Vinyl Rewind – The Beatles – Abbey Road vinyl album review

This week the Vinyl Geek reviews one of the most iconic and beloved albums by the Beatles, the seminal Abbey Road from 1969 on Apple Records.
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Br Greg says:

Mean Mr Mustard, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window do NOT deserve omission! Sorry

Tom Degan says:

You rock, Vinyl Geek.

wobblinwheel says:

You completely slipped over the best part of the album. You obviously didn’t get it…

Devoleps says:


Br Greg says:

Each verse of Come Together is used to describe a Beatle!

Ratelzwatel says:

Please, also do a review of the album ‘Let It Be’.

Fox McCloud Melee says:

Do one on Let It Be! Please

boyvale says:

I was a 10 year old kid when this came out and I remember just falling in love with side 2. For years I totally ignored side 1, except when my dad would play the whole album. All in all this is my favorite album of all time, Beatles or otherwise.

Osc1llateW1ldly says:

most well known album cover? That would be Sgt. Pepper’s… wouldn’t it?

Sheung Leung says:

“I was in such a hurry to get inside Abbey Road and hear the music, I neglected to snap a photo of the crosswalk outside. So I set my alarm for dawn, leaving time to sneak back to that sacred ground before my flight home. Predictably, I was not the only pilgrim at Abbey Road with that idea. It’s a surprisingly busy street–anyone trying to grooving up slowly in that crosswalk might get holy-rollered by a double-decker bus. There’s an art to getting the photo right–a selfie stick won’t cut it, if you want the whole sidewalk. You need somebody to take your picture from a few feet away and somebody else to keep a lookout for oncoming cars. So the crosswalk is a community full of strangers passing their phones back and forth. A nice lady from Argentina took my photo, in return I took hers. I lingered for a few hours, taking photos I’ll never see, of people whose names I’ll never learn. I felt blessed to share the moment with fellow devotees–the people that come and go, stop and say hello. The outside of Abbey Road turned out to be as spiritually uplifting as the inside.”–Rob Sheffield, Dreaming The Beatles

Daniel Sanchez says:

Nice job painting the ceiling Mike but wouldn’t have been better if you had done it in a nice beige? … You know the more I look at it the more I have begun to appreciate it. By the way, who is the old guy with the white beard?

RecordFocus says:

Nice Video I want to ask what reciever do you use?

Scott Brady says:

me too… my comment will allow me further interpretation.

bobanobajoba says:

Just discovered this channel and I am disgusted by the fact that you only have 32k subs. You deserve so, so many more. Great videos keep up the fantastic work.

Carlos Arias says:

This album struck me so much when I heard it the first time. It’s the most cohesive and polished Beatles album ever. It sounds like The Beatles… but… upgraded. They did things they didn’t even do with Sergeant Pepper. It has some special vibe that makes it unique.

Naz Fride says:


MrCowlick says:

What’s with the Alex Turner hair thingy?

Neal Fox says:

It’s pronounced Moge. Ask Bob.

Kevin Thomas says:

You’re 70’s reciever is great but you need a good Rega turntable. You WILL hear the differnce!

• AllieCatOfficial • says:

You lost me when you said hadn’t listened to the full album through until this review.

Prometheus Rising says:

You didn’t mention The End.

thenoosehangsfromheaven S U P P O S E D L Y says:

Growing up, I’ve only heard “Come Together” and “All My Loving”.
“Something” is probably the greatest love song ever written, still it doesn’t use the word ‘love’.
I was required to sing “Octopus’s Garden” in pre-k. I couldn’t keep a straight face – laughing hysterically. One of the weakest songs of their career … Period.

Beautiful says:

An album I heard all of my life and still deeply enjoy.

triple785 srt says:

What a well-crafted video! Glad I discovered this channel

sveiinnordal says:

Narcissist. It took the suit and tie five minutes to come to the first track – come together.

Ricard Obligatoire says:

Great video! The original UK pressing is the best in my opinion. I have the one with 2U stamper and it sounds fantastic! I also have the MFSL pressing which has a boosted bass and treble and sounds very unnatural. The 2012 is digitally remastered and I would personally avoid it. Keep up the great work, cannot wait for another video from you!!!

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