Could this be the WORST song of the year? (Owl City)

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Adam Young returns as Owl City for what is easily one of the absolute worst songs I’ve heard all year long. Deep sigh, I remember when things used to be different, yet here we are with “All My Friends”, the country-fried electro-pop acoustic (?) lead single from Cinematic.

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Skeletonwithskin says:

For some reason this reminds me of some college spring break early 2010s movie

DarlingStudent says:

I just realized that Adam Young can’t really sing. I mean he has good lyrics sometimes (Fireflies) and the music itself isn’t so bad. But he really isn’t a good singer. Coming from a fan who’s followed him since 2009, I am really disappointed.

Jiles Beekmans says:

He isn’t even trying to hide that he’s copying Jake Owen’s country-rap style, what a shitshow.

Loke Yan Hin says:

Owl City fan here, your point of view and arguments are valid, maybe the song has a different style from all his other song but IMO i think is kinda good despite that Adam and the back vocals those things.

Amber Knight says:

The back vocals make me cringe

Andrew Sharp says:

I love the song, it’s so different from everything else & its cheesy, but it’s supposed to be..

Paul Laing says:

Ok, I think I’m over Owl City. I heard this track and two things came to mind, Bro Country and Hanson. Neither of them are good. I will listen to the album online first (the album out 7 months from now, that confused me too) and see what its like. But if it has a load of “I love God” songs on it, I’m not going to bother. Also, Mobile Orchestra wasn’t bad once you deleted the two “I love God’ tracks and were able to get over the fact that his version of dubstep was pathetic and he ended it with the weakest track from Ultraviolet. It wasn’t great, but it was a Hell of a lot better than the abomination that was Midsummer Station.

Dexter The Doggy says:

It came out 11 hours ago. Give them a break

B. C. Sharpe says:

Where I come from, Country, campfires, and sentimentality go hand in hand…. like you can’t have one without the other two. I don’t think that is fair to make that comparison. And also, Jake Owen is pretty big where I’m at too. And I live in Washington State!! I don’t know. You can have your own feelings towards a song, but you can’t say that it doesn’t blend well.

God says:

*GUYS* check out the previews of the album that have been released!! They’re ACTUALLY GOOD!!

Willow Graal says:

Sadly true.. DAMN IT

Valentina Darwood says:

Dude, thanks for this. I am a long term Owl City fan, I personally love his electronic tracks, my faves being: Cave in, Speed of Love, Thunderstruck, Tokyo, etc…and the Ultraviolet EP was pretty amazing. And as a fan I can say this fucking sucks ass so bad. Everything you said in the video was so accurate, and you made it funny too. I think Adam’s work has been deteriorating since Midsummer Station (save for Ultraviolet ofc) and I just HOPE Cinematic won’t be the pile of dog shit this song is. Absolutely the worst song of the year. Who let this happen

Savy Flores says:

Absolutely terrible song I couldn’t agree more! But have you heard Around the World by Daft Punk? Because it’s literally that same line for 7 minutes without even a nice instrumental break to make it worth it.

F-Cool Project says:

I’m glad that somehow I like this song right from the melody I hear first.

The Royal Potato says:

Howly shit, that’s a lot of kids disliking here

Ad N says:


nicosico says:

I really like Owl City, specially the old albums, Adam shouldn’t just start changing out of nowhere

Sam Shaw says:

I thought he was saying awestruck but awe shucks??? Crazy

Ishwariya Gopal says:


Ellie Lee says:

I think this “abomination” is MUCH BETTER than others who tells about drugs, sex, fucks like that. This song may not be better than any other Owl City songs, but… Who else can make a song like this mixing campfire, southern country, sentimentalism? NO ONE.

Anita Düpper says:

Love verge

Josh Powell says:

It’s sooooo bad. It’s hard to listen bad.

Linn laishram says:

we need the old adam, the adam that sang ‘Brielle’ , ‘Saltwater room’, ‘vanilla twilight’ .

Blue Ninja says:

I like it

혜진Ester says:

No offense, I’m a HootOwl for years, I am 100% on Owl City’s side but I personally think that All My Friend is not one of the best Owl City songs I ever heard. Speaking of which, I got the same reaction as Jon the first time I listened to the song. I’ve been waiting for years for Owl City to come back and the first to be released was that kind of song… I was simply disappointed. But yeah, I can understand where he’s coming from.

showersofstardust says:

I agree this isn’t one of Adam’s best works… the song is lacking, and it feels like an inside joke, but I think that’s the point of this whole album. Adam has always been private about his life and even what he really thinks. His songs have always been centered on ideas or fantasies, kind of like dreamscape poetry. Now, it seems as he’s gotten older and settled down, he’s decided to open up about himself and wants to do that through his music. The fact of the matter is that Adam is all about experimenting, and this is what he wants to experiment on next.
If you’re looking for his electro pop days or even his old, non-specific lyrics (all of which I love myself), then you’re not gonna like his new era, and I don’t think it’s fair to beat him down. If you’ve been following his story outside of music you’ll see that he’s been struggling with the label he was under for a while now and he wasn’t happy with what he made…this is what makes him happy, simple as that.
Again, you’re right, this is NOT a great song and simply not his best. It seems to only serve the purpose of giving warm fuzzies, but I like that. If that’s what it’s supposed to do, then it succeeds. But if you’re looking for deep, other worldly lyrics, Adam’s simply outgrown them as it artist, it seems.
I’m excited to see what Cinematic does as a whole. I think this is a project that needs to be heard as a whole to fully appreciate it, so I’m still waiting for more. He’s a good guy and good artist…he’s worth waiting out.

Patrick Lo says:

Your speech is Fucking Great!I was really fed up with this Cheesy Song!

lenticularis says:

think you may have spoken too soon, the new fall out boy song takes this title 100%

Amy Clifton says:

Verge was originally gonna be a wedding scene, but Aloe Blacc was the one who suggested a graduation.

Shawn Jayatilleke says: while I do agree to every freaking word you said, cause. God damn. it’s just. Terrible. But check this link out. there are a bunch of snippets to the rest of the songs in the album. And, well. quite a few of them sound good. I know there isn’t much you can tell from just 25 seconds of a song. but it’s something.

John Knapp says:

I had the exact same reaction. How can I unhear this song? Kids loved it though.

Riley says:

I actually love his new song

江尚谕 says:

I actually really like the song.

Ventlon [] BloonsTD And More says:

Aw shucks

Shard Is Trash says:

*Aw, shucks*

Snowy_WolfDog says:

you don’t relisese that adam makes his music to show expression so don’t judge what music he does. all of his songs are very amazing

Youth Group Games says:

What did you think of not all heroes wear capes?

S ophia says:

it honestly really grew on me PURELY because of his singing voice, I honestly find it so lovely that I can block out the stupid rap/country/shucks crap and actually semi-enjoy it

Mahmadul Bizkid says:

Yes Bro U r right Worst Song ever

MindTech says:


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