Bring Me the Horizon – amo ALBUM REVIEW


Bring Me the Horizon’s blend of pop, electronics, and what remains of their metalcore edge is surprisingly admirable on amo.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Pedro Jäles says:

Hey Anthony, y u no review the Idles’ last album, “Joy as an act of resistance”

Emester123 says:

Sugar Honey Ice & Tea is a banger

8523wsxc says:

This album is worse that the holocaust and despise everyone who likes it.

RabbiRan says:


постоянно растущий says:

Billionaires ARE trash lol

Bearward Ann says:

Are we not going to bring up how “i apologize if you feel something” sounds a LOT LIKE The Gate by Bjork???

Christian Compton says:

Love this album! Also glad to hear your perspectives!

Scotty Russell Music says:

I heard some music by this band and it was and is utter shit. Fake as fuck corporate rebellion boyband rock, about as edgy as a starbucks.

Andy Yates says:

I love this album a lot, every single song, and I completely agree with your review in almost every way, but I can’t fault this album as I am a fan of all kinds of music, alt rock being my favourite of course but the way this album has mixed every genre I can think of into one just amazes me on every level.

maxwelld23 says:

Should of known I wasn’t gonna like this review when I didnt see the red flannel. Record was terrible IMO.

noel says:

i watched this review with suicide season in the background

Alexander Turner says:

One thing you hit on really rings true about BMTH even since their days doing Suicide Season Cut Up. They aren’t afraid to either incorporate different styles or work with artists that are a little more unknown. They know what they like and they know what they think sounds good and they don’t care if they’re working with someone that will bring them new listeners. They’re just trying to put out the best music they can.

I don't want to be a part of this BUT says:

Your glasses remind me of dying Easter eggs.

постоянно растущий says:

Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season are the only notables

pedro s says:

You don’t like the more recent styles because it’s not as good as Botch? You’re setting the bar a wee bit high there, Melon.

Grim keeper says:

All this album is is salt because alot of fans didnt like his last album. It also appears hes doubled down on continuing to move away from that scene. The lyrics speak volumes.

xXVexi_SkyeXx says:

Pesonally I cant get behind the album as a whole. I like a few tracks and as a fellow artist, admire what they are doing but as a whole, I just dont like it and find the album lack luster

Stock Market George says:

I loved sempiternal.

Michael Charron says:

Linkin Park was all over That’s The Spirit. But to be honest, I really don’t hear it in Amo… :/

Cinevation Design says:

Please do a review on Architects new album Holy Hell, would love to know your thoughts! This is definitely one of the greatest albums of all time in my opinion

Anyer Quantum says:

BUT What about 12 foot Ninja!?

tyler brown says:

Stopped watching when you said sempiternal was a hard pass…amo is shit

El Golden Goose says:

I feel like the actual content of this review is at odds with the score. Most of what you said was about how the album works and the risks paid off, but you gave it a very mediocre score. Explain or im calling my lawyer

Manuel Platino says:

Bring me the Chorizo-n

Heikki Remes says:

Worst to Best – Cradle Of Filth! Please, do it.

Jackieehurstartwork says:

Amo was trash, sempiternal was one of THE bmth albums.

Michael Card says:

Please review Architects Holy Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fuck!!!!!!!!!

All Sevens says:


Some Dude says:

Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream is the best “scene” album of 2018 change my mind

Mark Cumiskey Jr says:

So is it safe to say “fans” of bmth don’t like the direction the band is going. Would that make you less of a fan… If your a solid fan you’d appreciate and support regardless.

Eli Smeds says:

I was waiting for a “happy early April fools” lmao

Shawn Abeziz says:

bro i straight up thought Logic was reviewing bmth

kichakra says:

U do sound just like ReporterOfTheWeek

Tamarin Triggered says:

Review Count Your Blessings

samerburg alright says:

Review beirut’s new album

Mindaugas Mazrimas says:

You liked Mantra because it had a message about religion/cultism etc but Sempiternal,a record you said you dont care for,had songs like House Of Wolves,Antivist and Empire that deal with similar topics but presented in a more metal tone. Do you just prefer the presentation in which Mantra was presented over the songs on Sempiternal? I personally feel that Sempiternal was when BMTH hit their peak as a “Metal” band as the records before it contained a lot of what I would describe as party themes,Chelsea Smile for example,so Sempiternal was a real show of maturing from them and I feel that lyrically Sempiternal is their best. Post Sempiternal is when BMTH changed it up and they themselves have said they want to be the band that gets the future metal fans into heavier shit,like they’ll find them through Amo and then see that TTS exists,an album that has songs like Throne,Drown,Avalance and True Friends that are heavier than anything on Amo and then if they like the heavier songs they continue searching through Sempiternal,Suicide Season,There Is A Hell and all the way down to their “Death Metal” EPs.

Joe H says:

ahhhh im from a metalcore town im better than you, nobody elses opinion is relevant. fuck off you maggot

The Slammy Boi says:

I’m not saying anything on how I felt about the album altogether I just wanted to say I hated the song fresh bruises. Now I shall leave

TheNikeman99 says:

why do you have wire egg dippers on your face

CaptainCaliph says:

Is it ok that opener track “I apologize if you feel something” is sounds like a cover of bjorks “the gate”

David Alistair says:

Good band there new album is good I prefer there is a hell let’s keep it a secret an semperternal is fucking top album but there new album is really good listen don’t know why ppl pissing an moaning don’t like it don’t listen

Yourinmyscope2 says:

A lot of the reasons you praise this record for are all present in the earlier albums. Literally. You were right when you said you never gave anything outside your purist upbringing a chance before. It’s pretty clear you just flat out don’t like mid 2000s metalcore/post-hardcore so I just don’t know why you bother reviewing them

Luis Mejia says:

Are you a copy of BAD BUNNY?

Brett Augustinowicz says:

Melon is the only person that doesn’t adore sempiternal

DMAN D says:

Sempiternal was their best album imo. I have only hear a couple of songs from this album and I don’t like them.

roberto_926 says:

Bring Me the Horizon forever indeed.

いざなぎ高橋 says:

God I miss the old bmth

joshiscool1313 says:


Jack says:

I thought this album was horrible

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