U2 – Songs of Experience | Album Review

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►My review of legendary rock band U2’s completely underwhelming 13th album “Songs of Experience”. This follows 2014’s “Songs of Innocence”, the album everyone was talking about for all the wrong reasons (the Apple iTunes incident)

“Songs of Experience”
Interscope Records
Release: 12/1/17
Rating: 2.5/5

►Favorite tracks: The Little Things That Give You Away, You’re the Best Thing About Me, Lights of Home, The Showman (Little More Better)

►Least faves: Summer of Love, Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way, American Soul, The Blackout, 13 (There Is a Light)

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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Hayden Oran says:

Dude I’m dying to hear your opinion on the new Aly & AJ EP, Ten Years. Surprisingly really great. Don’t even know if you know about it, but you should most definitely check it out. Love your reviews and this EP is personally one of my favorite releases of the year.

Toon Link says:

I agree with you. It didn’t feel the same

Jason Sillaman says:

This album is great.

Adam G says:

I disagree with you a lot in the video but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. For me it’s their best since achtung baby

Fútbol.pe says:

Can you rank Kids in Love by Kygo?

Heidi Schoening says:

I love the album

Walter Higo says:


MovieMusicMania says:

U2 is probably one of the best bands….. ever, but this was really disappointing. I do however love the last track, Love is Bigger than Anything in its way

Simen Storøy says:

The “American Soul” video is amazing! Love the lyrics, and the Green Day-like lyrics video

Ashwin Ramdas says:

You gotta great taste in music my man. Gonna give the album a listen with tempered expectations.

That Eflat Guy says:

I understand your review of Songs of Experience, however I find this album much more interesting when taken as half of a whole with its predecessor Songs of Innocence. What is interesting is that on the whole I found Songs of Innocence to be the “darker” and more intense album than Experience, which is the exact opposite of William Blake’s collections where Innocence is about the childlike naivete and Experience is about the ruthlessness of the world. I think the intensity of “innocence the album” is a reflection of their growing up in turbulent times in Ireland (along with Bono’s tragic loss of his mother), while experience has softened them a bit as they see they see hope in their relationships with their family and the global community/fandom.

I also have to give more context for “Landlady”. I think you’d appreciate it more if you realized that it’s essentially about Mrs. Hewson (Bono’s wife). Before the band was making it big (yes, many years ago) she was the one supporting him. That’s what the song is about. He tries to make it more relatable to the general audience by being vague in his references, but honestly it seems to only work when you think of his personal connection to it.

I have already revisited this album several times, and I know that I will want to listen to it with its predecessor together soon. I also know that I will continue to come back to this channel for your reviews. Thank you for your hard work!

Mark Davidovic says:

Could you review Weathers?

MrBudkiss1 says:


TheZooropaBaby says:

Ive been U2 fan for a while (like, nearly 10 years?) but this totally killed my fandom.

Spencer Gadoury says:

U2 is my favorite band in the world, and honestly I loved that album…I thought it was a beautiful album with so many amazing songs. Yes, a few of them were pretty bland and not great, but the majority is amazing! My favorite’s are :love is bigger than anything in it’s way, The little things that give you away, and the black out

Olivia Jesolva says:

I agree 100% ESPECIALLY it sounding like Switchfoot I think there are a lot of moments that sound exactly like them

xxx X says:

The Little things that gives you away has made me cry my eyes out

ARTV says:

Apologies for saying “American Dream” when it should be “American Soul”. Had just finished shooting a year end list where I talked about LCD’s “American Dream” right before I shot the U2 review.

Spencer Gervan says:

Gotta love it when kids do reviews. Don’t listen to music to knit pick it. Listen to it for the “experience”

Michael Caruana says:

Definitely their best record since All that you can’t leave behind! Not one weak song on this album! Can’t wait for the new tour!!!!

LoLzZ85 says:

Doesn’t seem to be quite as consistent as SOI and doesn’t gel quite as well….just an initial thought though.

Karim Gamarra says:

Podrían traducirlo al español pleace 😉

George McKenna says:

My favourite U2 album is No Line On the Horizon. Aside from the lyrics, I don’t see what the problem is with it…?

AdventuresOfTheKanFam says:

Hmmm, Red Flag Day is the only thing reminiscent of early U2, And the first song is lovely, but yeah, it’s fairly vanilla.

TheDoming0 says:

Summer of Love and Red Flag Day are probably my favorite songs on the album. Couldn’t disagree with you more.

Julian Carver says:

Good review…Nice to see a young guy putting the album down a little ….because to me it’s a cheesy attempt to remain relevant.

Zeke Holbert says:

It’s the 14th not 13th

Ramon Arellano says:

This album, thought it is not their greatest, it is better than anything out there nowadays.

Simen Storøy says:

The “American Soul” video is amazing! Love the lyrics, and the Green Day-like lyrics video

Adolfo Soriano says:

Estas pendejo acerca de summer of love, putito barato

Turtle is as Turtle Does says:

I came in to this album with extremely low expectation…yet somehow I was still disappointed.

Phil Nielsen says:

Am I the only one hearing “Volcano” in the American Soul chorus?

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