Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues TRACK REVIEW

Listen: http://theneedledrop.com/?p=2685

1. Vivian Girls MP3: http://theneedledrop.com/?p=2694
2. New Toro Y Moi track: http://theneedledrop.com/?p=2698

Fleet Foxes’ latest song is an epic tease toward their sophomore album. Not only is the production fantastic, but the song structure and lyrics show a lot of ambition–even though they deal with the fear of being a small fish in a big pond.

If all the songs on this album are like this, we’ll be in for a helluva album!

What do you think of this song? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next? What do you think of Fleet Foxes’ first album? Will this LP be better?





eedobaba7726 says:

Did you borrow that sweater from my 3rd grade teacher?
Oh, and my 3rd grade teacher was a woman. That was the joke.

Mark Gundy says:

@drummersk8r10 agreed. not a favorite oberst release but i’d like to see what he’d say

Mark Rogowski says:

Going to listen now…….

bosstimeagain says:

Please review – Bright Eyes ‘The People’s Key’.

SwitchandtheSpur3 says:

I’m really digging the new track. It definitely has that Fleet Foxes sound, but bigger. Can’t wait for the new album, I loved the debut.

guitarpope says:

Are you super fat, I cant tell?

Ryan Sheridan says:

toro y moi – new beat

Jon Au says:

Have to love Fleet Foxes. Going to see them live in may..very exited.

wexerguy90 says:

New Tool album. Eh will only be a downtread of 10,000 days which was not as good as Lateralus.

namnatulco says:

@KingofVilla, generally I’d agree with you, but TBH not for this track, unfortunately.

Anytime99 says:

Lookin a bit chubby

Liolar43 says:

What effect does he use to get Cal and him in the same shot at the same time? XD

Bathednblood says:

Good song

Polskimg says:

Been wondering what you think about Horse the Band, Anthony.

T.K. says:


guitarpope says:

Are you super fat, I cant tell? Also solid review

Julian Des Marais says:

Great review, agreed 100%, absolutely cannot wait for their album since hearing this

Typhoon’s “Hunger and Thirst” is an album I would be curious of your opinion of, PLUX

Halveraptor says:

I really dig “Helplessness Blues”. My favorite song this year so far, next to “The Wilhelm Scream” by James Blake.

Tobias Carvalho says:


TheJMan says:

When he said, “let’s have a listen to what this title track has to offer” I paused the video and said outloud to myself, “*Nod* Yes..yes let’s do that”and then started doing this weird inhale laugh.

Ryan Stevenson says:

Good to see that you like prog rock — Nice Jethro Tull cover in the back! Please review some prog rock- there is a band called ‘Blackfield’ that are releasing an album in march called ‘Welcome to my DNA’- good pop/prog music. You may have heard of it if you listen to Steven Wilson’s project ‘Porcupine Tree’. Again, excellent stuff

ol says:

at this time we still didnt know just how good this album would be (and how disappointing the radioheads would be) . if i had an orchard….

Jonathan Michael says:

dork listens to the song one time and he’s an expert.

inlp89 says:


Chris Knorn says:

just wondering if you´ve heard about an interesting band from Berlin, Germany named the BEATSTEAKS – they are (not only) known for their great live shows.
On Jan 28th they have released their new Album Boom Box and this has gotten A LOT of attention. Would be very interested in a review done by you and would be of interest for other people here as well I suppose.
Current single is named “Milk & Honey” (-> youtube)
thx, Chris

ProsecutorGodot says:

old fantano just isnt as great

Yem Iso says:

Man I miss this intro

twest23 says:

Beautiful song…. except for that guitar lick starting at 2.24, it made me cringe. Just seemed out of place. Not enough to ruin a song, but try not to hear it now that you know its there.

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