Ella Mai – Ella Mai – Album Review

For my 1032nd review, Ella Mai teams up with DJ Mustard for an extremely uneven debut riding the success of ‘Boo’d Up’… and is only just passable.

Best Songs: ‘Easy’, ‘Gut Feeling’ ft. H.E.R., ‘Dangerous’, ‘Everything’ ft. John Legend
Worst Song: ‘Cheap Shot’, ‘Whatchamacallit’ ft. Chris Brown


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Ella Mai – Ella Mai – Pop/R&B – Album Review

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Jamal Malik says:

I’m quite underwhelmed by the album as a whole. Boo’d up was the weakest song on her 2017 EP too imo.

Crazy Luigi says:

I knew Chris Brown’s featured track would be in the worst list! I fucking knew it! Though I am surprised there was one other song there as well. Also, it was nice to see the H.E.R. featured track be in the best list, though I was surprised with the John Legend track being there as well.

Ariana Grande says:

This album sucks, 4/10 for me

Cornel Marshall says:

This album is passable not great by any means but there are a few cuts that I liked and there is no song worst than Boo’d Up so that’s good. But if you do skip this, you aren’t missing much.

Light 6/10

Best: Shot Clock, Trip, Dangerous, Own It, Whatchmcallit (ft Chris Brown)

Worst: Boo’d Up, Cheap Shot

Whatever says:

Quintisential 6/10

DestructionCentral - says:

If you had told me when Boo’d Up charted that this would end up being one of the bigger releases of the year…I’d laugh at you. But here we are, and…I haven’t listened yet, mainly because of DJ Mustard.

Kris Owens says:

Ella Mai makes paint by numbers R&B

Maurice Joyner says:

Lol, it’s funny because “Easy” is my least favorite on the album

The Negan Guy says:

I didn’t like it

The Negan Guy says:

Also 3/10

HØødime says:

Boo’d Up was a Bop and the album was pretty Catchy & Straight Forward But It could’ve been more Sharp but still good
6 out of 10

mariokarter13 says:

Coming Soon to a Walmart Bargain Bin:
100 Hot R&B Hits to Chill To
Featuring Holotta Woman, Yugo Girl, and Ella Mai

Signaturefox 2013 says:

God, I love Ella Mai and I’m glad she’s broke into the Billboard charts and is a great new artist that I can’t wait to see where she goes after this

Jeremy Diesel says:

I think she do a YG on ” Still Brazy” and not work with Mustard on next album. I wanna what she can do with other production over her voice it’s a challenge and personally I know Ella can rise to the occasion.

Crazy Luigi says:

Also, that note about her being from Instagram…

So that explains why she got so damn big all of a sudden, without any real warnings whatsoever!

Tyrone Ornopia says:

just by the look of the album art i give it a 5 or 6 lol

Fly Like A Lamb says:

Why are your reviews so negative?

Jay Romeo says:

Biggest takeaway from all this is that DJ Mustard wormed his way back into the public concious again

LetterNumber says:

In retrospect, Boo’d Up being a hit makes sense. Ella Mai is one of the few artists in the mainstream making music that is distinctly R&B, instead of this hip-hop/R&B fusion dominating the charts that’s making the line between rapper and singer all the more blurry.

10-15 years ago, Ella Mai would have been a footnote in a saturated market. In today’s landscape however, she’s filling a gaping void for R&B fans.

Allan Jurgens says:

6/10 I want to like this album more because I love Bood Up but I just can’t

Raj says:

I liked this album, a lot

ElectroChart Top 25 says:

Cover MØ – Forever Neverland!

Stevenator 73 says:

No offense but you always sound disappointed every intro to a video

aa bb says:

A 6/10 seems fair, theres still room for improvement but I still found myself enjoying the album. “Trip” is by far my favorite track here

Philip Moore says:

I tried listening to her album and I couldn’t finish the whole thing. She’s a boring artist with a very monotone voice. I miss the days when people made music that really moved you and really put you in your feelings

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