Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface ALBUM REVIEW


Ohio pop/rap/rock/electronic music duo Twenty One Pilots chases 2013’s breakout Vessel with a series of radio pop and reggae-infused tunes on Blurryface.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


brai says:

i dont like top, but i dont know why I remember a review of you on this album and it had a 9 and also a review on blonde and it had a 6, i think im losing my mind, help

Finlay Sandham says:

The butthurt is strong in the comments section/ dislikes

KaLiterature says:

I personally think Blurryface is their worst album (though their are some stand out hits on there)
Antony is respectable as always, but the worst thing about his video are all the pathetic hater/fan girl fights that go on in the comments.
Both of you people just grow up, opinions are opinions idiots, no reason to hate on someone for having one.

CER3AL C0DEZ says:

edgy emos scratching the dislike button

Martin Huerta says:

Read the lyrics to each song, and imagine that he is Tryin to basically say that all the mainstream music is manipulated to enslave humanity, and he IS DESPERATELY TRYIN YO GET PEOPLE TO “THINK” TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. This guys opinion is what you would expect from your common mentally enslaved individual. 21 pilots are using the satanic mind trap music formula to get people to think for themselves. They are trying to help. WAKE UP EVERYONE. if you understand my comment, then you are the resistance. Spread the word

Ethan Nunnally says:

That moment when a self proclaimed “music nerd” gives lil pump a higher score than twenty one pilots, who actually use musical devices in their songs lol.

Ned Kuczmynda says:

ok just saying, theres something wrong with the fact that this got the same grade as culture II

~Natalie~ says:

My favorite part of twenty one pilots is the lyrics, their self titled album is a perfect example. Thank you for taking the time to review one of my favorite bands 🙂 I will still jam to their songs for now until their next album haha

Just some guy says:

This video is garbage and uninspiring unsu,b bye

Bape Hoodie024 says:

like your shirt

Nathan Solomon says:

PLEASE review Vessel!!!

Soaked Water says:

btw theyre chtistians (this is their worse album, check out self titled and regional at best

sllng glttr fr th plstr says:

I used to be a HUGE top stan but i dont really listen to them anymore. I can NOT call them ANY kind of rock. I’m not very genre focused but I just cant agree with calling it rock. Not heard this album in about 6 months, but its still p okay.

Kaio Zanette says:

yoooo i’m so fucking high rn

Jorge's Channel says:

I’m a big fan of Twenty One Pilots. Anthony had some good points and I respect that. We all have opinions. That’s it. The Clique shouldn’t be insulting people who don’t like TØP, and people who don’t like TØP shouldn’t be insulting the Clique. I don’t know why there’s alot of hate in this comment section. I still like Blurryface.

Ok bye and peace |-/

*Edit: Could you please review TØP’s Self-Titled and Regional At Best*

Emo Quartet Central says:

This album is perfection you fuckwit.

Ford GT says:

I do not agree with this guy but I accept his opinion and his view of the album

TheHølyBeebø!TrinitYee says:

Weird thought, but I get really scared when I watch you react to like, the bands I like and you dislike most of them. It’s kind of making me think that I have a bad music taste? But then again, it is your opinion.

Demonsplaining says:

Anthony calling 21 Pilots raggae “gentrified” is the best thing ever

Racheal Winchester says:


I had to. BTW I do agree with this.

Linkolod says:

I feel as though the fan base has a huge effect on a lot of us, taking it from vaguely interesting, multi-genre pop to a group that disappoints most new listeners for not living up to the quirky, groundbreaking, calmly rebellious genius that they’re hyped up to be

MaxAttak Studios says:

this comment section is cancer in a nutshell

Kawaii Marshmallow says:

Ok, this wasn’t that bad. You aren’t like those kids that says every song sucks for no reason. Obviously I don’t agree but, I’m not mad at you for sharing your opinion

Quinnster P says:

watched him review some of my favorable bands

I’m going to go cry in a corner now

TMMUSIC Studio says:

Okay. You got it all wrong. He doesn’t like the lyrics in pop songs on the radio. He does like the sound. And “The songs on the radio are okay. But my taste in music is your face” wasn’t him saying “Pop music is *just* okay” it was the first pickup line he said to Jenna his wife which the song is about.

Tom Gilltrap says:

If you disliked this video purely because you’re a TØP fan, you’re stupid. Just because you like the band it doesn’t mean you can’t accept criticism and realise some faults that the band has.

SoundCzech says:

Just listen to Jack garratt he’s pretty much doing what TOP is trying to do

WhyAreYouTakingSoLongSanFranscisco says:

about a month ago i said a lot of the things Anthony said were unprofessional but after rewatching it i change my mind i actually think he makes a lot of good points even though I am still a fan of tøp and i respect his opinion

draw time I guess ! says:

I like this album. that’s all I’m gonna say.

Space swag says:

Well if people liked the album let them like it if they didn’t let them not like it i personaly likes it it’s just my opinion if anthony fantano hates it it’s just his opinion don’t get mad over opinions please

Liz says:

I want to see him review No Phun Intended or Regional At Best

sheepishlyliv says:

i don’t particularly like TOP, i feel as they are overrated. if you like the music i will still accept your opinion.

Profanityiscool says:

Dang. Shame you didn’t like it. I don’t even consider myself that big of a fan of the band, but damn if this whole album doesn’t hold a special place in my heart. Songs like Polarize and Message Man instantly bring me back to summer of 2015. I got out of my depression that year, got a job with people I loved, and even met my fiance. Anytime I hear songs from this album I get these really weird flashbacks to different events of that year. 

May not be the greatest album in the world. But it made a connection with me for sure.

Blitzer Games says:

I will agree that Blurryface was more formulaic but they are for a specific genre thats not for everyone, maybe if you want it less formulaic listen to Regional At Best. You were a bit rude and I didn’t at all agree. They aren’t pop. But I mean, no offense, but I kinda disagree completely. I think it’s not pop sugar coated. But I respect your opinion. The beats aren’t for everyone. I’d say they are like coffee. It’s an acquired taste. I’d give it a 7.5 – 10

Jaycee Camerøn says:

I completely respect your opinion. The thing is, you can’t really understand tøp unless you’ve gone through stuff. I mean, if you like them you like them, I’m not hating on anyone in any way.

lyinsroar says:

wow did this buddy boy get dislike bombed just bc he didn’t like it? predictable but ok…

WhateverFløatsYøurSmøøthie says:

You shouldn’t be trusted. YOU DIDN’T EVEN REVIEW GONER!!!!

Tardis Blue says:

“this sounds like it’s for people who like blandly written pop music with just a touch of ADD” pretty much sums up my lil brother who’s obsessed with them lol

TheRoboticGamer says:

dislike I’m not offended but i disliked it

ItsJustMe Llamacorn says:

y’all are dumb af TØP is the best lmao

Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

The opening track is fire. It may blatantly say it’s not rap but it’s closer to rap than anything else on the entire record. Tyler can rap. Facts. And very well too, he has a really good flow

Irineu says:

So he gave the same rate to Blurryface and Migos Culture II, yeah, right…

Lofti says:

as a TOP fan i still kinda have to agree with this. Vessel was a lot better, but even then his criticisms stick to that album as well, but at least it was more consistent with its sound and had better song writing in general. You could tell Tyler was more emotionally invested then versus this ironic attempt to hit mainstream (which was successful).

I guess you could chalk up TOP to be good as long as you’re in the right (or wrong i guess) headspace

Sugarkitty4evzeez says:

4:23 please do not make reference to ADHD, or ADD as you call it, in that way. it circulates a false stereotype that isn’t true in the slightest.

SoundCzech says:

Before I even listen to this. My feel about the album is they are trying really hard to be original by putting a bunch of unoriginal sounds together in a some-what odd way.

Arpit Chhabra says:


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