Weezer’s Blue Album Is Better Than Pinkerton

Weezer’s debut is unquestionably their best album–even better than the sophomore album some fans assert as being superior. Here’s why.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


I Care Because You Don't! says:

Did Anthony just low key classic reviewed the Blue Album?

Sweet Skys says:

Melon man is wrong yet again

Elton Webb says:

White Album is better than Pinkerton

andrew vincent says:

The ONLY album I like of weezer is the blue album. It had been out two months before picking it up at Straberries music shop in (august of) 1994. It was, I think, on sale, and was going for $13.

Travis Lang says:

Opinions can’t be wrong so in MY opinion, unlike yours, Pinkerton > Blue album. You are an idiot.

Philip J. Fry says:

bitch please raditude is better!

Gabriel Theis says:

While I hear what you’re saying, I can’t say that I agree that Pinkerton has no “confidence”. It took a lot of guts to release El Scorcho as a lead single, and I certainly can’t think of any other band which would do that.

Ziamangry says:

Pinkerton > blue sorry bald cuck

Ethansics says:

goddamn you half japanese girls

Caleb Carlin says:

I grew up with Pinkerton, but I love both

Dave McKay says:

No. It’s. Not.

himynameiscalvin says:

there are 2 albums that are better than Pinkerton by a LONGSHOT

Michael Edwards says:

I don’t know. Pinkerton is just a more addictive album to me. Both are great, but Pinkerton has that pull to it that reels me back in better than Blue.

Caden Carson says:

Well, at least someone agrees on this topic.

Alex Torres says:

Love the blue album opinions, fucking hate the pinkerton opinions, especially when he shat on el scorcho, that song is an actual masterpiece

fullmetal5animes says:

Fake news

Liam Foskett says:

Funny, when u mentioned Pink Triangle, I interpreted it a lot more positively. Part of it is me relating on a weirdly accurate level, but more of it is the genuine strife yet goofy demeanor of the song. The whole thing comes off as an “Ah well, shits’ life” in a good way. Even that line is kinda nuanced to me

It's Quodo says:

no its not

Lisa Zoria says:

Wat about the Rentals?

Dr. Feelgood says:

yes- blue is better

Thomas L says:

I’m so no matter what our opinions are, we can all agree…

At least neither of these are Rattitude.

superjeffgoldblum says:

I like Pinkerton more, but this is my opinion and I still enjoyed the video, and I do believe that the instrumentals on the blue album were better, but there are so many great lyrical segments, not including that segment from Pink Triangle( fun fact: the pink triangle was actually used to identify males in concentration camps, so it’s not only about him figuring out the woman he is attracted to is a lesbian but also feeling pushed away by women)

FullMetalApe says:

The outro was funny as hell

Maximilian Peitsmeyer says:

In all honesty, the only reason I like Pinkerton more is because the messy sound of the guitars sounds awesome to me. I also think that the sad lyrics are kind of a relaxing and they remind me that one of my rock idols is just as human as me.

Matt R says:

I agree that the Blue album is Weezer’s best album.

Anything And Everything says:

Am I like the only one that likes the green album?

I am The cheese god says:

lol the bacon line was the best

Aidan McKenna says:

how the fuck are you gonna talk about the Blue Album with even mentioning My Name Is Jonas

dyladino says:


Matthew Finlay says:

Rivers is often called the unlikely rock star, and there is reason for that. Even after the tremendous success of Blue, anyone could tell the man Was extremely insecure with himself. However, it was Pinkerton that destroyed him. The triple platinum debut gave him enough confidence to pour his heart and soul into a sophomore CD. Lyrically, emotionally, he gave it his all. And it bombed. Rolling Stone hated it. Fans of blue were shocked. It was a commercial failure.”It was a hideous record… It was such a hugely painful mistake that happened in front of hundreds of thousands of people and continues to happen on a grander and grander scale and just won, go away. It, like getting really drunk at a party and spilling your guts in front of everyone and feeling incredibly great and cathartic about it, and then waking up the next morning and realizing what a complete fool you made of yourself.” – Rivers Cuomo on PinkertonThat summer, Rivers’ two biggest fans since the beginning, two people who unlike all the rest must have stood by Pinkerton since the beginning, die in a car crash.The point I am trying to make is that I think the combination of the two above events really, really, really fucked the man up bad. He couldn’t handle the failure. 1998 he moves into an LA apartment, paints the walls black, disconnects the phone. He devotes hours and hours doing song experiments, keeping a fucking encyclopedia of pop. This is not normal behavior, or eccentric behavior,it is the behavior of someone who has completely lost it. Green? Maladroit? Red? A7, They are all just calculated experiments. I’ve heard people say Rivers sold out. Wrong. You think Rivers gives a shit about money? He goes on intense as hell meditation retreats where he just sips tea and looks at a wall. For a while his only possessions were bowl and a spoon or some shit. It’s not the money, it’s the success of his music that he needs. He wants to make the charts as much as an addict wants his heroin.I mean, for Christ’s sake, look at the man.

kian Hartley says:

Right, Pinkerton to me is Weezer after they became famous

toñopng says:

we’ve been know

family friendly pg clean says:

Every Weezer Album That I Have Listened To Ranked from Least Good to Best:
Make Believe
Blue Album
Green Album

Irenäus Blaszkiewicz says:

I don´t get Pinkerton. I heard it a while ago again and nothing really stuck, except El Scorcho which i remember being quite good. The rest is boring. Blue Album is far supperior!

dank lmao says:


Surf Wax is fucking amazing

Waiting on Radi2ude

Cringey Videos says:

Weezer worst to best

Vir Datta says:

You might be right, Fantano, but Tired of Sex still kicks my ass on every listen

Patrick White says:

32 year old man complains that people prefer something for 5 minutes. Like goddamn Anthony, you come of as a massive asshole in this.

sill gorilla says:

I liked the sweater song!

Mulosh says:

My friend you claim that more recent Weezer is too clean and insincere, yet that is what you appreciate about their debut album. Radio-friendly singles are what initially got the band to their popular status, and that is eventually what ruined them. A masterpiece of an album was released and you say that what you dislike about this band’s newer albums is what made the first album better than their second. You claim that this is the “objective truth,” but the truth is that from the Green Album up to Raditude, their squeaky clean sound is extremely similar to what they started with. The “pop” elements of Weezer’s “pop rock” have always been present since Pinkerton, but “pop” itself has changed dramatically from the 90’s. Taking a closer look at Weezer from 2001-2010, you will see that many of the elements that made Weezer great were still there, but the pop polish gave many fans an unpleasant taste. The very same pop elements that supposedly made their first album great. Explain yourself my good sir.

fucked reality says:

To any nerd out there whos interested. Theres a hugely underated 90s band called Nerf Herder who compare the first 3 weezer albums to the first 3 starwars movies.. Its catchy and funny like all of their catalog. But these guys opened for weezer(they have a song about that also) Anyways my point is if you clicked on this vid because of a love and longing for 90s weezer then do yourself a solid and check out nerf herder- “weezer and starwars theory” as well as “we opened for weezer”. If you like it then follow up by listening to Nerf Herders first 3 albums.

Glor1fy says:

I like the bands sound on Pinkerton but the blue album topically, comically, and pop wise, is better.

AVeryFestiveMedic says:

I’ll freaking fight you Fantano Pinkerton is one of the best Weezer albums besides EWBAITE and White

And Blue

Elton Webb says:

White Album is better than Pinkerton

Wildfire says:

I can’t decide which one is the worst because I like them all.

GrogMindwhip says:

“If everyone’s a little queer / can’t she be a little straight” is a brilliant piece of lyric. You just have to get the sarcasm. Like when Cobain quoted “just becuz you’re paranoid / doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” It belongs on a coffee mug, and rightly so.

Stupid Username says:

The Green Album is better than Pinkerton as well

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