Gorillaz – The Now Now ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5yFcdPAGv0

The Now Now is a pleasant mood album while it’s on—especially in comparison to Humanz—but it’s still relatively low-impact.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


ActuallyDarcy says:

I wish Anderson.Paak was on this album, he would’ve fit right in

Jack Belmont says:

light 6 god

olika8 says:

Really love this album – it actually reminds me heavily of The Fall in terms of the moodiness and dreaminess, although The Now Now was much more instant for me to like

Koni says:

Honestly I think It’s really hard to put a sort of score on this album, because of all the lenses you could look at it through. On one hand it’s definately a step up from the partial-mess that was HUMANZ, on another it’s a great listen for the summer, with tracks like Magic City and Humility feeling very upbeat in my opinion, but on another hand it just isn’t that heavy hitting of a record. It just feels like Damon is coming back to what made Gorillaz itself, but almost hesitantly. It’s still kind of plagued with a few of the flaws I saw in HUMANZ. Not to mention there are some tracks on this thing like Hollywood that I just simply don’t enjoy. Overall though, if I HAD to give it a score, I’d go with a 7/10.

Albert Tsang says:

The day at the beach but you aren’t enjoying it aspect I feel just translates to the whole album almost like albarn is in this great spot because of his music but under the surface there is something deeply troubling him which seems to translate to his other works based on what you said might look into those too. Maybe worth asking about? Not too sure. I find Hollywood and Humility to be decent though after a listen through I would put those on a playlist.

Halbarró y Zanty' says:

He’s not basically ace from the Powerpuff Girls, he IS ace from the Powerpuff Girls

Nel_Annette says:

There’s about two songs I really enjoy (Fire Flies and Souk Eye) but really it feels like Damon only made the album to shut up the people who complained that he didn’t sing enough on Humanz. It’s just kind of there.

Noid Zoid says:

Its sorta reminiscent of The Fall in the way in which it isnt as groundbreaking as some of their previous work, but still succeeds in remaining enjoyable to listen too

Robot Sidekick says:

“Humanz, easily the Gorillaz weakest release yet.”

Looks like yet another person forgot about The Fall

Napoleonard says:

3:06 we´re finally getting that MELON-choly

Jay says:

Humans was alright

Xeno Ω says:

Hate? Didn’t see that coming tbh, probably a bunch of kids

Septic says:

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Ono says:

What about Tranz?

Desmond Waters says:

Literally 6 seconds in and i gave 0 fucks about what this guy says.

ME Music says:

Dude! Gorillaz changes every album. If Gorillaz made the same record everytime you’d still be discontent.

tofudeliveryman95 boi says:

I mean, I don’t know what road gorillaz had been gone, I just like the older albums. What do you think?

DongExpansionPak says:

As someone who grew up in California, the west coast moodiness feel to this album really spoke to me. I can understand why it wouldn’t be for everyone, though. In my opinion, the similarities in composition between each song would have been fine if there were more variety in the emotion department. I’d give this album a solid 7.5/10, but that may be biased towards my own experiences.

SabertoothElephant says:

I loved the “its like a day at the beach but you’re not really enjoying it” simile!

TheWitherling says:

I would say it helped wash off the taste Humanz left. Not their most diverse album but it was a pretty good album nonetheless.

Abracax Voice of chaos says:

Sounds like someone gave Now Now a big No No

Han Cholo says:

This was a good album honestly

Carlos Lopez says:

He kinda reminds me of iDubbz. Is that just me?

Ugandan Knuckles says:

I’ll be real. Negro rap destroyed Humanz.
They had less of it in The Now Now and allot of the music was more along the lines of an original sounding Gorlliaz album because there wasnt an agenda being fulfillled. Souk Eye is a great song because of it’s Bowie blend.
Humility is decent- self explainatory
Tranz is a cool song- sorta a self reflected or perspective driven piece
Hollywood is the debut like Humility but it’s more directed and is given the HW glam treatment with a side of disposibility
Kansas is another 2D depresso
Sorcerez- idk it’s another eh one that sucks, kinda better than the last
Lake Zurich-MEH techno stuff
Magic city-sucks
Fire Flies- sucks
One percent- Decent I like it reminds me of The Wall alittle
Souk Eye- Amazing song.

In total- 6 songs worth listening to.

Sam_The_ Insomniac says:

This is lame hearing it from someone who isn’t into the lore and lyrics.

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