XXXTentacion – 17 ALBUM REVIEW


X makes his studio debut with an angsty non-album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


alfie griffiths says:

Why this guy looking for a message. Its music. Its expression of self. X was a sad boy. He made a sad boy album with lots of sad guitar and piano with mumbles. Hes sad boy, fuck up this doesnt have to be a thing where he is supposed to help ppl with sad boy syndrome this is an album, which doesnt have to convey any meaning whatsoever. Take genres like Riddim. How the fuck do u find meaning in WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB. U dont you just bob your head and enjoy the sounds. If u dont like 17. Dont listen. Just like you shouldnt listen to Justin beiber if u dont like Justin beiber

Comp Is Key says:

i actually liked the album lol

Anonymous says:


WATer_ boyz says:

Do chris travis

MrSir BossMan says:

Seriously ive watched like 2-3 of this guys vids and he shits on joji pink guy and xxx
His opinion on music is completely different than mine and it upsets me that he fucking shits on these albums

Jakub Klinkosz says:

I mean like I never told to anyone that X is some deep shit or smthing like that.
Sometimes I just like to listen to thing like this “album’s” of him.

Rachel R says:

You look like a thumb

Ilan Kligerman says:

This album is so good

chase ruel says:

angry screaming meme

BlvckChvrch Hoe says:

Honestly his screamy shit has more emotion than 17. Fuck that album

superbombenhagel says:

the intro to this album is pretty much “if you don’t like this album screw you, you just don’t understand it” but in the voice of a 12 year old.

Trey Cooper says:

I’m in the minority here but I love this album. Resonates with me.

Joe B says:

So….. lil peep?

djentalicious says:

Is that a Death shirt?!

Bradbeatmaker says:

weird cause Kendrick and SZA liked this album and cosigned… two artist your probably gave good reviews…

Yung Washing Machine name says:

best: revenge, jocelyn flores, everybody dies in their nightmares, fuck love, cary on, save me, depression and obsession, ayala

worst: dead inside

light to a decent 8

Lil Canoe says:

Anthony buy some fucking glasses that fit your face jesus christ

EmoSMOSHBride says:

I dont really like X but i like this album

Koosta says:

you gave a fucking lil pump 7 on his dumbass album and here is decent 2. Very nice

Toronto Bud says:


Jimmy says:

I just kinda like the instrumentals on this album, copy and pasted or not.

Keem 10 says:

When you’re depressed 17 speaks to you

_ _ says:

Mac lethals X impression made me decide to go listen to some of it. I really wish I had just found this first so I’d know better.

Luis Oliva says:

“So nobody wants death
‘Cause nobody wants life to end
And everybody loves living
Except the ones who died
‘Cuz they ded”

Mk Vert says:

Kill yourself bitch

Star Breaker says:

I actually liked this album, and didn’t think I would. It’s not supposed to sound polished or like anything else. I guess it’s not for everyone.

RAF - Rapper says:

You took every word out of my mouth about this album. The “depression” angle is nothing more than stating how sad someone is and not truly exploring it. It’s surface level mental health music that’s not that good.

Gryo-Mite says:

21 minutes 21 minutes I take shit longer then that!!! Now don’t get me wrong an album doesn’t have to be long to be good, nas illmatic is 40 something minutes long

Oie Zi says:

Fuck love is amazing tho

Daniel Bravo says:

Wow this review is very off from how the album was actually received

Cataluña Independiente says:

fuck you wigga

Gucci_ Vlogs says:

Nothing profound or smart get outta here

Sunny D says:

Honestly i hate x he a fuckin weirdo but i dont really mind this album tbh

Peter Taylor says:

It doesn’t matter how bad someone’s music is when they are accused of domestic battery. I honestly am confused why people still support X by listening to him and buying his albums.

Łukasz Bukraba says:

And lil pump got a 7 lul

Luke Haralo says:

Anyone here listen to Denimadic?

NitroWarrior02 says:

And then lil peep died

kaido beast says:

lol you dont gotta worry about lil peep anymore

Hufgk Vfhjkffb says:

Fantano out of touch w the youth

DepressedEmu says:

wtf i hate tentacion now

Adr1anPapi says:

U jackass he’s singing about all he’s lost

LiZarD KiNg says:

i liked tath alibum id give it 9/10

Boyd Duffie V says:

Well now that X quit music and lil peep is no more, I guess you don’t have to worry about the new generation of bad emo rap that you were worried about

flying monkeys says:

cannot fuck with him at all… the allegations and….his eyes creep me out. He’s attractive but he’s gross

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