Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTjQq5rMlEY&ab_channel=JanelleMon%C3%A1e

Dirty Computer is Janelle Monáe’s poppiest album to date, as well as her most deeply sexual and political.

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8/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2018/1/loved-list-2018

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


djones1234567654321 says:

this was a great album!

marmalade says:

as a janelle monaes fan i like to pretend yoga didnt happen lmao

Vada Ann says:

This album was magic. I loved it.

Princeducielruka says:

I Love This Album! As somebody who falls under several of the groups she targets, it’s Fantastic to have songs in a fun pop format that connect. I think that’s the best part. This isn’t another Katy Perry ‘I kissed a girl’ that’s all marketing and falls slightly short of being authentic. PYNK is 100% queer, femme and unapologetic. Crazy Classy Life is one of my favourite tracks, because it’s that feel good summer vibe that doesn’t lie. It’s a dream to aim for. It doesn’t have to be super complex, it just has to connect. Plus the hit at the end of the reality of the situation. That trying to live that life has drastically different consequences for a black person. To draw you in with the light heartedness and than bringing it back to reality. Loved it. Never skip past that song. Just yeah, I love having a pop album that isn’t 100% vapid empty mindless drivel and is actually made for people like me. It’s just so fantastic.

stallion1intruder says:

The album is phe-nom-en-nal

Hannah Schnorr says:

can you just please review Kimbra’s Primal Heart album already!?!

Philippa Smith says:

I love this review and I think you hit a lot of the key points about the album and its inspirations musically and politically (I don’t review things or Do Music so that probably comes off like I’m trying to be pretentious lmao) but I do think that not mentioning the inherent queerness of this album is a big misstep, especially seeing as you picked up on and talked at length about how “sexy” this whole album is. Monae (finally!!) came out as bi/pansexual (she said she identifies with both labels, before people start jumping down my throat) shortly after the release of this album in a magazine interview and her experiences as a queer woman (esp. as a queer woman of colour) permeate this album like nothing I’ve ever seen before. From the music videos (esp. Make Me Feel and Pynk) to the lyrics themselves, this is a queer woman’s album through and through and reducing what is most definitely a very personal opening of one’s self up to the wider LGBT+ community, looking for love and support and solidarity, to a “political album” with a shout-out to the LGBT+ community at the end is really not giving the woman the credit she is due. I think songs like So Afraid and Make Me Feel can’t really be appreciated to their full depth unless viewed, at in at least part, through a queer lens. They have so much tenderness to them and it’s clear that Monae is doing so much work across the whole album to try and present being a woman who loves other women as something that’s fun and good and real (as opposed to predatory and perverse or a fantasy for straight men) while still saying yes, even though I wouldn’t change it for the world, being a queer woman in today’s society is still scary as shit.
I’m sure that you didn’t look over this out of spite (a lot of markers of what I’d call The Queer Experience are the kind of thing that you’d only really catch if it’s the life you live every day) but I don’t think I could live with myself I just stood by and let this beautiful, beautiful piece of queer artwork have its queerness ignored or forgotten.
Again, loved the review (sorry if this came off as condescending or anything, I just want people to Know, you know?) and thank god for Janelle Monae, saviour of 20gayteen

Kay Bee says:

You should do “the kids are alright” album by Chloe & Halle

Evan Bergeron says:

the emotion picture tho

chantel/tbr says:

I would hate for Fantano to be my teacher in elementary school; those parent teacher interviews would be insane

Ashanti Maluleke says:

this video made me fall in love with you. I subscribed so fast

L. Wayne Ashley says:

Glad you reiviewed it!!

Gooblyful says:

YESSSS you are so right about the Pop overtones – I am so glad that Take A Bite was so early on as THAT is the strength of Monae’s music for me. Layers of synth and funky guitar and fascinating vocals with really interesting harmonies.

Leah V says:

Yeah sure, “inspired” by Prince. He *wrote* the synth track for Make Me Feel. He was involved in the production before he died.

SwingRiots says:

This album is going to be one of the iconic queer albums of the decade.

Vince Xmetric says:

I loved the first song because it worked as a pop song, the rest of it was no good. it was self indulgent.

Davy Vidal says:

This album is so HOT! I loved it. Didn’t really get into Archandroid, but rediscovered her through this album.

Riko Holz says:

9 mate!

Katz Brick says:

I think at least one of those songs, is a Prince Vault song.

Rem says:

You sure review a shit ton of terrible music.

Lebogang Seleleko says:

yellow like there’s melon in it

Lorie Parker says:

She is really opening herself up in this cd, I love her courage and strength! She was good friends with Prince, he was also her mentor, and Make Me Feel is a prime example of her respect for him. Very accomplished young lady.

Gabriel Cavalcanti says:

OK, so I’m the only one that thinks this is a VERY summer album? It felt so out of place for me. I had a really hard time getting into it, especially because of this pop coating. And am I also the only one who can barely identify some of the featured vocals? I can’t identify Zoe Kravitz’s voice or even Grimes’s… And Grimes has a very distinct voice, ffs.

Michael D. says:

Globalist, Luciferian, transhumanist, degenerate trash. This album serves no other purpose than indoctrination into a global, digital, cult.

Victoria Dudley says:

I think there’s going to be a difference in how straight white dudes listen to this album and how black and/or queer women listen to this album.

James Smith says:

If i hear the word “millennial” one more fucking time im gonna resort back to my postmodern prepost liberal neo conservative democratic right wing kanye wing chicken wing independent cave. Seriously though the word is overused to the point of nausea.

Josh Murphy says:

Anthony has a strangely weird way if explaining music without actually explaining anything haha. Good review tho, glad you liked it.

Josh Murphy says:

Also, why does it seem like you use the word “pop” with a typically negative connotation attached to it?

jeonghan supremacist says:

this is such a masterpiece

Wash Georgington says:

Badthony Cutano @ 0:54, lol

jeonghan supremacist says:

janelle is a legend

shaesham says:

This album is too female focused. It’s 95 percent talking about pussy and fucking and women and while I like the album I can’t relate to it. It’s an album not meant for men. You want me to start singing “we got the pink”?

callbigg says:

I thoroughly enjoyed the album.

sabrinasjourney says:

Funny, this is not my version of a smart pop album, but I see how it was marketed that way. A little too preachy for me in that way thats a bit too slick and processes for the masses (i.e. girl power and all that jazz) but it was nice to hear some 80s prince inspired music. I just wish we could hear new innovations rather than imitation of the past

Louis Freeman says:

“Less epic version of what I heard before”. It was a step sideways, some tracks were great though.

SkuzeeII says:

Fantano you gotta respect the LGBTQIA acronym dog

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