Gimme 10! Blues albums

I like my Blues raw and gritty.


Clifford Hodge says:

Nice list.  I also highly recommend Blues Obituary by the Groundhogs.

China Ditch Records says:

Yup ! I agree .. we all got da blue… got the blues .. I like what you showed , i also enjoy those albums . Need to look into the Freddy.Thanks for sharing !

Tony C. says:

You do have a good point about (mostly white) bands playing blues because they can’t write songs. Butterfield, however, was the exception (in my opinion). EAST-WEST is the one to hear. I like R. L. Burnside, also.

TONE Scott says:

These are good albums. Are familiar with Guitar Shorty?

Bipbopboom says:

Great stuff!!! Mississippi Fred McDowell n Son House are two of my favorites! Very classy choices Richie! Cheers

Helmet Digy says:

Nice stuff hot shot ! I’m with you I can only handle so much honky blues, especially when they keep repeating ” I got the blues , I got the blues ” we get it !
The son house is always beat when I come across it but I’m always on the look out.
I like some of the canned heat but it’s hit or miss for me.
I used to go to blues festivals with my inlaws but to be honest it bored me for the most part.
Take care

daddysensei Silver says:

I like those Muddy and Wolf albums you showed along with their psych influenced albums. Wolf is probably my fave. I also like John Lee Hooker and Lightnin Hopkins a lot. I got that RL album with the orange cover and a live cd. He got some much deserved fame in his latter years.

Linda Leg says:

That’s what I call an all-star lineup Rich.

Spinnin' Greek says:

Killer stack of blues, Rich. Funny you mention Jack White With McTell. Third Man did three reissues of his stuff that should still be easy to find and done pretty well sound-wise. I’m sure you know Junior Kimbrough but I think he had that “it” factor that makes good blues good

Mind Over Metal says:

I love punk, I love blues, I love lots of styles of music that are hard to distinguish one band from another lol….I think 1 or 2 bands will have an idea and 1,000 more bands will pop up with the same style right after, happens everywhere….Can never go wrong with Muddy Waters, i still need some of his stuff…..I think bands in the 60’s and 70’s were a lot more adventerous than bands are these days, so someone who played the blues might venture off into other territories and people would be put off by it, bands don’t do that as much these days….I do have 1 or 2 Canned heat albums, 1 of them is with John Lee Hooker, called Hooker N heat…..loved the video man, lots of great info, I’ll have to look some of these up

Tony C. says:

Don’t dis Butterfield!

The Omaha Introvert says:

Thanks for sharing. Blues is a genre I’m kind of in the dark about. I appreciate this. Always love to learn. Peace. Happy Easter. ~Hanna

Tales from the Crate says:

Some awesome pulls. R.l. Burnside is one of my favorites. Great pulls all around. Congrats on the 1,000 subs.

dixielandfarm says:

I am totally with you – it all roughly sounds the same, especially in the 60s.

James Griffiths says:

Great picks, Blind Willie is incredible. I discovered I had an old original comp of his stuff on Yazoo which I showed on my contest entry for Not Enough Records. I also love JB Lenoir. Got to pick up some of the Fat Possum stuff, I say that every time you show it. Check out Skip James. His early records have quite bad sound quality but are still great. He did some later recordings in the fifties which are recorded better.

BarakaPDub says:

Great ten. I never pass on Muddy, Wolf, or any blues artist on Chess.

Fat City Vinyl says:

I was thinking just the other day how influential blues and blues rock was in the late 60’s and early 70’s and then it just sort of petered out. Or so it appears anyway. As a genre I’ve never really come to terms with blues – I certainly respect its influence but like you say a lot of it can be repetitive. Then again people say the same about reggae, maybe if you are deep enough into any genre you can make out the differences in style and that sort of thing which might not be so obvious to more casual listeners. Some killer looking picks and congrats on hitting the VC 1K club, cheers!

Baron Lonny says:

Another great video, Excellent list, I agree my top of the list is Muddy After the rain, IMO no one has the voice , throat or can play that electric mud blues like him, Howlin’ wolf then John Lee Hooker, The Chicago Blues is pretty tough to beat , I agree R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough are Blues Legends, Unfortunately Burnside received little recognition to next to none until the mid 90’s.

Paneeks1960 {Rob/Boston} says:

Excellent list Rich. I picked up Blind Willie McTell’s Early Years 1927 to 1933. When you listen to a song like One of the best blues men ever in my humble opinion. You showed some of my faves. I may do a follow up to this if I can sneak in the time. ~

Richard Riley says:

Blues is ,my favorite genre. The majority of the records you showed are in the niche I call “The OBG’s” The old black guys. Their importance has been overstated and its one of the reasons so much of it sounds the same. I’m in my busy season at work but I will think about doing a video. Cheers.

M Jones says:

Hey Rich, nice picks. Burnside, Son House, Blind Willie, Muddy, that Freddie McDowell – all superb! I’m a fan of old blues, from the original shit from the 20’s to the 60’s and some 70’s. Something way too slick and copycat from these new guys like Bonnamosa – no thanks. All this new stuff sounds the same as they largely mimick what the originals did 50 years ago. I agree with a few comments below, that if you love those R.L.’s check out the Junior Kimbrough’s – Most things Haven’t Worked Out is killer, raw, gritty, nasty – play it loud. And of course, you’d love Skip James – another bad man. Check out Bukka White too, another old schooler you’d like. Charley Patton too, but you gotta find the right versions. I could go on all day, great session Rich, really enjoyed.

grunge sickness! says:

cool i love the blues

Roddus1000 says:

Love Muddy Waters Hard Again Lp, I think I still have A CD of that one. Blind Willie was a big influence on Jack White. Son House is very cool. His John The revelelator Lp from 1970 was the first one i heard of his and perhaps my favourite. Son House recorded originally the early 1930’s before disappearing from view for 10 years after which Alan Lomax recorded quite a lot of House’s music for The Library of Congress in 1941-2. He then quit music again untill the mid 60’s.

Not Enough Records says:

working late and this is just fantastic man. As always…full of humor and awesome picks. Thanks man. Will have to check out that Chicago String Band. Love that Fred McDowell! Love the info in this video too. Really enjoyed this one.

Pretty Green Vinyl Guy says:

I don’t know much about the Blues, but I’m going to try and find some of your recommendations. Cheers Vinyl Rich!

Bobby Gass says:

Naw I ain’t offended. Your a white guy. Us white guys know nothing about the Blues. LOL…..
Man I really dig seeing all the folks pulling the Blues and talking about it lately. Good Blues Bad Blues I don’t care, it’s just real nice to see it getting some air time.
I got a real kick out of you explaining Freddie Mcdowell to the uninitiated. LOL You could tell how much you dug him to chuckle like that. Testify Brother, testify. By the way”Bar Joints” are the best places to listen to the blues. The Wolf and Muddy in a Bar were a hell of a lot better than BB on a Music Hall stage to my sensibilities I got to tell you Pat. Matter of fact I prefer Bar gigs over concert gigs.
PS… I covet that Son House album. When are you and the family going on vacation?

John Bellamy says:

Hi Richie, This was an informative list…I’m exploring Blues records at the moment. I’ve just got a copy of Hard Again myself. Check out my ten. Cheers

Helloween Fan Mark says:

Thanks for the recommendations Rich I appreciate it!

First Pressing Goodness says:

Rich…can we first talk about that shirt? Go Blue! Tough few games against the Giants though. I love Punk as well but mostly early 90’s punk and so forth. The only blues album I have of yours is that Muddy Waters LP. Great album! I will have to look into the rest you showed. Thanks for the video!

Cheap & Cheerful Record Collector says:

Great stuff. I’ve been a blues hound since I was a kid. Got to see a lot of those guys during the 60’s Folk revival. Now to dig out some of those LPs and give them a spin.

Cameron Zywina says:

Hi Richie, I really enjoy Burnside too. I only discovered him a few years ago but he sounds as good as the best of the genre.

Grandma's Handbag says:

Hey Rich, sweet Burnside pair, that first one looks like something I’d dig and wouldn’t turn my nose up at Too bad Jim either. I’d have to give Canned Heat a go if you’re calling it ‘one of the best sides EVER’. That Fred McDowell sounds like a corker, from the title on in. Love your description. Would love to find Willie McTell, gonna keep that album in mind. Oh yeah, would love that Son House – absolute classic album. You’ve made me pretty envious here, great gimme ten video. Love your blues taste. Cheers- Dean

DallasPezz says:

I’m a fan of the blues and for some reason I wasn’t familiar with most of these but I will be checking them out. Canned Heat, I am familiar with and I love them. I can agree that most blues sounds the same. I also agree with the songwriting not being great. But I really only listen to blues for the guitar.

DolfanDale says:

I have that first R.L. Burnside. Great album! Too Bad Jim looks interesting. Interesting insight on Electric Mud. Great video. I think I need every album that you just showed. 😛

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