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For today’s review I’m talking about the new album, Fishing Blues, by one of my all-time favorite rap groups, Atmosphere. When you’re done watching the video, be sure to leave your opinion on the album in the comment section!

Music by Lang Kim Vo:



nayj08 says:

This is such a mature album from Atmosphere and Ant’s Production and Slugs Lyrics Fit perfectly. The first 9 tracks only a handful I dig but No Biggie until the End is amazing I like all the tracks. I like this more than Southsiders. You can see the growth of Slug as a man in this album and he sounds like he is in a good place right now and I’m happy for him this isn’t a God Hates Ugly or Lucy Ford. Artists grow and Atmosphere is aging very well. Top 5 Hip-Hop album of the year so far

Olle says:

THat whole thing about artists changing and evolving all the time has been on my mind alot lately and when you said that in this video it really made me reaelize how people, me (hopefully not in the future) included, will complain about the exact same thing when it comes to you and people who do what you do.

Anyone changing their art- or platform, either in order to not stagnate or just from pure inspiration, get heaps of complaints and hate from their fans. I think it’s great that you point this stuff out because it sure does grant a change in attitude from me and no doubt everyone else who’s actually listening. It’s p interesting



doomfan12345 says:

I really hoped y’all all would review this, but this is nice too.

Jesus Rivera says:

the only song I heard slug on was tree life wit logic and killer Mike is there an album anyone can recommend me to so I can listen I’m interested in his music

Martin Def says:

Fishing Blues is amazing! Totally agree with this review

Craig 4rmFriday says:

just subscribed myke!

datbeme13 says:

great review, everything you said about this album was on point. keep doing what you do. thanks.

Vinyl Richie says:

If a musician never changed they would not be one of my favorites. Boring.

Funyon Runyon says:

seeing them at red rocks on friday sooo hyped

Ari Sticks says:

its late af

paul banks says:

Fishing Blues is the best album out this year!

Hardly a Channel says:

any chance of a review of the new clipping? Daveed has changed up the lyrical content you might normally complain about, the album is vastly different from their previous work.

Clyde in Japan! says:

Haven’t heard this album yet, *LOVED* The Family Sign.
Great review– I’m definitely going to have to pick this up! Big ups Myke! (^^)v

The new Legend says:

Chasing New York and besos are my favorite tracks. Album good listen big up to slug

Grant Inskeep says:

I definitely think Slug was more vibrant on here. Did production remind you at all of Lemons Myke? It sounded like Lemons mixed with Southsiders to me.

I fuck with it. Atmospheres best album since 2008 to me.

My only beef is the length. Could have shaved 3-4 tracks and lost nothing.

mrbigdouchebag says:

We need an Mc Danglin Balls album!!

Androomeda says:

I’ve loved pretty much everything Atmosphere has ever released, including the songs like Windows and Finer Things. I thought Slug was great, but on first listen I thought the album was kinda repetitive and formulaic. I couldn’t finish it in fact. I will go back to it at some point after hearing this review though, I’m hoping I just wasn’t in the right mood. Thanks Myke 🙂
edit: oh Yeah Aesop’s feature was kinda disappointing, especially considering some of the Atmosphere songs with features like Cats Van Bags.

Bga says:


Grant Inskeep says:

Dope review bro! Appreciate hearing you talk about Atmosphere.

Slug rocked Besos, No Biggie, Pure Evil, etc.

I definitely think My Best Half, Salma Hayek, and Windows could have been on the album over a few of these on here though.

piotrekzprod says:

I’m wondering why only myke reviews atmosphere projects.

Red Robin says:

I hated the last album, but ill check this out tho

Vinay Wani says:

that was a pretty thought about and nice review

Mr. Bullet Club Biggz The Verbal Assassin says:

People threw shade on Southsiders,I like Southsiders more than Fishing Blues.It was a solid album though.

minilogo37 says:

am i the only one who heard “he tried to bang one out, but he was even too drunk to accumplish that”

Adam Kovacs says:

finally! somebody with good taste.
other mofos just dissing this amazing record while loving those mindless albums with “bought my mpc studio, watched a few yt tutorials and made my first south side beat in an hour, holla!” instrumentals…

Humberto Rocha says:

any reviews on lil ugly mane?

Joseph Bergeron says:

‘Ringo’ was the only track I absolutely didn’t like. It’s just…too much like a pop single. And they’ve done the same song topic a million times before. That being said…every other track was great. ‘Next To You’ is WAY TOO REAL…..Damn.

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