XXXTENTACION – ? – Album Review

For my 922nd review, I discuss XXXTENTACION, relatability, and his utter mess of a sophomore record.

Best Songs: ‘infinity (888)’ ft. Joey Bada$$, ‘schizophrenia’
Worst Songs: ‘changes’, ‘Hope’


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The new Legend says:

X is no death grips.

F U! says:

I’d probably hate Hope a lot more if the money that went towards that song didn’t go towards the well-being of the victims of the parkland shooting, though if that claim he put out when the album dropped is false then that’s all sorts of fucked up.

krisdaschwab912 says:

Who the fuck keeps requesting this shit?

kirk graupe says:

hey fuckjer

Dinis Dias says:

is that a voltorb?

Cornel Marshall says:

Damn I felt Mark was talk to me personally starting a 1:30
(Replacing XXX with J Cole). And he hit it right on the nail.

Anyhow this album was very tedious. This was even worse than 17. (Although there are higher moments than 17 but way lower moments too)

Light 4/10

Best: Infinity (888), I don’t even speak Spanish lol, moonlight

Worst: Going Down, $$$, Pain=BESTFRIEND, Floor 555, Changes

Ashton thornton says:

As a fan of X, I kinda have to agree. This album is a mess beyond belief. I still see potential in a somewhat decent album in him, but not if he keeps making albums with an identity crisis like this

M. Schoss says:

Hahah such a cucboi mark

Dalton Riser says:

jesus the ending to this one was ominous in a good way

Joseph Tafur says:

A Miraculous Ladybug fan name Alex posted a 1 minute video on her instagram singing a sentimental song she made up about her love for the show: That song made me cry.

The song “Changes” off this new album right here: made me laugh because it was so forcely performed with fake sadness.

Miraculous Ladybug fan brings more emotion than XXXTENTACTION

theNealCutter says:

For “relatable shit,”I’d go for Blurryface instead thanks

The Negan Guy says:

0/10 worse than Machine Head’s new album

The WTFreak says:

I like the little French accent you have when you say Tentacion

Michael Scott says:

Listening to a recent interview where they asked X what kind of metal he listens to and following that up with Blood On The Dance Floor as one of the answers, sums up X and his genius quite well.

Frey The Animal says:

hmmmmmmmmm _no_

HeartOfVanilla Ice says:

Obama is Biracial

keerst 11 says:

You are so well spoken

HPFMav says:

14:40 This is the first time I actually felt scared by an album review oh my god

Lucy W says:

I think you hit on what makes X’s lyrics so disturbing – while other artists who trade in darkness know the feelings they have are ugly, X seems to want to justify or legitimize these emotions. Artists like Eminem get angry at the audience for thinking that his dark impulses are cool and edgy while X seems to embrace these kinds of judgements.

AnyThingWorx says:

Now THIS is the type of shit I’ve been waiting for since 17 came out.

Oh yeah, I would’ve given this shit a 1/10, this has got yo be the worst thing is recent memory.

pls end me says:

I’m surprised that the fanbase haven’t destroyed this video yet.

Black Knight says:

One of your best reviews to date dude

NotRealMusic says:

Incredible review.

Nicolas Wright says:

what music did he play in the background

J12345 says:

He doesn’t even have domestic violence charges they are accusations there is a difference you know.

Al's Variety says:



KST827 says:

Never really liked X anyway, so good on you Mark for giving a low score. I would never support or forgive an abrasive brute like X who raised his hand against a pregnant woman.

Wonkey Dude98 says:

When you started talking about ‘Hope’ and the music cut out, I could feel the tension that was building up. That song might just be the worst I have ever heard in my life (up there with ‘Drinkin’ Too Much’ by Sam Hunt). Fuck this album, and fuck XXXTENTACION. One of your best reviews.

oN Mavi says:

I just like The melodies, some of The singing and some of THE beats but yes it’s mostly background music all of The songs are unconsequential, underwritten and basic

braden anderson says:

i actually get enjoyment from this on a surface level. i don’t find much of what he says relatable (i find some of it just wrong, such as the sentiment of sad), but i still relate to the raw emotion of many songs. it serves as solid mood music for me, and sometimes the unhealthy indulgence provided in his records is something i definitely feel. i enjoy artists like atmosphere and death grips, but they take up different lanes for me. the tracks that i enjoy the most from x are very pretty and easy listening, which is probably part of his wider appeal than artists like those mentioned, but im sure part of my enjoyment of his albums come from the teenage angst of being a 17 year old. all this being said, i do think x is rather indefensible and im not really gonna argue with anyone that thinks this is bad. i find the criticisms of this this record very valid, such as the pretentiousness, quite a bit of weak lyrics, undercooked songs, genre hopping plus general lack of cohesion, and messages that aren’t well conceived & shouldn’t be coming from him.
for me, the lightest 5/10.
best- moonlight, infinity, remedy for a broken heart, numb, floor 555
worst- smash, changes, that fucking intro

Noel The Last Dovah Duck says:

Am I the only one here that likes “Changes”?

Al's Variety says:

One of the most introspective reviews I’ve ever seen.

To be honest, outside of Look At Me (guilty eardrum. Don’t hate me.), I can’t fuck with this guy.

Now, after watching this, I REALLY can’t fuck with this guy.

MrFlipperInvader782 says:

2:28 hehe the drumming billed up when you finished that line

Principal Skinner says:

No DAY6IX9INE review?

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