Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! – Album Review

For my 1091st review, Hozier delivers a long-overdue sophomore follow-up that can’t match his star-making debut.

Best Songs: ‘Movement’, ‘As It Was’, ‘Dinner & Diatribes’, ‘Sunlight’, ‘Talk’
Worst Song: ‘To Noise Making (Sing)’


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Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! – Blues Rock / Soul / Folk – Album Review

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Raj says:

Review Dave – PSYCHODRAMA. One of the best the UK has to offer

Liam Carmody says:

The only reason I want Mark to review Deathrace For Love is I wanna see him thoroughly rip apart an album just like he did The Click, or even worse

xcatastrophic says:


David Conn says:

Will you review Avril’s album?

Sergio Villanueva says:

I hope the new Dido album gets its review after her song on your top list. Kinda curious what you’d think of it

Venisha says:

Yesss I’ve been waiting for this video!

Chrizelda Bernil says:

Loved the album but I see where you’re coming from. I dunno if it’s the label who influenced this move to a more accessible direction because Hozier has said again and again he had no pressures from the label. I think it’s Hozier himself wanting not to be taken too seriously or seen as the funereal, pretentious broody guy.

Ice Bear says:

It’s a boring album. I hope this artist gets stomped into obscurity like Mark wants Weezer to.

shermanmi says:

I agree. I was trying to figure out why it didn’t work for me as much as the first one, and I think you articulated it well for me. A darker Hozier is definitely a better Hozier. Even the blues on this record doesn’t punch as hard. What a shame… the self-titled album was the soundtrack to my freshman year of college!

Jacob Andrew Gradaille says:

Have you listened to the new Japanese House album?

Алексей Al says:

Maybe I’m wierd, but I like it more than a debut. But I also don’t think what debut was that good, for me it was kinda boring, and I hate Take Me to Church. New one just has a bit more energy and melodies what clicked with me. I would give it a 7.5/10

Dashie41 says:


Exquisite Williams says:

Though this album is not as good as his debut it is still one of the best albums of the year and a breath of fresh air in the music world rn

krisdaschwab912 says:

Rating: boring/10

Devious_99 says:

Uh. I’d even give it an 8.

Jason Guarnieri says:

I’d give this a light 8/10, I really enjoyed it. Not as good as his first album, but I do think it was worth the wait.

thelucturgeon / says:

Excellent review as always, Mark.

Sam says:

Worst reviewer on YouTube.

Sad Sade says:

I’ll admit – the album did feel slightly light weight at first listen in regards to production, but over a day or two I couldn’t help but fall in love with the album. I mean, it’s Hozier – how can you just ignore his charisma and eerie voice, making the hairs on your skin shoot right up?? Respect your opinions though.

Prometheus/Adrian Chase says:

Hey I gave it a watch/10 too

Grace90x Gracer says:

Review Solange- ‘When I Get Home’ album.

Landon McNew says:

I feel pretty much how you do about this record. In an interview, Hozier said that there will be new music sooner than you think. I think that Pitchfork review was too low for sure. Also, theneedledrop didn’t care for it, but he also didn’t care for the first record. He called Wasteland, Baby! gross, overly saccharine, and patronizing at times.

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