Graveyard – Hisingen Blues Album Review

Hisingen Blues is my first Graveyard album. Well, I was actually very surprised when I listened to it for the first time of YouTube. For some reason, I had a completely different perception of the band I have to admit that I thought – based on the band’s name — they are more into Death Metal and stuff like that. To my positive surprise, though, Hisingen Blues by Graveyard is more like a 70ies power-blues-rock production with many different influences. First of all, the album works for me a whole, meaning there is a certain flow to it based on the sequence of the featured Hisingen Blues tracks. While each number is super strong in and of itself, combined together on this album they are even more powerful. Here is the Hisingen Blues Tracklist:
1. “Ain’t Fit to Live Here” – 3:05
2. “No Good, Mr. Holden” – 4:46
3. “Hisingen Blues” – 4:13
4. “Uncomfortably Numb” – 6:11
5. “Buying Truth (Tack och Förlåt)” – 3:27
6. “Longing” – 4:49
7. “Ungrateful Are the Dead” – 3:09
8. “RSS” – 3:48
9. “The Siren” – 6:00
10. “Cooking Brew” (digipak edition bonus track) – 4:05
The graveyard band-members are:
• Joakim Nilsson: Guitars, Vocals
• Jonatan Larocca Ramm: Guitars
• Rikard Edlund: Bass
• Axel Sjoberg: Drums, Percussion
In my Hisingen Blues Review I would like to point out that I was very impressed with the musicianship. Even though you will not find extended solos by any of the guys, you will quickly realize how tight they are together as a band. Graveyard really has a unique sound and while I mentioned that there is a strong resemblance to early 70ies productions, I don’t think the band actually tried on purpose to re-produce that time of sound. It just seemed to happen naturally and it kind of lends itself to the material featured on this record. The production is available as a Hisingen Blues Vinyl record which I actually consider buying. I downloaded Hisingen Blues via i-Tunes and I just recently purchased the CD, too.
I can only highly recommend this album to you. It has the potential to become a classic hard-rock record, as far as I am concerned. I can’t wait for them to produce their next album even though I am a little bit afraid because Hisingen Blues set the bar extremely high.
Oh, I almost forgot: the cover artwork of Hisingen Blues is beautiful, and the inside cover features a sketch of Roky Erickson, who seems to be a big influence on the band, among other acts such as Johnny Winter and the mighty Black Sabbath. But as I said, I think it would be a mistake to say Graveyard just sounds like so and so. They have their own unique and recognizable sound which works very well for me.

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So if you haven’t already purchased Hisingen Blues by Graveyard , I think you know what you have to do next. If you’re into hard-rock then you will enjoy this album, I guarantee it.


anak dukun says:

i just streaming on youtube. cos those CD its so hard to find and vinyl always sold out

anak dukun says:

Yeeeah, strongly recomended. Awesome album from great band. The masterpice album

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