ascendancy. Their best sound was always SHOGUN.

SHOGUN is the most unique sounding heavy metal album of all time. It’s not really metalcore, melodic death or thrash (hehe crappy Crusade album). It was a mixture of all things that gave them almost a power metal epic feeling but with the brutality of death metal, black metal, and some thrash.

The balance between shouts, screams, and cleans are what makes this album unique also. It’s the only album in existence that has done all three vocal types consistently without fail. A lot of the songs have sectional riffs too, each with their own purpose:
1. Intro riff
2. Groovy or brutal death metal verse riff
3. Chorus pop riff
4. Bridge riff
5. And solo riffs

Why they ditched that SHOGUN sound is beyond me. SHOGUN is the sound of Trivium. If you listened to that album, it sounds like they took absolute inspiration from themselves.

Then they did in waves, Vengeance falls, and silence in the snow. An album that’s pretty heavy to butt metal to complete radio friendly watered down power metal.

Here’s silence in the snow in a nutshell.

No decent guitar solo
Exclusively clean vocals
One riff, few chords I-iv-v radio friendly cadence

So in my opinion, why is ‘The sin and the sentence’ such a success?
Well it’s because they went back and did what they did with SHOGUN. They put together their best elements and fused it. This time we have a few songs that I would like to consider as love songs (heart from your hate and beauty in the sorrow) but they definitely brought back the brutal death metal riffs, and black metal breakdowns. The occasional harsh vocals, the prominent screams and cleans and the guitar solos are back.

I give this album a 9/10.

Fact Checker says:

Your reviews are awful. You blither on and on without saying anything meaningful.

Satanic News Network says:

“The Revanent”
The Revanchist*

“The Wickedness Inside”
The Wretchedness* Inside

Zenith says:

The Wretchedness Inside was originally ghost written for another band but was never used so they decided to use it, hence why it sounds a bit different 🙂

Aaron Bowtell says:

Thanks for the review good sir m/

Prentice Jones says:

Wow, Betrayer sucks so bad, that opening riff is weak

Josue Ignacio says:

You are trying hard not to like them too much it seems. This album was fucking insane, unbelievably good from top to bottom, and I seem to agree with you in most of your reviews but your opinion about Trivium has always seemed a bit weird to me.

MrRoundthetwist says:

19/30? Used to be I found you would give too high of scores for albums generally it’s just the opposite

lui6link says:

This album was great I wish they’d use 7 strings again

DownFromTheSky89 says:

Yeah you are definitely alone on your opinion on Shogun. Shogun was the apex of their career and will never be topped.

Drew Davis says:

My top 3
1.Sin and the sentence
3.the crusade
I think this is the best album trivium has done, put the most work into, and engaged themselves the most in.

Diego Lima says:

The 19/30 is a perfectly fair score. People got traumatized by Silence being such a downer and now that they released an above average album everyone is freaking out like “omg Shogun 2.0”, and Shogun, this is most definitely NOT. Not even close. It’s still a pretty solid effort and has some amazing specific songs/moments.

Franco Sulfaro says:

This album is great. I wish there were more songs.

Andy Fox says:

Am i the only one who actually liked Silence in the snow? Good album though its grown on me since it came out

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