Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Album Review

For my 113th review, I talk about Against Me!’s hard discussion on transgender issues and the interesting, albeit not entirely cohesive results.


If you’d like to skip my preamble, go to 3:00.

Text review of ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’:

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Yvonne Brouwers says:

I love the way you talk about music! This is the nicest thing I’ve watched all week! 

Kevan Thatcher says:

The only good review of this album on youtube

Dog Years says:

The reason she didn’t focus solely on trans things is because she has written about them before on previous albums, you can only say so much about a subject before getting too personal to want to share. 

PrincessOzaline says:

Interesting review, I picked this album on it’s release day since I myself am trans but it’s still sitting tin the cellophane I’ll have to bust it out soon. I didn’t catch anything problematic about your language but thanks for asking.

elliotoffscrubs says:

Your trans PC language is fine, this is one transgirl happy here.  I think Laura watered down the trans aspects deliberately to not turn off fans and label Against Me! as ‘that Trans band’- but I agree, that the album does not rise to a complete in depth exploration of trans identity is a shame, it could have been a concept album that opens understanding for this bizzare physilogical condition some of us find ourselves in.  I hope she does tackle the subject in full at some stage.  It is a great subject for the mix of punk anger and stadium rock energy- and it is nice to hear the experience sung about.  The ‘god bless your transexual heart’ is sung in such a forgiving and freeing way, well… it is going to save lives.  Trans stuff aside, I wholeheartedly agree with this review- the energy drop outs, the misplaced songs and for me a few lyrics where jarringly purile in the context of their music, (though would sit fine in a purer punk expression).  So, two thumbs up for this review… it is an album to cherry pick songs from.

Goblinthunder says:

I am begging you to review Good Charlotte’s the Young and the Hopeless. You either love Good Charlotte or you hate Good Charlotte, and it would be interesting to know your take on them.

Stephen O'Toole says:

Hm, I’ve never really heard this band before but the theme of the lyrics sounds… different. I can safely say I’ve never heard an album about transgender issues. Might be interesting. In fact come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve really seen any media talk about it…

Hey man, can I ask, would you perhaps consider reviewing Wild Beasts’ new album Present Tense when it drops on the 21st? 

Thomas Donofrio says:

would you consider reviewing The Constiant One by Irong Chic, or The Beauty Between by RVIVR? both came out towards the end of 2013 and definitely made my top 10 list. you are a great reviewer and i would love to hear your thoughts. thanks!

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