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►My review of the 6th full length by long-running metalcore band Blessthefall, “Hard Feelings”. Perhaps a bit softer and more of an electronic and rock album in places, but rest assured there are more than enough heavy moments to please all types of listeners.

“Hard Feelings”
Rise Records
Release: 3/23/18
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Wishful Sinking, Sleepless in Phoenix, Welcome Home, Cutthroat, Sakura Blues

►Least faves: Feeling Low, Melodramatic

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TundraL5Z says:

You didn’t like Beau’s wife Lights new album right?
maybe giving it a respin would be worth while experience, i enjoy that album quite a bit, 4/5

Junior Yousaf says:

Personally this New record is Very Mature …That ending in welcome home made me cry ..

Matthew Gaffney says:

Wishful sinking is really good. Pleasantly surprised by this album

Haley Boeckenstedt says:

I’m so happy you liked it. I’ve loved blessthefall for so long and they are often overlooked.

william binns says:

Any beads to suggest to go through their hole discography

KoaAbyss says:

I thought it was pretty good even though I’ve never really been a fan of them, and the song Welcome Home caught me off guard and is definitely my favorite song on here (as well as Cutthroat cuz of that ridiculous intro), great review 😀

nightly riots says:

so glad you reviewed this!!

The Negan Guy says:

Not a fan of this band but it was a great album

Sr.Kenny 13 says:

Intro Song?

Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™ says:

I didn’t enjoy any of BTF at all… And also with this album, it’s no different. The lyrics are so generic, it hurts sometimes, Beaus Vocals are horrible, no emotion or passion in it and his highs make me cringe cuz it’s just so unpleasant to listen to. I like Vic from PTV though, but his voice is more distinct and doesn’t give me headaches…The best thing on the album is the instrumentals, they get a bit more out of their comfort zone than before, but overall nothing too crazy. The Plot In You did the Love and breakup theme from Hard Feelings better with “Dispose”. The lyrics are much more artistic and not as stupid like: “I can’t do this anymore, I’m not the only one, it’s so wrong”. For me, it’s a very weak 2/5. And that comes from a huge metalcore fan. Actually, BTF are one of the few bands in the scene I don’t like (Right after Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse … But that’s just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with anything anyone said.

Just Jazz says:

You’re so close to 100k! Wow! Jon, I’m so excited for you

Austin Farley says:

I’m not sure what surprised me more. How much John enjoyed the album, or the fact that Beau is 36. Seriously had no idea! The dude still looks like he’s 28

Kenneth Alexander says:

I actually found this album kind of boring and it was kind of a letdown. There were some tracks like Wishful Sinking and Keep Me Close that I really liked, but the vibe felt the same throughout the whole album. I did like the how well Beau’s cleans and Jared’s harsh vocals blend together.

Jay115 says:

Please look up Cane Hill! They are a newer band under Rise Recs, a breathe of fresh air for the metal scene, and my favorite band.

Michael A. Manasan says:

Where mai I get your hat tho

Lonewolfx6 says:

My top 4 songs are I’m over being under (rated), sleepless in phoneix, Sakura blues, and wishful sinking.

Frankie Featherstone says:

5 Star Album

Nasur Akhtar says:

Luv Wishful Thinking , does anyone know anyone with similar sound to the this band?!

Sebastian Haukås says:

I would love if you did a video on BNNY RBBT. Supposedly someone bought some VHS tapes at a garage sale and found a video with this 7 ft tall bunny rabbit dude, who made music in the 90s. SUPPOSEDLY. I think it’s an art project but it’s fairly interesting

Andrei Hrin says:

I don’t know if you are still revewing older albums on wendsday, but if you do I sugest you Black Sabbath’s Paranoid

elunico13lu says:

Review Forever Came Calling Retro Future!

David Valencia says:

I love this album actually. These are my top 3 Blessthefall albums

1. Hard Feelings
2. Witness
3. Awakening

OliiTheGoalii says:

I wasn’t sure if it was worth checking out, I’ll defo check it out now! Cheers for the review!

hahaishereman says:

Can u pls make a video just roasting the new 30stm song cuz it’s BAD

Fallen Resonance says:

Hey! What does it take for you to review one of our songs? You could maybe just send us a really quick review by dm on twitter! I’m pretty sure you’ll think we’re cringy but oh well. Cheers from France! Love your work

Radiated Aviation says:

Man I dont know why but I was expecting you to tear this album to shreds haha super happy you didnt cause blessthefall is incredible!

Hello!Nurd says:

Nice review Jon. I kinda dug this album too as like a guilty pleasure.

Mac J says:

I really like there album Witness and and To Those Left Behind havnt actually gotten to listen to this front to back yet but I will be checking it out ive liked what ive heard so far

jdgx95 says:

i hope this album gets them more attention once upon a time blessthefall was a big deal in metalcore but they just fell off somewhere and get very little recognition these days Dx

Nicholas Cassara says:

Been one of my favorite bands since the beginning of their run. I will say that, though, I am older and in a similar predicament as Beau, this album didn’t captivate me as well as previous installments. Perhaps I am listening with a sense of bias, looking for more heavy songs. If I were to set those expectations aside and listen without that predisposition, I am find myself enjoying it more.

Chris Mabbitt says:

Hollow bodies is still my favorite album from btf!

Joey Henderson says:

Awakening and Hollow Bodies were my jam back in high school lol

Ryan Hardy says:

Hell yeah Jon! I know you aren’t too high on metalcore so I’m pleasantly surprised and glad that you enjoyed this album! I am actually fairly high on metalcore, but I understand your gripes with the subgenre. With that said, I also have always seen blessthefall as a standout band in the scene and I am very pleased with Hard Feelings!

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