XXXTentacion – Skins ALBUM REVIEW


Skins is one of the year’s least gratifying albums, but out of everyone involved in its creation, X is probably the least at blame.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Pexxan says:

As an album, it sounded very incomplete, but then again X’s music is very diverse so maybe this is what he wanted it to be. The songs by themselves i think are great, so much emotion and he definitley pulls of all the genres. He was so talented, RIP. However i find it very annoying that you didnt know the pitchfork audio was taken out of context because in the full audio he literally says ”i didnt touch her”. But i’ll give you a pass on that one because this whole situation is so confusing to most people.

josh'sgoinham says:

the full recording of the tape explicitly has a part in in where x says he didnt hit the girl

FlaMMy XxX says:

listen to the full pitchfork audio he said he never touched this girl

Guillaume Gagné says:

This year’s Revival?!

Nanii says:

I saw him drop this but I wanted to form my opinion first. I did that and feel the same as Melon

BenThatOneGuy says:

Yo, What’s your take on Skating Polly? It looks like Grunge stuff is coming back, and with the Flaming Lips taking Skating Polly on tour and offering them a studio for their albums i am surprised you haven’t mentioned them yet (at least i haven’t seen them mentioned in any of your videos).

I’d be interested in what you think about where the band is headed now that they’re getting a bit more popular.

Miqueias Bezerra says:

the clip released was cut before he finished. its taken out of context and he later says that he never touched her

Danny Zweben says:

review phony ppl they are beautifulllll music

FURY says:

Yay aint talkin bout jahs girl hes talking bout his boys and one minute wasnt looped thats actually jah screaming the whole time you dont know shit about jah bro dont ever review his music again you sound dumb as fuck you dont know shit about the culture

Adam Mikhaiel says:

It’s a bass rift lol, how the fuck are u reviewing an album & u can’t even decipher instruments lol

rashid merri says:

he gave nav “not good” but this a two when this album isn’t even finished smh

Pat W says:

Its not x’s fault but i feel like if he was still live to keep working on it the album wouldve been even better possibly a classic but in the pop/ alternative genre

Zacari Camp says:

Not Much To Review? You Need To Do More Research On The Artist You Review. You Didn’t Listen To His Music Open Mindedly & Also Didn’t Understand Him As An Artist. You Would Have Been Better Off Keeping Your Opinions To Yourself.

Philip Dilip says:

Bro did you even listen to the full leaked audio he literally said he’s never touched/hit his girl

Keyser Soeze says:

I thought this album was actually done and Finished when x was alive? So why does this sound like it wasn’t put together by x?

smeggie says:

Melon you can’t kill someone twice

Leo Berg says:

4:17 wow you are clearly veeery old

Keynon Knowles says:

They did show the full audio my guy he said he didn’t hit her look at domislivenews

chronicstamped says:

X was trash tbh

thewitchertales says:

Do your research on this pitchfork released 1 minute of a 24 minute recording… if you listen to the whole thing he’s saying he fucker her yo mentally.. and forgave her and only stabbed people in self defence… get that right at least dude

Les Grossman says:

Bruh, the video doesn’t even offer an HD quality option.

Status™ says:

you really believe that Pitchfork audio was true? they snipped a part to make it sound like it but it wasn’t true. go find the full audio tape.

Sebastian Gonzales says:

Watch domislive smh

Miroslav Maslík says:

the long scream X did in one minute is real, not looped 🙂 u can hear it how he even ended the scream, and he was even laughing at himself in the background on how good he is.

sometimes u say smart things, but sometimes you just try to sound smart and you fail hard

tmc says:

Staring at the sky reminds you of old school screamo music? You’re really reaching there my guy lol

Explosive King says:

This is how x likes to make stuff real x fans would like it

Isaih Gusto says:

Where’s my new tracks

Peacemaker says:

If X was alive he would have made a bomb album but this was simply unfinished and a cash grab.

Sebastian Gonzales says:

They “released” 2 minutes of a 22 minute conversation that was recorded without his knowledge and when you listen to it he says about 10 times that he didn’t touch her lol

Matthew Smith says:

Dear Melon,
Your last rock review was 1 month ago, Nov 13. Since then you have reviewed 7 hip hop projects.
Yours Truly

Brandon Sheedy says:

Album is art, not everyone will enjoy it

Vinyl Monkey says:

Is this the new album format, 7-10 tracks and about 20 minutes of music???? “Kanye can do it, so we can do it to……. Bollocks”

whats the vinyl in the background? it looks like predator or something?????

TedClubberLangVEVO says:

Man where the Championships review at?

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